Chapter 13 A player from the Leaderboard

Chapter 13 A player from the Leaderboard

He was killing the wolves very quickly, but as a newbie who was not even level 10, he could not match the wolves’ respawn rate no matter how fast he was. As he did not have any plans to eradicate every wolf in the entire canyon, he stood in the northwest corner and battled only with the ones around him.

This was perfect. If they could take one corner each, both of them would meet their objectives without interfering the other.

After activating Falcon’s Protection, Ye Ci immediately fired her arrows. Whether it was kiting or standing still, she really enjoyed killing the wolves.

Before long, she received a party request message: Golden Man sent a request for you to join his party.

Golden Man? Ye Ci was momentarily stunned when she saw the name. It was the Golden Man who just behind Let Go Of That Girl on the leaderboard.

Yi Ce had memories of this player as well. Even though he did not level up with insanity like Let Go Of That Girl, he was also a crazy leveler. She had only seen him on the leaderboard before but now she had the chance to meet him in person!

Ye Ci accepted his request without a moment of hesitation. Then, she opened her map and realized that Golden Man was actually the player who was killing wolves at the northwest corner.

His was a Rogue, which meant that his critical hit was high and his speed was fast. No wonder he could level up so quickly.

“Let’s do this together. It will be quicker.” Golden man looked at the hunter on his party list. She had hidden all her information so he did not know what to call her. Golden man was actually very reluctant to form a party. He did not have such intentions when he first saw Ye Ci climbing up.

After he saw the way she positioned and kited, however, he immediately decide to form a party with her.

The speed at which that hunter could kill was comparable to his. It might even be faster, therefore he knew that they would be efficient if they formed a party together.

“So, you are Golden Man.” Ye Ci lifted her head and looked at Golden Man who was standing not far from her. She felt an indescribable feeling. It still felt quite strange to form a party with someone she had only known from the leaderboard in her past life.

“Yes, you are…”

“I am Gongzi You.” Ye Ci laughed and immediately changed the setting of her name to “allow party to view”.

“Oh.” Golden man looked at Ye Ci’s smiling face, then at her name. He could not resist laughing. “That is a very...interesting name.”

It was that again. It was that again... Her name was random. She was not a ladyboy!

Both of them exchanged some pleasantries as they starting kill the wolves again. Individually, they were already two strong players. After grouping up, they became a wolf-massacring tank. There were wolf carcasses everywhere they went.

The drop rate for Wild Wolf’s Eyeballs was very low. Only one eyeball dropped for every ten or more wolves that were killed. Ye Ci could only stay calm and concentrate on killing wolves. However, she wondered what was Golden Man’s purpose was. He was also engrossed in this wolf killing. If it was just for a quest, he would have completed it much earlier.

“Why are you killing so many wolves. If it is for a quest, it should be faster than this.” Ye Ci asked him as it came to her mind.

“Quest.” Golden Man replied with a smile. It was obvious that he did not really like talking. “What about you? Why are you killing so many wolves?”


Both of them smile and looked at each other. Suddenly, they realised that all the wolves in the canyon had disappeared, to be replaced by a gnome in the north corner.

As they walked over, they heard a loud voice from the gnome. “Is it you two?! You actually killed so many wolves! Did you came here to help me negotiate?”

Hidden NPC!

Both of them became excited when they saw the NPC. They immediately rushed to the gnome and nodded. “How can we help you?”

“How can you help? You can help negotiate with that Heishan! That beast! I told him I was only here to discover more ore veins. It actually locked me here! Doesn’t it understand speech!? Enter from the mountain opening behind me, and please tell Heishan to quickly return my treasure to me!”

Locked? Ye Ci looked at the gnome and winked. “Where are you locked? How can we save you?”

“Eh! Damn you tallies! You think that Frodo is lying! No, Frodo is the most honest gnome! I am trapped in this piece of empty land! God! Are you laughing at me? Quickly, go and negotiate with Heishan! If you don’t go now, I will kick your butts!” The gnome named Frodo looked angry and kept jumping, both his eyes fiery.

Locked in this piece of land? Ye Ci looked at Frodo’s height and understood. Well, it seemed that such a concentration of essence was not always a good thing.

Golden Man bit his lips and jeered. “Well, let’s go!”

When they looked again, a shining light that indicated an dungeon appeared on the mountain wall behind Frodo.

The two of them were about the enter the dungeon when they heard a prompt from the dungeon: The minimum level requirement for the dungeon Heishan’s Lair is level 8. Please have 5 members in your party. You do not meet the requirements. There is a risk of dying if you enter this dungeon without proper consideration. Please confirm if you would like to enter this dungeon.

There wasn’t much risk for the both of them as they had already reached level 10 and would not lose experience if they died. However, it would be such a pity to die and exit such a dungeon without obtaining any items.

