Chapter 141 Face to Face

Chapter 141 Face to Face

Ye Ci’s guess was correct. The man with the Obsidian Staff was Sinbad, the main healer of Awing the Heavens. His equipment was top tier and his skill was among the best. Although he was Ye Ci’s opponent, he could easily be among the top 20 healers in Fate.

He had a high healing capacity and could dish out tremendous amount of damage. This was a rather rare trait among Clerics. Ye Ci, at least, did not know of many offensive type Clerics.

It could be said that thanks to this main healer, Awing the Heavens had become one of the top guilds in the Northern Continent.

Such a person could not be taken out easily. However, his luck ran out today. He ran into someone who shouldn’t even show up. That person was Gongzi You.

From the very moment members of Awing the Heavens stepped into the circle, they were designated as enemies. Fleeting Time was her intended target. However, it was Ye Ci’s common practice to hide herself at the rear of her team and she would not show herself easily, and she deduced that Fleeting Time would do the same and hide at the very rear of Awing the Heavens’ formation.

She was correct. Fleeting Time was indeed lurking around the rear of Awing the Heavens. His sole mission was to grab the flags. As for everything else, they were none of his concern.

With Fleeting Time temporarily out of sight, Ye Ci focused her attention on Sinbad, since she had nothing better to do.

Empowered Hunter’s Mark, Falcon Protection, Rapid Fire. It was the combo that Ye Ci had always used. These simple skills screeched through the air towards Sinbad.

Fwish, fwish, and bright red damage values appeared above Sinbad, taking away more than half of his hitpoints.

Sinbad was adept in PvP and was the main healer of Awing the Heavens. It was a very common sight for him to be the focus of enemy attention during a fight. He was prepared for the incoming attack, but was utterly startled by its ferocity.

He knew he was under attack by a Hunter and that he had suffered from attack from the Hunters from Black Plum Guild in the past. Since when were their attacks so ferocious?

Before he could even react, another of Ye Ci’s skills, Scorpion Stinger, buried itself into his body. In the list of skills most hated by mage classes, the Hunter’s Scorpion Stinger was among the top 3.

There was no other reason other than the fact that the skill caused a rage-inducing debuff after dishing out high damage to its target. The debuff would drain a player affected by Scorpion Stinger’s mana for 8 seconds. To make matters worse, the skill had a cooldown of 1 second and its debuff could be stacked up to a staggering 12 times. At 3 stacks, melee classes such as Warriors and Barbarians would have their mana instantly drained. At 8 stacks, even classes like Sorcerers, Clerics and Warlocks which had a lot mana could not last for 10 seconds.

Sinbad creased his eyebrows after noticing the debuff. Because of the existence of this skill, he had even embedded a gem into his equipment which gave him a 30% chance of ignoring the mana drain effect. Although it was as low as 30%, not many Scorpion Stingers that had landed on him were able to affect him with the debuff. But today, the first hit was able to trigger the debuff. Was it his unlucky day?

Sinbad did not dwell on the matter. After all, the gem had only a 30% chance of activating; it was only normal to get hit. He healed himself and began searching for the Hunter who had attacked him.

Just then, a Viper Fang and a Scorpion Stinger landed on him.

The debuff stacked!

Sinbad once again furrowed his eyebrows. He shrugged it off and healed himself again. This time however, he was already affected by 2 debuffs. One of them dealt damage to him over time, while the other was continuously draining his mana. How troublesome.

While Sinbad was healing up, a volley of Rapid Fire and yet another Scorpion stinger landed on him, reaping away a large portion of his hit points, and stacking his debuff.

Sinbad’s mana level plunged as a result of the 3 stacks of mana drain. Even a good natured veteran player like him could not resist the urge to curse out loud, “F*ck me! Who the hell is that Hunter?”

After instructing the Clerics from his guild to heal him up, Sinbad shifted his attention to Ye Ci who was hidden behind the crowd. Before he could give the order for the Hunters of his own guild to launch their attacks, that shameless Huntress fired off a few more arrows and slew Sinbad.

Sinbad, who had never died in such a pathetic manner in a large scale battle, was depressed while staring at his empty hitpoints and mana bar. He shouted out in frustration in the party channel, “F*ck me sideways! Where the hell did Black Plum Guild acquire such a Huntress? Was that a BUG? She launched 3 Scorpion Stinger at me and all of their debuff effects were triggered! What the hell was that?”

It was so aggravating.

A mage’s ultimate goal was to expend all of his or her mana before dying in combat. Failure to do so would be a testimony that a mage player was just not skillful enough. It was exactly what happened to Sinbad in this fight.

With the nerfing of the auto targeting system in PvP, players were only left with the option of manually locking on to their assailant after they had been attacked. This meant that Sinbad was unable to quickly spot that damned Huntress who was hiding behind a mass of players. After using less than 10% of his mana, he was slain by the Huntress. If word of this got out, how embarrassing would it be? Even if this matter slipped unnoticed, Sinbad himself was so sullen that he could cough up blood. As a Cleric with top-tier equipment and a top-tier gem, he was taken out so easily.

Anyone else would have coughed up blood as well if such thing happened to them.

“A Huntress?” Fleeting Time did not have much of a friendship with Awing the Heavens. He was only helping because of the hefty pay they offered. His job was to secure the flag and ensure the victory of Awing the Heavens. Anything else was none of his concern.

Despite being famous in the Western Continent, Fleeting Time preferred to keep a low profile and had rarely spoken in the party channel. The players of Awing the Heavens might’ve even forgotten about the existence of such an expert Hunter in their party if not for Fleeting Time’s important role.

Quite a large number of players were weirded out when he spoke up.

Sinbad was one of those players. He responded to Fleeting Time’s question reflectively, “It was a Huntress. I think she’s an Elf...”

Before he could finish his sentence, Sinbad saw a figure leaping out, flitting past Awing the Heavens’ party with the agility of a bird.

As he leapt up, Fleeting Time spotted a Huntress in green clothing dashing for the flag. She was as graceeful as a deer, heading straight for her objective with her cloak bellowing behind her like a flag.

It was her.

Fleeting Time’s lips formed into a slight smile.

It was just like the saying “to travel far and wide looking for something, only to have it appear right in front of you.” It was such an interesting day. Fleeting Time had never thought that he would run into such an interesting person in this place. His otherwise mundane job had suddenly become meaningful.

Ye Ci was dashing towards the flag as a figure suddenly leapt out of Awing the Heavens’ formation, appearing in the corner of her eyes.

Fleeting Time.

Ye Ci could not hold back her excitement. He was indeed here.

Despite her excitement, Ye Ci was still headed straight for her objective: the flag.

Fleeting Time, of course, could not allow Ye Ci to get her hands on that flag. He nocked several silvery arrows, shooting them directly into Ye Ci’s path.

Hearing the sharp screeching sound in the air, Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. She leaned slightly backwards, and slid to her left. She dodged 5 silvery arrows like a slippery eel.

“Puff puff puff,” the arrows landed not far away from Ye Ci. Because of the evasive action she took, Ye Ci had to slow down. When she was able to regain her footing, Fleeting Time was already dashing towards the flag.

Ye Ci focused her strength and pushed off the rock in front of her, propelling herself forward. She threw a punch, aiming at Fleeting Time’s chest while simultaneously reaching out for the flag.

According to Ye Ci’s way of thoughts, although her punch would not deal much damage, humans tended to subconsciously dodge attacks coming their way. If she was able to cause Fleeting Time to dodge sideways to avoid her punch, she would be able to secure the flag.

Ye Ci, of course, would not be the only person to have thought of this. But, she did not expect that when she threw her punch…

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