Chapter 136 It’s Over

Chapter 136 It’s Over

Just like that, everything seem to have settled down. It was as though Dong Yin and Yi Cang had never existed, completely vanishing from Ye Ci’s everyday life. News about them seemed to have disappeared entirely, even from Liu Chang’s mouth.

Perhaps they’re just burying their heads in the sand, or they just simply chose to cut off all their ties. The ten odd years of friendship, as well as the various entanglements before and after her reincarnation, all seemed to have settled down over the course of these last few days.

As it turned out, if a person had totally given up on something, the person could ignore everything about that something. Time passed like flowing sand, and the new school semester arrived.

A day earlier, Ye Ci and Bai Mo had already moved their gaming cabins back into the rented apartment. Today, both of them returned home together after dinner.

Bai Mo pulled out a bicycle from god knows where. He stopped outside the apartment, smiling as he patted the rear seat, “Do you dare to ride with me?”

Ye Ci gave Bai Mo a onceover before laughing contemptuously, “Heh, won’t we be caught by the traffic police?”

“I’ve checked the route beforehand, we will definitely not be caught.” Bai Mo sat on the bike, a smile as dazzling as the setting sun creeping up on his handsome face, “How about it, will you give me an opportunity to be your knight?”

Ye Ci laughed and jumped on the rear seat behind him, “I’m a fake princess and you can be considered to be my fake knight.”

The setting sun painted the landscape a scorching red. Ye Ci leaned against Bai Mo’s back as she gazed at the receding scenery gradually descending into darkness. Humming a tuneless song, Ye Ci allowed herself to relax. To be honest, this was the most relaxing moment she had experienced since her reincarnation.

“Ye Ci.” The wind blew Bai Mo’s soft hair past his forehead. In the chilly spring winds, Bai Mo voice wasn't loud, but the sound flowed into Ye Ci’s ears with the wind.

“What is it?” Ye Ci’s voice sounded lethargic as she leaned against Bai Mo’s back with her eyes narrowed, a trace of insouciance seemed to be mixed into her reply.

“Is the incident with Steel Blooded Battle Spear over?” Bai Mo’s voice was soft, till the point that it was barely audible. At this volume, it would easily be drowned out by the wind, but Ye Ci was still able to hear a few parts.

Ye Ci didn't reply, remaining silently seated at the rear of the bicycle instead. She idly swung her legs, as though it was not a question that required an immediate answer.

Bai Mo, on the other hand, acted like he hadn't said anything and didn't raise the issue again. Just like that, the two continued to maintain their position while they made their way towards school.

After a period of silence, Ye Ci slowly replied, “Who knows? As long as Thousand Sunsets doesn’t come and find me, I think it can be considered to be over. ”

“Then, what about Dong Yin?”

Although Bai Mo was not familiar with Dong Yin, he did know the name, the four of them being childhood friends and all. Bai Mo, who had been hanging about his aunt’s house since young, had seen them quite often, even though their relationship was only at the level of just nodding their heads in greeting. However, he did know that the relationship between Ye Ci and the others were nothing short of actual siblings. In reality, Bai Mo wasn't worried about Ye Ci’s way of handling the incident regarding Steel Blooded Battle Spear. She was an adult and was assertive; he was confident that Ye Ci would be able to handle the matter well.

It’s just that Bai Mo couldn’t help but worry whenever Dong Yin and the others were involved. Despite having a calm and rational mind, Ye Ci was still just a nineteen year old girl, and it was never easy to deal with human relationships. Especially when they got along so well in the past.

“I think it’s probably over.” Ye Ci released a sigh. As she squinted at the setting sun, hints of regret welled in her heart. Although she was cold in nature, a person of few words, and was also someone who placed benefits above a lot of things after her reincarnation, it didn't mean that she was someone who was devoid of emotions.

In truth, it was the exact opposite, precisely because of her reincarnation. All the precious things that she had lost in her last life and had regained in this life were reasons why she was unable to let go.

It’s just that there were occasions when not everything was completely under her control. Actually, since the beginning, there hadn't been a single incident where she was in control at all.

“They’re unable to keep a clear line between the game and reality, and neither can I. Since that’s the case, then let’s break it off.”

Bai Mo smiled bitterly and spoke no further.

Life was just like that, one had to gain experience before they could change.

The game had also become as mundane as her daily life.

Not even somebody like Ye Ci would constantly face spectacular events in the game. The Eastern Continent was extremely lively ever since Hidden Treasure Gulf had been discovered. Ye Ci had turned in her quest to Finley, but the quest rewards were extremely ordinary, possibly due to Ye Ci having a low quest completion rate, or because she had turned in her quest too late. With the exception of reaching a high intimacy rate in the Hidden Treasure Gulf map region, there were no other benefits left. This was a massive contrast with what Ye Ci had been expecting.

However, Ye Ci didn't complain. To her, the fact that she was able to start over was already something to feel fortunate about.

After Upwards Ho!’s first successful clearance of a sponsored dungeon, many requests started to come in. In just under a month, the guild’s vault had a fattened up manifold which caused Timely Rain, who was in charge of the guild’s finances, to be unable to stop smiling.

Steel Blooded Battle Spear seemed to have vanished from Ye Ci’s eyes altogether. Although they were hard at work, with their guild name occasionally appearing on the World channel, it didn't have any meaning to Ye Ci anymore. Ever since that one battle, Tang Dynasty seemed to have disappeared as well. Correction. Tang Dynasty vanished from the places that Upwards Ho! roamed, leaving behind no traces that they had ever been on the Eastern Continent.

Actually, Tang Dynasty was still active. What puzzled Ye Ci was why the guild fell into silence after that one fight.

She had originally thought that the days would continue to peacefully pass by like this, when one day she received a private message. It was from Fluttering Red Feathers.

“Hey, Gongzi You, it’s been a while.”

It had indeed been a long time.

They were not players on the same continent, so Ye Ci had originally believed that it would be a long time before they met up again. Who would have thought that this person would appear in her life so soon.

“Eh? Why did you suddenly think of striking up a conversation with me?”

“Gongzi, your words are really too cold.” Fluttering Red Feathers dryly laughed and began to engage in small talk. After chatting for awhile, he finally spoke, “Gongzi, to be honest, I have a favor to ask from you.”

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