“Do you have any friends who are level 8?” Goldman asked Ye Ci.

“The highest is at level 7.” Ye Ci looked at the characters in her “Friends” box. Only Liu Chang had reached level 7 after she having completed a few quests. Gleaming Sunshine and Leftie were both still struggling at level 4.

Goldman sent a Friend invitation to Ye Ci and simultaneously replied, “I have a few friends who are now at level 8. Can they come along?”

“Of course. You can look for the other members.” Ye Ci nodded in agreement. Judging from the requirements of this dungeon, they should not be able to complete it with only two of them. Since she did not have the necessary resources and Golden Man did, there was no reason for her to reject him.

Goldman quickly contacted his Friends. Then, he said to Ye Ci, “Gongzi, I can only find 2 Friends who are at Level 8. One of my friends is in a party with another level 8 player. However, I do not know him so I am not sure of his background. Do you want to invite him?”

Ye Ci laughed in a heroic manner, “Why can’t he come? Friends are made by playing together.”

This was Ye Ci heartfelt words. In her previous life, she had no friends. That was because she had been unwilling to play with anyone and she was stingy when it came to sharing.In the end, she had become all alone. This time around, she would not make the same mistakes.

The smile on Goldman’s face became warmer as he heard Ye Ci’s words. He nodded and contacted his friends. After some time, he said to Ye Ci, “They can only reach us in an hour. They are currently travelling on the map. Let’s go back and replenish our supplies in the meantime.”

“No problem. Let’s meetup here later.” Ye Ci nodded, bidding farewell to Goldman. Then, she leaped onto a branch and quickly left.

Golden Man followed suit and left the area speedily.

When she got back, she repaired her equipment and replenished her arrows. In an unprecedented manner, Natasha, the enigmatic expressionless beauty, actually gave Ye Ci a quiver with 12 slots. She explained that because Ye Ci’s accumulated spending had reached a certain amount, she gave her a small reward.

Surprisingly, such promotional methods used by supermarkets were also emulated in this game. Ye Ci smiled as she received the quiver. She quickly filled up the 12 slots of arrows and raced towards the horizontal slope at the midpoint of the Wolf Canyon.

She thought that she was fast but there was actually someone even faster. Goldman was actually waiting for her. He sat on the floor with a bottle of water and was munching a dry biscuit. He waved his hands at her once he spotted her.

As both of them sat down, Ye Ci began to eat her biscuit to satisfy her hunger. After barely chatting for awhile, they saw a panting dwarf who was with a female gnome, the latter of whom was panting even harder. They climbed up the slope.

After he reached the slope, he sat down heavily, faced Golden Man, and said, “You horrible person. Why would you find a dungeon on a slope. Do you know that my legs are short? How can I compare to both of you elves who have long legs?”

The female gnome had resigned herself to lying on the grass. Between large breaths, she said, “I am so tired. I am so tired. Why did I chose to be a gnome at the start? It kills me to just climb a hill.”

Golden Man laughed loudly. He said to Ye Ci, “Gongzi, let me introduce them to you. The dwarf is my friend, Let Go Of That Girl. The female gnome is my sister’s friend, Ideal Height 1.7m”

Ye Ci froze for a moment. She was startled and could only look at the dwarf blankly. She did not expect this person to be the number one player on the leaderboard, Let Go Of That Girl. In this life, she had seen all the characters that she had never met in her previous life.

“That Girl, Ideal, this is a new friend I just met, Gongzi You. Her controlling is super impressive!” Golden Man introduced Ye Ci to his two other friends who were sitting down.

“Oh, you are really a female? Why did you give yourself a male name? I don’t think this game allows transvestite characters.” Ideal Height 1.7m stared at Ye Ci with her eyes wide and a face full of curiosity.

Ye Ci really wanted to bawl her eyes out.

“It was random.” Ye Ci face the sky as she cried a bowl of tears in her heart. such a tragedy.

Let Go Of That Girl, warrior, crazy leveler, spoke candidly.

Ideal Height 1.7m, Warlock, seemed to have a vaguely romantic relationship with Let Go Of That Girl, Innocent, spoke frankly.

Amidst their conversation, they spotted a person climbing up. Ruffling his fur, he change to a human form. He headed towards the group and smile as he walked, “Hey, hey, hey. What you all are doing is not right. How can you get a Lycanthrope to help you fight wolves? Haven’t you heard the saying: We were originally grown from the same root. Why should we hound each other to death with such impatience?”

Let Go Of That Girl jumped up and said to the Lycanthrope with tears in his eyes, “Four Seas, he really manage to find you. I thought he’d just find some noob to satisfy me.”

“How much do you think you can take?” The Lycanthrope cleric said. Four Seas immediately pushed away Let Go Of That Girl who was intending to hug him enthusiastically. He walked directly towards Ye Ci...

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