Chapter 134 Hongmen Banquet (Part 3)

Chapter 134 Hongmen Banquet (Part 3)

It was not a question with an easy answer.

If He Xiao replied with a ‘yes,’ he would immediately fall out with Ye Ci. Zero Arsenic had even reminded him earlier to not make matters worse. If it was not Gongzi You who had broken into their guild warehouse, she would definitely not be able to do anything in real life. It was however an entirely different matter in-game. Gongzi You would definitely do her best to retaliate, and if her actions were to affect the Old Master’s investment, He Xiao would definitely not have a good time.

If the answer was ‘no,’ even He Xiao could not convince himself with that answer. Although Zero Arsenic had found evidence that it was a male Gnomish Rogue instead of a Elven Huntress who had ransacked their guild warehouse, he was still deeply doubtful. After all, the heist happened right after he tried to raise issues with Gongzi You. Was it really that much of a coincidence? If so, who on earth would believe such a thing?

He Xiao stayed silent and Ye Ci did not press for a response. She continued nibbling on more food, as if the answer to the question had nothing to do with her.

Liu Chang was visibly frightened. She grabbed hold of Ye Ci’s sleeve and whispered, “Little Ci, be careful. We can’t afford to cross somebody like them.”

Despite her soft voice, Liu Chang’s words could be heard clearly by the everyone in the room due to the quiet environment.

Ye Ci laughed coldly and then looked at Dong Yin and Yi Cang, “You think that I can’t afford to cross such a person, but some people apparently believe so. There are people who believe that I would strike a stone with an egg. Since they believed so much in me, why don’t I just fulfill their expectations?”

Her words were as sharp as daggers, stabbing right at Dong Yin and Yi Cang. In an instant, both of their faces immediately paled.

Especially Dong Yin, who knew about both Ye Ci’s and He Xiao’s backgrounds. She knew about their circumstances very well, but she had never thought that it would bring such an impact to Ye Ci. She had only wanted to dine with Ye Ci, but from what she had heard from Liu Chang and Ye Ci, she felt as if she was pushing Ye Ci to her demise. At that moment, tears almost spilled out of Dong Yin’s eyes.

She really liked He Xiao, but… she never had the intention to harm Ye Ci. They had been friends for so many years. Besides, their parents had a very good relationship. If the slip up made by herself and Yi Cang brought harm to Ye Ci, it would utterly destroy the relationship between the four families.

When she thought about this, Dong Yin then turned to glance at a pale-faced Yi Cang, who avoided her gaze. It was very likely that he shared the same thoughts as Dong Yin.

Zero Arsenic was momentarily stunned by Ye Ci’s words. He poured her a cup of tea and laughed, “Gongzi, you think too much. It’s just a simple dinner tonight. Thousand asked because he was still a wee bit doubtful. It’s not that he suspects you. Don’t think too much about it.”

Ye Ci lifted the cup of tea and smiled at Zero Arsenic. She said without a shred of courtesy, “A little doubtful? I’m afraid that you’ve already concluded that I was the one who did it!”

Zero Arsenic noticed the flames within Ye Ci’s gaze and knew that she was angry. He immediately stomped on He Xiao’s foot under the table. He Xiao, who was in a daze, immediately forced a laugh. “Ye Ci, we’re all friends here, there’s no need to say something like that.”

Ye Ci let out a sigh and set her cup of tea down. She gazed at He Xiao with sincerity in her eyes and said, “There were indeed a few unpleasant things that have happened between us, be it about the Armored Giant Tortoise, the First Blood for Frosty Wasteland or our previous quarrels. I admit that I tend to be rebellious and acted rashly. It’s normal for you to get offended.”

“Ahaha, what do you mean?” Although Ye Ci had spoken what truly was in Thousand Sunsets’ mind, he attempted to deny what Ye Ci had said as it was very awkward for someone to be able to speak out your exact thoughts. If word got out that a grown man like him was causing a fuss because of a teenage girl, it would be a total embarrassment.

Thousand Sunsets shook his head, appearing unaffected. “It’s all in the past. Besides…” He paused momentarily. Despite being unwilling, Thousand Sunsets squeezed out each of the following words. “Besides, when you were still in our guild, you brought quite a lot of First Bloods for Steel Blooded Battle Spear. To talk about these matters now is not giving me face.”

Ye Ci smiled insincerely and raised her eyebrows, staring at Zero Arsenic who was smiling at her. She then shifted her gaze back to He Xiao and said calmly, “Although I was quite stunned when I saw the forum thread, I was still clearing a dungeon with my guild, and did not know what happened. By the time we cleared the dungeon, it had all settled down…”

“It was all a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!” He Xiao hurriedly cut Ye Ci off. It was a huge blunder for him, and he did not wish that incident to be mentioned again.

However, even if he was unwilling, Ye Ci would not pass up the opportunity. She stared at He Xiao’s slightly embarrassed expression and continued, “I think so too. I’m sure great leader Thousand would not do something so tasteless.”

He Xiao’s expression darkened.

“Of course, it was logical for you to suspect me of plundering your guild warehouse. With our tense relationship before I left the guild and all the misunderstandings after I left, it is very likely that I would retaliate…” With that, Ye Ci took in a deep breath and looked at Zero Arsenic and He Xiao with sincerity showing in her eyes. “I am not the one who did it.”

He Xiao was silent. He did not believe Ye Ci’s words. Even Yi Cang, Dong Yin and Zero Arsenic could not believe her words, but they did not voice out their doubts.

“I know all of you do not believe me. But I’m not an idiot.” Ye Ci stood up and let out a sigh, “Although I’m doing quite well in the game, I’m still a normal 19 year old student and my parents are just ordinary workers. We’re just an averagely normal ordinary family.”

She then grimaced at Zero Arsenic and He Xiao, her expression full of sincerity, “As for you? Although I’ve never asked about it, but I know that for a guild to be able to expand so rapidly in the game, you’re definitely not some random person. I play the game just to earn enough money to help my family out. I only hope for a peaceful life. Despite our many disputes, aren’t all of them quite trivial? But is robbing your guild warehouse a small matter? Can it be done without suffering many consequences? I’m just an ordinary person seeking out a peaceful life. If I did it, would you let it slide?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

Not one of them spoke up. Ye Ci let out a sigh, and laughed, “I’ve said what I have to say. Whether you believe me or doubt me is up to you.”

“Gongzi…” Zero Arsenic began to speak, but Ye Ci raised her hand, cutting him off mid sentence.

Ye Ci looked straight at He Xiao and said, “Yi Cang and Dong Yin know where my house is and who my family members are. I’m sure that they will be happy to let you know as long as you ask. If you think I’m the one who did it, then I have nothing to say. My family and I await your wrath.”

With that, Ye Ci dragged Liu Chang along, ignoring her pale face, “Thanks for the meal. We’ll be leaving now.”

The others remained quiet, silently observing the two as they left the private room.

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