Chapter 142 Ambitionist

Chapter 142 Ambitionist

Ye Ci’s punch missed, but Fleeting Time did not dodge her blow. Instead, he grabbed hold of Ye Ci’s wrist and pulled at her abruptly.

The fingertips of Ye Ci’s left hand brushed at the flag, but just at that instant, she was pulled forward with force.

A heartbeat later, Ye Ci realized that she was flung away. She gritted her teeth. That guy… He used the Strength difference between a male and female character to fling her out of the flag’s vicinity.

If this happened to anybody else, they wouldn’t be able to salvage the situation. Her opponent was very close to claiming the flag, and once the flag was claimed it would be very hard to take it back from him. Of course, Ye Ci was an exception.

Just what sort of person was Ye Ci? She was a person who would never give up. She was someone who would do whatever it took to achieve her goals. For Ye Ci, the outcome was the most important. The process through which she achieved results, was in actuality, not that important.

Just like in this moment, Ye Ci spun around in the air and threw a Cat Claw out at Fleeting Time. The grappling hook was entirely different from what Ye Ci had used in the Dragon Dance competition. The current version of Cat Claw had already been improved by Pea Cake as his mastery in Engineering grew. The current Cat Claw was more accurate and powerful.

Ye Ci sincerely felt that she had a talent as a rascal. Of course, it was not something that she would want to show to the world. If she was not such a rascal, she wouldn’t have thought of such a shameless solution, and would definitely not resort to such methods that would shame the Hunter class’ pride.

Was there ever a Hunter or Huntress who resorted to petty tricks instead of fighting with a bow and arrow?

However, her petty trick paid off. The Cat Claw flew straight and true, connecting with Fleeting Time’s belt right before he could come into contact with the flag. Ye Ci tugged with all her might and managed to pull Fleeting Time away from the flag. She flung the cat claw, throwing Fleeting Time clear of the area as she landed. A dull ‘thud’ could be heard from behind Ye Ci. Fleeting Time must’ve landed hard.

Of course, Fleeting Time’s fate was none of Ye Ci’s concern. Her objective was to secure the flag. The moment Fleeting Time was flung out of the zone, Ye Ci put away her Cat Claw and sprinted towards the flag.

As Gongzi You threw her punch at him, Fleeting Time had shifted his position slightly out of reflex, and his hand shot out at a quicker speed, grabbing hold of Gongzi You’s wrist. What followed next was purely reflex too.

Fleeting Time leaned sideways, and using Gongzi You’s inertia, flung her away. Right after tossing her out, Fleeting Time realized that his action was not quite gentlemanly. After all, his opponent was a female. To be tossed away by him in such an ungraceful manner…

However, under such circumstances, even if Fleeting Time felt sorry for her, it disappeared quickly. After all, a thought was just a thought. He did not make any attempt to rectify his mistake and headed straight for the flag. Gongzi You’s performance today was slightly disappointing. Just as the thought floated into his mind, Fleeting Time could feel a sharp object burying itself into his waist. What the hell was that?

Before he could react, he was flung backwards into the air. What the hell just happened?

Before Fleeting Time could land, the force that was tossing him backwards increased, and he flew towards the cave wall like an arrow. Just then, he spotted a long rope in Gongzi You’s hand with a 3 clawed hook attached to its tip. There was no such weapon in Fate, which meant that it was an Engineering product.

Fleeting Time was hit by realization. He finally knew what manner of tool had Gongzi You used to toss him out of the ring. In the next moment, he was hit by the cave wall. Despite the pain that jarred his bones, Fleeting Time smiled. Gongzi You was sprinting towards the flag.

It seemed that he would not be the one to claim the flag today.

The impact had been fairly hard. Although it did not cause any flesh wounds, Fleeting Time lost a few hundred points of his HP.

Fleeting Time stood up and stared calmly at Gongzi You who was claiming the flag. He stood still, his lips forming into a slight grin as he observed Gongzi You. The appearance of a player’s character in Fate was based on his or her looks in real life. The girl in front of him was so petite. She appeared so weak in her Huntress’s combat gear.

