Chapter 132 Hongmen Banquet (Part 1)

Chapter 132 Hongmen Banquet (Part 1)

Although they were unwilling, Tang Dynasty’s members were well disciplined. They immediately retreated after receiving the order. Those who were dead chose to respawn themselves in the guild encampment.

The battlefield quieted down almost instantly.

Upwards Ho! members began reviving shortly afterwards, and a lively discussion about the battle ensued. Most of them were disappointed that they were unable to perform better, while a small number harbored resentment against Tang Dynasty. The atmosphere was still rather harmonious for the guild.

There was a question in each of the member’s heart: Why did Tang Dynasty abruptly retreat? What did Gongzi You, who arrived late to the battle, say to NightAndDay? It was a question that none of them dared to ask, and thus could only speculate.

Bai Mo, however, had no such reservations. It was the first question he directed towards Ye Ci after reviving. “What did you say to NightAndDay?”


“Then why would he suddenly call for a retreat?”

Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo’s curios face and let out a sigh. “I told him that I asked for reinforcements from Wolf Pack.”

Bai Mo did not completely believe Ye Ci’s words, but had no grounds to doubt them either, so he chose to believe Ye Ci. After a small talk, Ye Ci was able to hand in her Concealed Treasure Gulf quest to the related NPC and went offline. Knowing that she had not gone offline for quite some time, Bai Mo did not say much and urged Ye Ci on to get some rest.

Before she went offline, Ye Ci received a private message from Liu Chang, “Little Ci, are you free tonight?”

After reading the message, Ye Ci knew that Liu Chang had the intention of asking her to go out that night, and could only grimace at the fact. Dang, Ye Ci had wanted to go grab some sleep.

“I’m free, but I’ve been online for quite a long time now, so I’ll need to go grab some sleep.”

“Why not sleep after our meal then?” Liu Chang let out a sigh. She was reluctant to force Ye Ci to attend the meeting, but she was only the middleman, “Dong Yin and Yi Cang called me. They wanted to have dinner with us.”

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned. She then let out a chuckle, “Appointing you as the messenger to ask me out… Don’t you think this is a little…”

“Little Ci, haven’t we always been like this? There’s no need to bother about it.”

“Back then, it might be nothing at all. But at a time like this, I don’t like it.”

Liu Chang of course understood what Ye Ci meant. She knew about Ye Ci’s dealing with Steel Blooded Battle Spear a few days back, and understood Ye Ci’s anger. “I’m sure that they didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, so don’t take it to heart. Besides, it’s just a game, don’t take it too seriously.”

Ye Ci’s face remained expressionless. She then let out a sigh. Liu Chang reminded her of something that Qin Churuo had said to Fang Susu, and her anger dissipated. That’s right, gaming and real life are two separate entities. Reaching a decision, Ye Ci nodded her head, “Alright, call me when you’re heading up. I’m going to grab some sleep.”

Liu Chang immediately agreed to Ye Ci’s words. At that point, Ye Ci’s mood was thoroughly ruined. She immediately went offline without a word. Ye Ci had literally just laid on her bed after a shower before receiving Liu Chang’s phone call, informing her of the location of the dinner. Ye Ci got up from bed and went out after bading farewell to her parents, Bai Mo, and Tan Polang.

The place was quite far from Ye Ci’s residence. It took her an hour’s ride in the town bus to get there. She spotted Liu Chang, who had just arrived as well, before getting off the bus. She then greeted Liu Chang and the duo headed to the meeting place.

It was an exclusive room in the restaurant.

Ye Ci felt that something was amiss right after stepping into the restaurant. The place was quite classy, and the seating was limited as well. Why would Dong Yin and Yi Cang invite them to dinner in a place like this? Ye Ci did not pay much heed to that thought. After all, Dong Yin and Yi Cang both came from rather wealthy families, and they would naturally have more money to spend compared to Liu Chang and herself. It might not be a problem for them to be able to afford such a place.

Despite her lingering suspicions, Ye Ci did not voice her concern to Liu Chang, who was visibly excited. “Wow! This restaurant has really expensive seafood. Perhaps both Dong Yin and Yi Cang are sincerely trying to apologize to you?”

Ye Ci pursed her lips, remaining quiet. In her mind, Ye Ci was trying to convince herself that “Gaming and real life are two different things.”

However, those thoughts disappeared right after Ye Ci pushed open the door to the exclusive compartment. That was because she saw two faces that were not supposed to show up; Thousand Sunsets and Zero Arsenic.

Ye Ci stopped dead at the door. She knew immediately that she was not going to enjoy her meal tonight. How she wished that the meeting was in-game, and she could send a private message to Liu Chang. Liu Chang however, was equally stunned. She was completely blindsided as well.

“Oh, you’re here?” Dong Yin stood up and smiled at Ye Ci, “Sit, sit. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Liu Chang nodded and sat down after exchanging greetings with the four. Ye Ci allowed her gaze to stray from each of the four faces before finally taking a seat. She knew that this occasion had something to do with the heist of Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild warehouse. Although Ye Ci had confidence that she pulled the heist off with complete discretion, she was still slightly worried. After all, the world in-game is totally different from real life. She could do whatever she wanted in the game, but in real life, she was nothing but a student and had her family to worry about.

Furthermore, Thousand Sunsets was not an average joe. If she did not tread carefully, it might cause her endless trouble in real life.

After taking a seat, Ye Ci nodded at Thousand Sunsets and Zero Arsenic as a form of greeting. They’d met each other before anyways.

“Leftie, everyone is here, go get someone to start serving the meal.” Zero Arsenic was smiling, not betraying his real intentions. Yi Cang immediately stood up and called for a waiter.

Before long, all the dishes were served.

As a restaurant famous for its seafood, the dishes served were naturally expensive-looking seafood. Ye Ci wasted no effort at being modest. She lifted her chopsticks and began gobbling down the food. Since they were all here, she needed the energy to deal with them.

On the surface, the atmosphere was very warm. Although each of them had their own agenda, each of the attendees managed to put up a harmonious and happy front. They toasted and made small talk with each other, as if they were old friends who hadn’t seen each other for years.

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