Chapter 130 Deathmatch

Chapter 130 Deathmatch

Mages have strong attack power, yet they are glass cannons.

However, when bombarded by a group of mages, even the toughest of characters will soon realize that life would be difficult.

There were Ice-type Mages that reduces speed, Fire-type mages that deals sustained DoT, and Arcane-type Mages with absurd DPS. When these three types of mages are grouped together, regardless of one’s class, you will feel that you are extremely weak. Needless to say, for a long-time guild such as Tang Dynasty, the one resource that they did not lack was manpower. After clashing with Upwards Ho! for a period of time, they realized that although Upwards Ho! were small in numbers, their speed was exceptionally quick, allowing them to easily evade Tang Dynasty’s armies, which caused Tang Dynasty to be extremely passive.

The instant NightAndDay got online and caught wind of the scuffle, he immediately sent out a command to the entire Mage squadron to raid Upwards Ho!.

Although personally speaking, NightAndDay was extremely unwilling to butt heads with Upwards Ho! and Gongzi You. But after the battle with Wolf Pack, he deduced that Upwards Ho! and Wolf Pack had an alliance. He could not help but be infuriated just by recalling the humiliation dealt to his guild by Gongzi You. Regardless of whatever triggered today’s battle with Upwards Ho!, NightAndDay was determined to win.

And thus, NightAndDay dealt a massive blow towards Upwards Ho! with just a sweep of his hand.

Being blasted by such firepower, the members of Upwards Ho! were immediately decimated. There were many who respawned in order to retaliate but were swiftly put down once more. This situation persisted for a while. In the end, to prevent more losses, Bai Mo went offline to look for Ye Ci after having a few words with the guild’s officers.

Bai Mo was unwilling to seek Ye Ci’s help for anything and everything. Ye Ci had her own matters to handle as well and he could not expect Ye Ci to be handling guild matters all the time. However, in this situation, he was forced to look for Ye Ci’s aid.

Before Bai Mo made his decision to look for Ye Ci, World Conqueror and Zero Space had already contacted him, offering to send reinforcements. Bai Mo, however, was wary. They were all large guilds, and Bai Mo knew that their offers of assistance was due to Ye Ci. If he were to accept, he knew that he would be unable to repay their favor. Unless Upwards Ho! was strong enough to hold its own against these large guilds, Bai Mo was not willing to accept their help.

Bai Mo was someone who thoroughly studied interpersonal psychology, and he had always been a cautious person. Faced with such a situation, he had weighed the pros and cons and had decided that he would not wish to be a pawn in an internal struggle between the major guilds unless the situation is dire.

And so, he needed to discuss it over with Ye Ci first.

Unfortunately, ever since Ye Ci told him that she’ll be leaving for a few days, he was unable to contact her through the game at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was able to determine that she was in the gaming cabin, he would have suspected that that damned girl ran off somewhere to fool around.

Since Bai Mo was unable to contact Ye Ci in the game, he had no choice but to log off in the midst of battle to look for her. Of course he knew that what he did was taboo, since who knows what those members lying on the ground were feeling when they received notice of his departure. Thus, he could only instruct the guild officers to stabilize the guild’s morale after reassuring them that he will be back online within ten minutes.

Once he was offline, Bai Mo immediately ran towards Ye Ci’s room. Looking at the gaming cabin on the floor, its signal lights indicated that she was currently within the game. Heaving a sigh of relief, he began to knock on the surface of the gaming cabin. The gaming cabin was a piece of advanced technology, where an alert would be immediately sent to the player within the gaming cabin upon detecting an impact. That’s why it did not take long before Ye Ci opened the gaming cabin.

Ye Ci knew Bai Mo’s character, since she already told him that she had something to take care of, he would never find her in the gaming cabin unless it was something really important. So she didn’t ask for the specifics and immediately got online.

Meanwhile in Hidden Treasure Gulf, Finley was no longer at Ye Ci’s side. He probably went back to his house, waiting for Ye Ci to hand in her quest. However, Ye Ci could spare no time in doing so as she could only do so after the crisis was over.

Ye Ci activated the city-recalling stone, returning to Red Lake City a short moment later. Soon after her arrival at Red Lake City, she swiftly received a message from Bai Mo. He summarized the entire turn of events for Yi Ci, ”I don’t understand if Tang Dynasty had gone crazy, Upwards Ho! shouldn’t have any enmity with them before! Just how did this happen?”

Ye Ci coldly harrumphed, although she wasn’t sure what caused this brawl, but she believed that her involvement in the fight between Wolf Pack and Tang Dynasty was definitely one of the factors. She immediately sent out two words to Wandering Clouds. ”Retreat, now.”

Knowing that Ye Ci had dirt on him, Wandering Cloud did not dare to talk back, but he was evidently in a dilemma. ”Gongzi You, I’m not the one who started this, it was Glistening Snow! With things as it is, not even I can do anything about it...”

