Chapter 129 This Day

Chapter 129 This Day

Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum.

A fifty man dungeon.

TIll this day, there were only two guilds who had managed to clear the instance.

Those guilds were Tang Dynasty and Upwards Ho!.

However, there were rumors said that Steel Blooded Battle Spear and Wolf Pack were already knocking on the doors of third place. It wouldn’t take long for them to clear the dungeon too.

Just as each guild was trying their hardest to clear this dungeon, Upwards Ho! had actually managed to take two of the First Five consecutively in the past two days. This undoubtedly caused a certain amount of pressure on the rest of the guilds. Especially today, where the queue for Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum had just started to form in the early morning and then the guilds saw an announcement flash past on the world channel.

Remote Depths: Earnestly looking for people to sponsor “Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum.” Thirty thousand gold coins per run, all items that drop will belong to you. Contact me if you’re interested. First come, first serve. Only one request per day.

Players of Fate could be said to be lacking in everything but money. Ever since the game started its real-world currency conversion, there were a lot more enterprises that began to join the game. Needless to say, the wealthy heirs of the rich were also aplenty in the game.

For the wealthy second generation heirs, if they weren’t in a guild that invested their effort in setting up a dungeon clearing team, they would actually prefer this method of sponsoring a team. One only needed to spend a relatively small amount of money for a full set of equipment from the dungeon, which was way faster than slowly clearing a dungeon with a team.

Of course, it was impossible for the dungeon to drop an entire set of equipment. However, even if it took the team 10 runs to get an entire set of equipment to drop, it was merely three million gold coins over a 10 day period. It was pretty affordable if you thought about it.

That was why the moment Remote Depths made his announcement, his private channel was immediately flooded with messages. Furthermore, the request fee of thirty thousand gold coins quickly rose to fifty thousand gold coins. When the request fee reached sixty thousand gold coins, Remote Depths finally accepted a player’s request.

Following the usual rules of the contract: before entering the dungeon, the requestor had to pay half of the amount upfront for the raid party to prepare for the dungeon clearance. Once the dungeon had been cleared, the requestor would then pay the remaining sum of money to Remote Depths.

This day, was really strange.

This was Upwards Ho!’s first sponsored dungeon clearing attempt, so all of the members were pumped up. According to Remote Depths’ understanding of these players, a number of them were not doing well in real life; They would be satisfied if they could earn a bit of money from the game. Thus, when Remote Depths announced to everyone that the price for this sponsored clear had risen to sixty thousand coins, and that everyone would be able to receive about five thousand gold coins after deducting the guild maintenance fees and preparation costs for clearing the dungeon, everyone was over the moon with joy.

According to the current exchange rate which was roughly 1:5, this meant that five thousand gold coins could be treated as 1000 yuan in real world currency. Although there were people earning a monthly average of 10,000 yuan, they were able to earn 1000 yuan just by clearing a dungeon in a few hours. This was much easier and more profitable compared to going to work. This made everyone hold their breaths in anticipation of displaying their skills.

It was also a strange day for Tang Dynasty.

Aside from clearing the dungeon that one time, their team had been stuck at the third BOSS either due to their bad luck or their poor coordination, failing over and over again, which of course gave them immense pressure. Coupled with the fact that Upwards Ho! had been clearing multiple dungeons in succession and their recent bagging of two of the First Five, this made them even more gloomy. The other day while they were fighting with Wolf Pack over the territory of Blue Light Coast, they were ambushed by Gongzi You which led to a massive defeat. So their resentment of Upwards Ho! Grew even more.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating if the phrase ‘A thorn in their side’ were to be used here.

And now this thorn in their side had actually opened a sponsored dungeon clearing team while they were still stuck trying to clear that same dungeon. This action inadvertently added fuel to the fire in the hearts of Tang Dynasty’s players.

Glistening Snow spoke hatefully in the guild channel: “What the hell are this bunch of fools doing? The leader only knows how to make money while the vice-leader only knows how to assassinate women. I really want to see these trash kneel in front of us.”

Every guild would have some female players who were extremely popular, like Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s Peacock Blue or Tang Dynasty’s Glistening Snow. She had joined Tang Dynasty early and was considered to be their main healer. Furthermore, she had uploaded her own photos onto the guild forum, Her looks were pretty decent, so she was delegated a role in HR management and almost everyone who entered Tang Dynasty’s voice chat channel would have heard her entrancing voice, causing her to have quite a good reputation amongst the player population.

Now net games had become commonplace, and the number of female players was growing each day. Gone were the days when female players were rarer than precious metals; however, they were still a precious existence. As long as the player was pretty, there would be a number of supporters behind her.

