Chapter 131 Retreat

Chapter 131 Retreat

“There’s no need to trouble you. I’ll settle this matter on my own.” Ye Ci stared at NightAndDay calmly while replying to Sir Ditty’s message.

Sir Ditty felt that it was not right to stand by and said, “I feel that it’s not right for me to stay out of this. Tang Dynasty must be retaliating against you for helping us out earlier on.”

“I’ll seek for your aid the next time we get into trouble with Tang Dynasty. As for the fight today, Upwards Ho! can handle it on our own.” Ye Ci knew that Sir Ditty was desperate to strengthen their ties. However, she did not wish for Wolf Pack’s intervention today.

“Alright, if things go south, lemme know. I’ve placed my guild’s elites on standby.” Noting that Ye Ci’s mind was set, Sir Ditty could only agree to her words.

Right after Ye Ci’s conversation with Sir Ditty ended, Flawless Reflection sent her a message, offering his aid, which was declined by Ye Ci. She knew that from the first moment she ran into Wandering Clouds, conflict with Tang Dynasty was inevitable. Even if she was willing to let the incident go, somebody might not be able to forget about it. That was why a situation like the standoff today was bound to happen, It was just that Ye Ci had not expected it to happen so soon.

After all, Upwards Ho! was quite a small guild, and it was definitely unable to stand up to Tang Dynasty’s might. Having the guild locked in a vicious battle against Tang Dynasty was like striking a stone with an egg.

But, Ye Ci’s reluctance in causing trouble did not mean that she was afraid of trouble. Since the incident had already broke out, she decided to settle the matter once and for all.

With her mind made up, Ye Ci rushed a smile at NightAndDay, “Greetings, Guild Leader Night, we meet again.”

“So it seems. The Eastern Continent is not a large place, but it’s definitely not small. It seems like fate has brought us together again.” Although Tang Dynasty lost its momentum after suffering from Ye Ci’s attacks, they were still a large guild. Their ability to sustain themselves in a fight was far superior. Even if Ye Ci was a ferocious fighter, she was still one person. As long as Wolf Pack did not intervene, she was nothing to be afraid of.

“Fate?” Ye Ci snorted, and switched to the private message channel, “You call this fate? I don’t think so.”

NightAndDay was momentarily stunned. He knew that there was a hidden meaning behind Ye Ci’s words. He was able to keep his cool, and pretended that he did not understand what Ye Ci had meant, “Oh, what do you mean?”

“I was not planning to pick sides on that day. But, some of your guild members crossed the line.” Ye Ci did not wish to play word games with NightAndDay, and got straight to the point.

NightAndDay did not immediately offer her a response. He reminisced the scene on that day. Gongzi You was indeed riding past the battlefield on her dinosaur. Judging from her speed and the direction at which she was travelling however, she did not appear to be going to Wolf Pack’s aid. She was simply passing by the area. But why did she turn around later on?

After some pondering, he immediately remembered the situation back then, and a name popped up in his mind. Glistening Snow.

He knew for a fact that Glistening Snow was always acting like a princess, but she had never acted impudently towards outsiders. What prompted her to act against Ye Ci? What was the cause that led to such an incident?

After giving the matter a thought, NightAndDay replied to Ye Ci’s words half-heartedly while contacting one of his trusted aides. He was very curious about what happened between Glistening Snow and Gongzi You. Why would she keep acting against Gongzi You?

However, no matter what happened, Glistening Snow was still one of his people, while Gongzi You was an outsider. NightAndDay would naturally take sides.

“Gongzi, you’re an expert, and Glistening Snow is just a skilless Cleric. Do you really have to bully a poor little girl like her?”

“Oh, is that so?” Ye Ci chuckled coldly, “I sincerely think that Great Guild Leader Night should clean up the mess in your own guild before trying to sort things out with Upwards Ho!.” And with that, she set her sights on a pretty-looking female Cleric standing not far behind from NightAndDay. Ye Ci could definitely identify the woman. She was the one who had sparked the rivalry between NightAndDay and Wandering Clouds. Her name was Into the Sunset.

Although Ye Ci was unwilling to delve into personal matters, but in a situation when she was weaker than her opponent, she could only use such tactics.

The edges of Ye Ci’s mouth lifted and formed into a cold smile, “And… When you’re charging and fighting in the front, you might want to take note if your backyard is on fire. Or… If somebody had stolen the flowers in your garden.”

At this point, Ye Ci’s hint was quite obvious. It was impossible for NightAndDay to be unable to discern the hidden meaning in her words. His facial expression changed abruptly, staring at Into the Sunset, and the latter who was shocked by NightAndDay’s expression asked in an alarmed tone, “Is something the matter?”

NightAndDay took in the deep breath and smiled coldly at Ye Ci, “Do you think that your petty tricks will work? What a joke.”

Ye Ci was not angry. She knew that he would respond in such a way. Expecting the worst case scenario, she had even considered the possibility of asking Sir Ditty for help. “If there’s no wind, there won’t be a wave. You and I were still strangers to each other before that day.”

“Guild Leader! Let’s kill them all!!!”

The members of Tang Dynasty were impatient when NightAndDay and Ye Ci were still conversing with each other through the private message channel. They stood behind NightAndDay, pumping their fists into the air and letting out shouts of anger.

NightAndDay narrowed his eyes, unable to reach a decision. He was very distraught. He would be lying if he claimed that Ye Ci’s words did not affect him a single bit. Those words were like an earthquake, shaking the faith that he had built up towards his partner. That faith was now cracked, and he did not know if he could fix the crack, or would it disintegrate totally.

NightAndDay lost his calm. He became indecisive.

“O’ great leader Night, sometimes, showing mercy to somebody else is also mercy towards yourself. You’re trying so hard, but for what? Who is it that you really have a grudge against?” Ye Ci offered him the ghost of a smile. Although appearing calm, Ye Ci was anxious. If NightAndDay’s resolve was not faltered by her words, she would definitely die.

NightAndDay could not make a decision. He studied Ye Ci’s weird smile, and had the illusion that reinforcements from Wolf Pack would arrive anytime soon. After giving the matter a serious thought, he raised his hand, and gave the order, “Retreat.”

“But, guild leader.”


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