Ye Ci couldn’t be bothered to listen to his nonsense, even if she did know that Wandering Clouds currently did not have the power to control the entire guild, it would not be enough to quell the rage she felt against these people. Thus, no longer receiving any other private messages, Ye Ci immediately headed to the teleporter and travelled to the Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum.

Exiting the teleport point, she immediately saw the carnage of the battle. The map channel was even more rowdy. The members of Upwards Ho! refused to revive themselves, while Tang Dynasty was spawn camping them.

Once a brawl devolves into a verbal war, it essentially meant that the battle was almost over. Everyone here was a veteran at playing games and naturally knew this rule as well. Some Tang Dynasty players at the outer encirclement had already started to retreat but most were still densely circling the corpses of Upwards Ho! members, as though claiming that they will not let it end like this.

Ye Ci remained stealthy throughout the way and swiftly ascended a small mountain next to the dungeon. The terrain was a tad empty but one was able to observe the entirety of this chaotic brawl from here. She glanced around to the sides and discovered that there were no Tang Dynasty players nearby. Exiting stealth, she hid behind a cluster of boulders. She took out a Dark Iron Bomb from her bag, which she did not have the opportunity to use ever since the incident at the Buren Monastery. She would be able to put them to good use in this situation.

Pulling out the pin, Ye Ci tossed the Dark Iron Bomb into an area where most of the Tang Dynasty players had gathered. It also happened to be the place with the highest concentration of mages.

“What was that thing falling on the ground?”

“What is it?”

“It seems to be a bomb.”

“Ahh, it’s a bomb!!!”

Following the mumblings of the Tang Dynasty’s members, they immediately spread themselves out. However… a lot of inconveniences happen when one tries to evacuate in a crowd. Either you bumped into people or people would step onto you. Simply put, it was chaos and only a few truly managed to escape.

Mere seconds later, the sound of a massive explosion could be heard. A huge pit was blasted into the ground and the corpses of Tang Dynasty players were scattered around the vicinity and the bottom of the pit.

This move pinned a lot of Tang Dynasty players in place, “What on earth is happening here?”

Once a ripple appears within the human heart, it is extremely difficult to bring it back under control. The sudden appearance of a bomb caused even a well-trained guild such as Tang Dynasty to be caught off guard. NightAndDay repeatedly instructed everyone to calm down over the guild channel with little effect, infuriating him to no end. It was at this moment that Wandering Clouds contacted him in private. “Night, could it be Gongzi You is here?”

Wandering Clouds could not tell NightAndDay outright that Gongzi You had appeared. Not only has she appeared, she had also spoken to him. To Wandering Clouds, he would rather die than let NightAndDay find out about the incident between Gongzi You and him. He did a good job keeping it under wraps, but that wretched Glistening Snow nearly blew his cover a few times already, just like today’s incident. Wandering Clouds still had no idea how is he going to explain it to NightAndDay yet, if that incident were to be accidentally revealed……

Wandering Clouds shook his head, he would rather die than to imagine what would the situation between him and NightAndDay be like if that were to come to light.

At this moment, his hatred for the female player Glistening Snow intensified.

NightAndDay heard Wandering Clouds’s words and was slightly startled. He was cautious of Gongzi You as well. It was not because this person had a lot of things that warranted his attention. Although arrogant, she was still just one person. What truly made him cautious, was that through yesterday’s battle, he deduced that Gongzi You had a deep relationship with Wolf Pack. If Wolf Pack were to intervene at this stage, this would not bode well for Tang Dynasty.

Just as he was in a daze, a sharp noise tore through the air, followed by a myriad of firing sounds. Countless arrows began to fall, descending like rain.

This was an overpowered ability that was insane enough to overturn the tide of battle.

This was originally a level 60 skill. Furthermore it was an advanced skill that was extremely rare for one to have whilst between level 60 to 100, let alone the fact that everyone still had a level average of 25. Just this fact will cause one to involuntarily shudder.

Due to this downpour of arrows, the Tang Dynasty players who weren’t blown to death and were in the midst of recovering from their depleted HP bars started falling.

Everybody was in a state of chaos, searching for the culprit for causing this mayhem. NightAndDay thought he saw a black shadow flash past his eyes, before an enormous Tyrannosaurus-Rex rushed towards a wave of grouped up players, decimating a portion in its wake. Following in the primordial lizard’s path was another shower of arrows…...

What kind of skill is this? And what kind of battle strength is this? Everyone knew very well that Gongzi You was strong, but personally witnessing it for themselves caused shivers to run down their spine.

“Gongzi, where exactly are you guys on that map? I just received notice that Upwards Ho! and Tang Dynasty are butting heads again. I’ll rush there soon.” Just as Ye Ci and NightAndDay were standing face to face, Sir Ditty’s private message appeared by Ye Ci’s side.

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