Needless to say, for a female player who had a good reputation in the guild and the game like Glistening Snow, the number of youths in the height of puberty and would get enraged for a beauty like her was nothing to laugh about.

Thus, after reading Glistening Snow’s words, a few blockheaded players of Tang Dynasty really did go to the entrance of Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum. Upon seeing the people from Upwards Ho!, they immediately attacked. The players from Upwards Ho! who had gathered in front of the dungeon could be considered to be the guild’s elite players. Not only did they have good coordination, they also had excellent equipment. Having been ambushed out of nowhere, they did not allow their attackers to do as they pleased and retaliated, demanding an explanation.

The mouths of these blockheads were really rotten. They gathered up to fight and began to run after fighting, but did they really expect them to not be chased? However, these idiots still dared to retort: ”We’re hitting you trash from Upwards Ho! of course!”

Who would be willing to be labelled as trash? Probably no one.

At this provocation, the players from Upwards Ho!, who were originally playing around, were incensed. Relying on their strength in numbers and equipment, they swiftly wiped out the idiots.

How could these dumbasses take this lying down? They immediately reported the incident in the guild channel, exaggerating the series of events as they did so. Tang Dynasty lumped their past grudges together with this incident and were riled up. They couldn’t wait to go up and exterminate everyone in Upwards Ho!. Currently, NightAndDay was not present and Wandering Clouds was the one in charge. Although he was still wary of Gongzi You knowing his secret, it was impossible for him to suppress this incident due to a personal matter. He knew that if he were to suppress this incident, it would be difficult for him to answer to everyone.

Wandering Clouds had no choice but to privately message a player who had died, inquiring if Gongzi You was at the scene. Upon determining that she was not there, he then led a large group of men, making their way towards Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum to confront Upwards Ho!.

However, they had really bad timing. When they arrived, the victorious Upwards Ho! had already led their sponsor into the dungeon and it would take hours before they would come out. Tang Dynasty were not going to leave empty handed after just missing their quarry. Instead, they dispersed and started to slaughter any Upwards Ho! member they could find on the map.

This was probably the most heart-wrenching dungeon clearance Remote Depths had ever done. They were in the dungeon on a sponsored dungeon clearance while Tang Dynasty were killing his guild members outside, regardless of their level or position in the guild, which infuriated him. In the end he gave out an order: Everyone remain in the guild encampment, do not go out and grind levels or complete quests. Wait for the raid team to finish clearing the dungeon.

At present, everyone from Upwards Ho! who were in the dungeon felt stifled. What the hell was this? Every one of them knew that they were in for a fight upon leaving the dungeon, but none of them were afraid. There were even some players who were almost unable to stop themselves from rushing out. Which was why this dungeon clearance proceeded extremely well, to the point that their sponsor could not stop grinning. Even though only two pieces of equipment for his profession had dropped from the third BOSS, he still booked the next day for the dungeon clearance with Remote Depths and paid the deposit for the next day as well.

Due to being distracted, the members of Upwards Ho! did not dawdle too long in the dungeon, quickly leaving after collecting all of the equipment.

As expected, there was a lookout when they left the dungeon. The instant they caught sight of someone leaving, a bombardment of skills were unleashed upon them. Even though everyone in Upwards Ho! had drunk a bottle of elementary invisibility potion, there were some players with lower HP who still died instantly.

And thus, the chaotic battle began.

Although the elites of Upwards Ho! were not many, they did not lose in numbers. Due to their excellent performance in the Dragon Dance Competition as well as Gongzi You’s presence, the members of Upwards Ho! had long since reached over 1000 players, which meant that there were over 1000 people that were able to fight for Upwards Ho!

Once Remote Depths left the dungeon, he commanded the raid team to retaliate against the players who were standing by, while calling out for all guild members in the guild encampment to come over.

Actually, any player who chose a combat profession in the game would definitely have traces of a battle-hungry spirit in them. Upon hearing that someone was bullying their guild, they immediately answered the call and rushed over.

There wasn’t much of a large gap at the start of the chaos. After all, a group brawl like this depended on who was livelier. Since both sides had begun PK-ing, the maximum limit for dying under this state would be a 10 levels. However, equipment drops were still dependent on chance.

This change in death was only recently rolled out in the New Year’s patch, with the aim of encouraging player to player interactions. However, this also eased the worries the players had whenever they were PKing, greatly increasing the number of PvP battles.

There was no such thing as an endless battle. There was also no guild who would be willing to throw money into a meaningless battle, let alone Tang Dynasty who had already been through a battle previously and was extremely reluctant to waste their energy on something like this.

However, at that moment, it seemed that the battle’s turning point had arrived.

A large scale blizzard descended from the heavens, hitting squarely onto the members of Upwards Ho!. A dense field of red damage values started to appear...

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