Chapter 140 The Battle Begins

Chapter 140 The Battle Begins

Blitz Cavern was a Lvl 30 to 35 dungeon. Although it had a high difficulty, the items found within were decent. Furthermore, the equipment that the Black Plum Guild had were excellent, so the battle was not arduous. The first and second bosses were all successfully defeated in succession, dropping a few valuable items. Even though there was a necklace amongst the drops that would be useful to Ye Ci, she did not roll for it. After all, the main reason why she joined this dungeon was to challenge Fleeting Time; these drops did not catch her eye at all. Moreover, she didn’t really need these common drops anyway.

“Gongzi, this necklace is pretty good, are you sure you don’t want it?” Fluttering Red Feather felt extremely apologetic. Gongzi You had lent him a helping hand when they had met for the first time. When he asked for her help again, she did not refuse and arrived as per their agreement. He had decided to himself, that if anything that Ye Ci could use dropped, he had to give it to her.

Now that a necklace that added both Agility and Strength attributes had dropped. He had intended to allocate it to Ye Ci, only for her to refuse it even before he could even take action. Hence, he once again mentioned the necklace to Ye Ci after distributing all of the equipment.

“Nope, you don’t have to give it to me. Give it to any of your guild members who need it.” Ye Ci shook her head once more, she knew that her the appearance of her current equipment was extremely shabby thanks to the Brooch of Deceit, which was why Fluttering Red Feather insisted upon giving her the necklace.

It’s just that she was unable to explain herself and could only decline his offer once again.

According to her personality, if the drop was indeed a really good equipment, she would definitely not refuse. However, this necklace was only slightly better than the one she had right now. Why make everyone unhappy over a few attribute points?

Ye Ci’s refusal made Fluttering Red Feather feel extremely embarrassed, but it caused the players of the Black Plum Guild to be extremely surprised, looking at her in a new light even though no words were exchanged. However, Ye Ci never took note of such changes and thus she did not pay them much attention.

With the equipment distributed, the party continued to venture into the dungeon and quickly arrived at the third boss. Although this was the first time Ye Ci has set foot into this dungeon in this lifetime, she was a frequenter in her past life, since this was a place where one could legitimately PK. For a PvP expert like her, her favorite hangout locations were dungeons and battlefields like this one.

The group stopped in front of the final boss of Blitz Cavern.

A dungeon like this would always have a requirement in front of the final boss. That requirement was that the boss would only be activated when the two parties had all entered the dueling arena. The signature flag would only appear after this boss was done delivering his totally unnecessary speech. When the Black Plum Guild arrived, Awing The Heavens had yet to reach the arena. So the guild stood still and silently waited for their opponent’s arrival.

Of course, it didn’t mean that they would be merely waiting for their opponents.

Why did the two parties scramble to take down the earlier bosses as fast as possible? The main reason was that the party who arrived first would be able to occupy an advantageous position. Not only was the location closer to the flag, it was also easy to hold while being difficult to take down, and thus was a valuable military position.

If the battle capabilities of the two were evidently clear, then it was entirely possible for the weaker party to achieve a comeback victory should they occupy this advantageous position. However, if the two parties were just about equal in strength, then the team who had occupied this position first would undoubtedly have victory in their grasp.

Actually, the Black Plum guild already accumulated some experience from their numerous dungeon runs, they’d almost always occupied this crucial position ever since they clashed with Awing The Heavens. They would never have been in such a sorry state if it weren’t for the fact that Fleeting Time was aiding their opponent.

However, this time was going to be different.

Fluttering Red Feather glanced at Gongzi You, who was sitting on a boulder and wiping her crossbow. He took a deep breath. He had a premonition that as long as she was around, Fleeting Time would have a hard time trying to take them down. His thoughts stopped there as he walked beside Ye Ci and smiled, “Gongzi, it’s all up to you this time.”

Ye Ci raised her head, the corners of her mouth twitching. She made a humble response, “I’m just an ordinary player, don’t look at me as if I’m a god player. There will be moments where I mess up, especially since the opponent this time isn’t weak.”

Fluttering Red Feather nodded. He had considered this possibility as well, which was why he was not offended at Ye Ci’s words, “I understand, if we’re unable to stop Fleeting Time, I’ll give up on the First Blood. The game has just begun after all, we still have a long way to go.”

Seeing that Fluttering Red Feather was able to have an open mind, Ye Ci was slightly grateful. She was not the kind of person who deserved to be so relied upon, especially since there were times when even she felt that she did not deserve to be so trusted by others. However, despite all that, she was willing to give it her all. After all, to her, having someone’s faith in her was something to feel glad about.

“I will do my best.”

Soon, a mix of hurried footsteps could be heard from the other entrance of the cavern. The footsteps sounded rushed and anxious, clear evidence of the uneasy feelings of the other party.

All of a sudden, Ye Ci felt her heart race. It was a strange, helpless feeling, as though she was a soldier who had finally gotten his wish to step onto a battlefield. Something seemed to boil and smoulder within her veins, her face heated up and sweat started forming in the palms of her heated hands.

Tightly gripping the crossbow, she slowly lifted it up and took aim at the entrance while waiting for the ‘prey’ to step into her attack range.

Closer and closer.

The footsteps had gotten increasingly closer.

She finally spotted a group of people appear in front of the entrance, all decked out in black. Looking over them, she was unable to immediately spot Fleeting Time, but was able to see a man who had the Obsidian Staff in his hands and paused momentarily. If she remembered correctly, the Obsidian Staff was the best Cleric equipment that one could have before Lvl 35. This staff highlighted a player’s position in within the guild as well as indicated that he was the party’s main healer.

A cold sneer crept into the corners of Ye Ci’s lips.

Since Fluttering Red Feather had so much faith in her, she would feel guilty if she did not repay a little of that trust.

“Abhorrent insects, who gave you permission to set foot into my cavern?”

The final boss, who had been a decoration the whole time, finally moved from his throne just as the first player of Awing The Heavens entered the dueling arena. He huffed and puffed huge volumes of air with a look of apparent rage.

“What? There are actually two groups coveting my treasure? Alright then, duel for it! I will never fight with cowards!”

Along with the boss’s loud bellow, the real battle had finally begun.

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