Chapter 137 Blitz Cavern

Chapter 137 Blitz Cavern

Hearing Fluttering Red Feathers’s words, Ye Ci’s eyebrows raised up slightly. Black Plum Guild could be considered to be one of the leading guilds in the Southern Continent, Ye Ci could not fathom why the leader of a guild would come and seek her help.

To be honest, she was a little curious.

However, Ye Ci knew that there were times when one should not be overly curious. If not, one might risk not even knowing why they died.

Pondering for a moment, Ye Ci felt that it would not be good if she were to reject him outright. Thinking that she should at least find out what the other party wished of her, Ye Ci replied, “Why don’t you go ahead and tell me how can I help?”

“I’ll be waiting at the Broken Horn Tavern in North Desert City.” Fluttering Red Feathers thought for a while before giving a location and emphasized, “I’ll be awaiting your arrival, I hope...You have to come.”

With that, he immediately hung up without giving Ye Ci a chance to speak, as though afraid that she might give an unfavorable response.

After a moment of deliberation, Ye Ci finally decided to travel to North Desert City. First of all, she had nothing to do at the moment. Secondly, Fluttering Red Feathers had piqued her damned curiosity. Finally, she felt that she would be able to easily escape even if she was facing a dangerous situation alone.

Taking those points into account...Ye Ci’s trip towards North Desert City was quickly decided.

North Desert City was located at the northernmost area of the Sioux Desert, a territory on the Southern Continent that was closest to the Eastern Continent. It would be slightly troublesome if one were to travel there from the Eastern Continent without the use of a teleporter. However, it was fortunate that Ye Ci had already activated the transfer point at the Southern Continent’s main city. All she had to do was proceed towards North Desert City directly from the main city itself, which would save her a lot of time.

The Sioux Desert, like Blue Light Coast, was a map that was suitable for Lvl 30 to 40 players. This was why the players who were leveling up there were mostly grouped with their guilds or in their own parties. Not wishing to attract attention, Ye Ci summoned her little red horse and went straight for North Desert City . Along the way, there were people at each new location and the area seemed to be very lively.

Since the wilderness was so lively, it probably wouldn’t be very deserted in North Desert City either. Ye Ci entered and found out that although it was a small city, it was very well equipped. What came as a surprise to her was that a remote city near the border such as this actually had an auction house as well. Of course, it was not as large or as grand compared to the auction houses inside the larger cities. There was only one auctioneer in the building seated on top of a pile of earth. Yet, he was surrounded by players, which made it seem strangely lively.

Although Ye Ci was exceptionally familiar with the game known as Fate, there were things that even she didn’t know, such as the location of the Broken Horn Tavern. Ye Ci was unable to find its precise location. She was only able to see a marker on the map that indicated where the Broken Horn Tavern was after asking directions from a city soldier.

Following the signs, Ye Ci soon found herself in front of an unimpressive two-story building.

A mailbox was at the front, while the entrance had an old sign with a faded illustration of a goblet hanging from it that would definitely be overlooked if one did not look closely.

Stepping into the inn, the interior was bustling with people and had a rowdy atmosphere.

The players from the 4 continents did not differ much from one another. Even their playable races were the same, which was why an Elven Huntress like Ye Ci did not attract much attention when she entered the inn. Glancing around, Ye Ci was unable to spot Fluttering Red Feathers and sent him a message.

Moments later, Fluttering Red Feathers bolted out from a corner and stood in front of Ye Ci. His large build was outfitted with an exquisite set of armor and he carried a massive two-handed axe on his back, evidence that he was a formidable player. Heartily patting Ye Ci’s shoulder, he said, “Gongzi, I didn’t expect you to arrive so quickly, let me treat you to North Desert City’s specialties.”

He cordially dragged Ye Ci into a corner where a wooden table with no other people was at. As the two took their seats, Fluttering Red Feathers ordered North Desert City‘s specialty dish, Charcoal-Grilled Buzzard, for Ye Ci.

He did not make idle chatter, so Ye Ci did not proactively speak first. It was already inappropriate for her to take the initiative and come here. If she were to speak first, wouldn’t it make Fluttering Red Feathers feel that she was being too curious about the issue?

Compared to Ye Ci, Fluttering Red Feathers did not have that many complicated thoughts and went straight to the point, “Gongzi, the reason I’ve asked you to come here today is to ask for your help.”

“What sort of help?”

“Our guild wishes to enter Blitz Cavern, but we ran into a little problem.”

Ye Ci looked at Fluttering Red Feathers wordlessly. He had just begun to speak when Ye Ci already had a rough idea why he approached her.

Blitz Cavern was a unique dungeon. It was classified as a battle dungeon, similar to a battlefield, yet different at the same time. This dungeon could only be entered once a week and whenever a party from the Southern Continent entered, there would be a party entering from the Northwestern Continent.

After the two guilds experienced their respective tribulations upon entering the dungeon, they arrived before the final BOSS. However, before fighting the final BOSS, the two needed to engage in a bloody war with each other. 5 minutes after the battle, a flag would appear before the BOSS. Only the party in the possession of the flag would have the right to challenge the final BOSS. Despite that, there was another catch: After taking the flag, if the opponent was unable to eradicate the other party or if someone in either party were to leave the dungeon, then both parties would be considered to have failed the dungeon even if the opponent did seize the flag.

The Black Plum Guild encountered a problem.

The guild who entered Blitz Cavern with them was a guild called Awing The Heavens. The prowess of the two guilds were roughly equal, with neither having a clear advantage even if they were to fight seriously.

However, in this dungeon, it was precisely because their strength was equal that it became a problem.

At first, the opportunities to capture the flag was roughly equal for both guilds, with neither having an advantage over the other, while at the next five minute interval, the fighting prowess of the guilds was still equal. Essentially, it was impossible to come out on top within five minutes.

At first, Fluttering Red Feathers thought that so long as they handled the situation carefully, defeating the opponent would be but a matter of time. Little did he know that Awing The Heavens would be so shameless as to call for an external helper who was able to suppress Black Plum for two weeks already. If it were not for Fluttering Red Feathers hiding a card up his sleeve by instructing a Thief to not enter combat and to exit the dungeon once something was amiss, Blitz Cavern would probably have been conquered by Awing The Heavens.

That’s why Fluttering Red Feathers also wished to look for reinforcements, and contacted Ye Ci.

Ye Ci did not immediately reply after hearing Fluttering Red Feathers, instead she laughed, “I don’t seem to be that exceptional, with so many professional players around, why did you look for me?”

Fluttering Red Feathers let out a long sigh: ”That’s because of the opponent’s backup.”

“What kind of backup?”

“He’s a Hunter as well.”

Ye Ci suddenly became anxious, “Who?”

“You two have exchanged blows before.” Fluttering Red Feathers sighed once more, “It’s Fleeting Time.”

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