As expected, one must not judge a person by his or her appearance.

Fleeting Time could still remember their first encounter. The girl was pale and so petite. He would even consider her form to be small. Yet there was strong determination in her eyes as she fought against him in their first battle.

Although the battle was tough for her, Fleeting Time himself was unable to gain the upper hand. She had given her all and proved to him that in the world of experts, gender did not matter.

Gongzi You had an unorthodox fighting style as a Huntress. The first impression the Huntress named Gongzi You had left with Fleeting Time was that she was a glamorous assassin with a deeply hidden killing intent. When he was caught off guard by her trickery, Fleeting Time realized that the Huntress in front of him was also a wildly ambitious person with complete disregard to the Hunter class’ pride.

He felt a sudden excitement.

It was something that he had not felt for a very long time. It was the excitement an expert felt after so many lonely years of not having a worthy opponent.

It turned out that he wasn’t the best at Fate. At least, at this moment, he found a target. The target might be something that he was unable to grasp, but at least it was there.

The blood in Fleeting Time’s veins and arteries boiled. Every cell of his being was screaming, yearning for a showdown against this Huntress.

That’s right, instead of squaring off against just another Hunter, Fleeting Time preferred to have an ambitionist as his opponent. As a Hunter, he would be able to easily read another Hunter’s next move, but against an ambitionist, he would never know what surprise was waiting for him at every turn.

Fleeting Time took in a deep breath while still observing Gongzi You, who was claiming the flag. His grin grew wider. He strung his bow and fired arrows at Ye Ci’s back.

The time required by a player to claim the flag was 5 seconds. If a player claiming the flag was attacked within that 5 seconds, the player’s attempt would be counted as a failure.

It was a nerve-wrecking 5 seconds for Ye Ci. That was why Ye Ci did not even care about what happened to Fleeting Time. In a game like Fate, mere seconds could turn the tide of a battle.

Hurry up… Hurry up…

With a huge battle raging around her and a strong opponent like Fleeting Time, even somebody like Ye Ci would lose her calm. She remained vigilant of her surroundings while claiming the flag. She could not allow her efforts to go to waste.

The hair on Ye Ci’s neck stood up all of a sudden, and she immediately realized that something was wrong. Fleeting Time might’ve gotten back on his feet and was attacking her.

It was indeed the case. Ye Ci’s accurate judgement of the situation was due to her high Perception and most importantly, her knowledge about her own class.

1.5 seconds left until the flag was claimed…

Could she make it? Could she make it in time?

Ye Ci took in a deep breath and summoned Ol’ Four, giving him the order to stand guard.

Ol’ Four that had just appeared was about to wag its tail at Ye Ci and ask for snacks, but a few arrows landed on his tough hide. Ol Four’s temper flared, and he turned around to face his assailant.

Fleeting Time was momentarily stunned. He was very puzzled by Ye Ci’s action.

Hunters would usually refrain from bringing pets that actively attacked enemies into a dungeon. It was almost like a norm among Hunters. Fleeting Time refused to believe that Gongzi You was unaware of the practice. Even so, she defied his expectations and summoned such a huge pet that was an active-offensive type.

Fleeting Time held back his laughter. Gongzi You would definitely know that summoning such a huge pet in the middle of a chaotic PvP fight meant trouble for herself and her party. Despite the knowledge, Gongzi You was willing to do such a thing. Was she really so inconsiderate of her allies?

However, Fleeting Time himself was not any better. Right after the appearance of Ol’ Four, Fleeting Time blew a whistle and summoned his own pet. A gigantic Vampire Bat appeared and pounced on Ol’ Four.

The two creatures faced each other in combat not far from Ye Ci. Their loud angry roars were a source of discomfort for her. Fortunately, she was able to successfully claim the flag, and a marker appeared on her back, making her a moving bullseye.

She was momentarily stunned as she saw the gigantic Vampire Bat. Damn, it was a formidable creature.

As Ye Ci stood in awe, arrows once again sliced through the air towards her…

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