Chapter 14 Trust Is A Premium Ability

Chapter 14 Trust Is A Premium Ability

“Gongzi You? I’ve heard a lot about you.” Four Seas smiled at Ye Ci while extending his hand.

Heard of her? Ye Ci was puzzled. The game was still quite new. Where could he have heard about her from?

Ye Ci shook Four Seas’ hand politely. It’d be rude to leave him hanging. She asked with a hint of curiosity, “Whom have you heard of me from?”

“I was doing a quest in Lycan Black Forest when I met a friend. He told me that he came across an Elven Huntress with mad skills. I wasn’t going to come when Golden invited me, but when I heard that there was an equally skilled Elven Huntress in the party, I couldn’t resist the urge to witness myself just how good you are.”

Upon his explanation, Ye Ci sweated.

“Are you talking about Lukewarm Water?” It was the only idiot with zero sense of direction that she knew.

Four Seas did not give Ye Ci an answer. He sat down and started eating. He smiled at Ye Ci, his handsome face made it seem as if he was pondering something.

Ye Ci was no stranger to this kind of feeling. It was a feeling of distrust. If she had come across such an expression in her previous life, she would definitely cuss at the person. In this world, however, she felt that it no longer mattered.

Making friends with a sincere heart was more important to her now.

She sat down and continued munching on her food, her face revealing no inner emotions.

Four Seas observed Ye Ci for a moment before suddenly saying, “Yes, it’s Lukewarm Water.”

Ye Ci was stunned for a moment. She was not sure if it had been done it on purpose or if Four Seas was typically slow to respond to questions. She nodded, “I’m not that good.”

Four Seas raised his eyebrows in disbelief, as if he were about to say something. Golden Man stood up and said, “I’m sure you guys are done replenishing. Let’s go.”

After wolfing down the last of the biscuit and washing it down with a few gulps of water, Ye Ci stood up and followed her companions into Heishan’s Lair.

Ye Ci had never been to this dungeon before. It did not even exist in the forums during her past life. There were two possibilities to this. Either this dungeon was never discovered or the ones who discovered it kept it a secret.

The reasons did not matter to Ye Ci. The dark damp cave did not scare Ye Ci. Instead, it filled her with excitement.

The excitement of exploring the unknown was very precious to Ye Ci. She had explored every known dungeon in Fate during her past life. She had never expected to find anything new.

“Why are caves always so dark? Can’t they make a more scenic dungeon?” Ideal Height 1.7m slipped and gave the ground a big hug due to the darkness.

She began to grumble after getting up.

Ye Ci smiled. There were a lot of scenic dungeons in the later stages of Fate. The scenes were so beautiful that the players would even forget that they were there to fight monsters.

“Beautiful scenery? You’re talking about the sightseeing area…” Let Go Of That Girl rubbed his nose and squinted, “Why are there no lights?”

“Elves can see pretty well in the dark, Lycans have Night Vision, Dwarves can do pretty good in the dark as well, but as for Gnomes…” Four Seas looked worriedly at Ideal Height 1.7m.

Ideal Height 1.7m snorted, “We’ll carve our own path if one is not provided to us. You don’t have to worry about me.” She took a torch out from her inventory and handed it to the tallest person, Golden Man. “Here, take it so that everyone can see.”

Golden Man explored with caution in the front of the group. Not even the quietest of sounds were present in the dungeon.

It was awfully quiet.

Ye Ci walked at the rear of the group, protecting their Cleric, Four Seas, and Ideal Height 1.7m. Clerics were aggro magnets in dungeons. If the warriors did not taunt the monsters that appeared in time, all of them would be heading straight for the Cleric.

Ideal Height 1.7m was a mage and also a soft target. An Elite monster in a dungeon like this could kill her within two hits.

Ye Ci walked silently at the back of the group with her bow drawn. She was ready to shoot at anything that moved.

Four Seas took a look at Ye Ci, only seeing her calm and expressionless face. He thought that there was a hint of excitement as their eyes met briefly.

Ye Ci realised that Four Seas was looking at her and she asked, “What? Is something wrong?”

“You’re calm.” Four Seas was straightforward.

“There was nothing to be afraid of.” A smile lit up Ye Ci’s bored face. “It’s a dungeon. It’s either you or the monsters that are going to die. There’s no third option.”

Four Seas was puzzled. Gongzi You was very different from the female players he knew, “Death is painful.”

“Escaping is my forte.” Ye Ci let out a forced laugh. “As long as you’re not dead, we won’t get annihilated.”

“You trust me that much?” Four Seas did not expect that answer. Why would she trust him when they’d just met?

“I see you’re close friends with Golden Man and Let Go Of That Girl. If they trust you, you won’t be that bad.” Ye Ci concluded. “Everybody else would come to the same conclusion. This has nothing to do with trust.”

Ye Ci surveyed their surrounding while taking to Four Seas. Her voice was soft, a special kind of soft only possessed by elves. It was music to the ears.

Four Seas did not reply immediately. He was deep in thoughts.

Ye Ci took in a deep breath and said, “Trust is a premium ability that couldn’t be owned by everyone. I was just trying to lean in and hope that I could…” she continued with a short pause, “do it.”

Four Seas expression changed, he could not describe how he felt. He was silent. He Glanced meaningfully at Ye Ci and said with a playful tone, “Hey, Gongzi You, I’ll entrust my life and Ideal’s life to you since you’re so skillful. Don’t let us die.”

It was Ye Ci’s turn to be stunned. Looking at Four Seas, she could feel a pressure building up within her.

It was heavy, but she felt at ease.

This pressure is called… Trust.

“Sure.” Her lips formed into a rare smile.

The silence and darkness was very unsettling.

“F*ck, we must be lost! Or was the game bugged? We’ve been walking for 10 minutes and we haven’t seen jack shit!” shouted Let Go Of That Girl who was walking side by side with Golden Man.

“Stay calm. You must remain calm.”

Golden Man kept his calm. He walked forward slowly while slowly surveying his surroundings. He was as steady as an old monk.

A chill crept down Ye Ci’s spine all of a sudden. She held her breath and mouthed silently, “It’s here.”

At the same time, Golden Man halted and spoke at the same time as Ye Ci, “It’s here.”

Before they could finish their sentence, a blinding light flashed into their vision.

“Ladies and gentleman, why are you trespassing my territory?” A crisp voice resounded in the area.

Ye Ci squinted and saw a wooden door not far from them. A rat man stood close by and shouted, “Let’s welcome our guests in the name of our great leader!”

As the door slowly opened, Golden Man’s ears twitched. He shouted, “There are monsters behind the door! Be careful!”

The group prepared themselves for battle. Nevertheless, the wolf pack that swarmed out of the doorway was an awe inspiring sight.

When one side fought with unequal numbers, the speed of their movement and the ferocity of their attacks was most important.

The only one that could deal damage to the wolf pack was the ranged class. And among the five, the only one who was a ranged character with high agility was Ye Ci.

“Gonzi, you….”

Ye Ci was already in position before Golden Man could finish his sentence. She jumped onto a lamp post and suspended herself in the air with her high balance. She fired rapidly at the lead wolf.

Ye Ci’s extremely high balance allowed her to jump between lamp posts. The wolf packs aggro was handled by the two melee characters of Golden Man and Let Go Of That Girl. They easily picked off the wolves that were already gravely injured by Ye Ci.

To the four of her companions, Ye Ci was like a kite unaffected by gravity, raining death as she soared through the air.

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