Chapter 122 Blue Light Coast

Chapter 122 Blue Light Coast

The location was at Scarlet Sand City.

An area that was neither close to Steel-Blooded Battle Spear nor Upwards Ho!’s territory--It fell right smack in the middle.

The Cripple Inn. Located in a corner of the Eastern District of Scarlet Sand City, it could not be considered crowded. In a small room on the second floor, Ye Ci found Zero Arsenic, Yi Cang and Dong Yin. The three people sat there quietly, almost as if they didn’t know each other. Upon Ye Ci’s entrance, Zero Arsenic stood up and politely smiled. “That was fast.”

Ye Ci noddedd. Zero Arsenic was quite reliable. As he walked towards the door, he said, “You guys chat while I’ll go explore Scarlet Sand City.” Upon finishing his words, he left.

They waited until the sound of Zero Arsenic’s footsteps faded from the stairway before Ye Ci turned to the two people in front of her. “Today I…”

Just as she spoke up, the one who had not uttered a word thus far, Dong Yin, raised her head and interrupted her. “I know what you want to say, Xiao Ci. However, please don’t say it.”

At this moment, Yi Cang also spoke up,l “We already heard what Zero Arsenic said. You exchanged your dungeon clearance footage for the opportunity to meet us today.” The corners of Yi Cang’s mouth twitched as he grimaced, “You didn’t need to do that. A clearance video is so valuable, and you actually gave it away just so we could meet? If you really wanted to meet up, wouldn’t calling us be better instead of going to all this trouble?

Ye Ci didn’t know what to say. Her mind was blank. She did not speak a word, only stared at Yi Cang. She knew anything she said would be misunderstood. It would be better if she waited for them to speak their minds to make them feel better.

However, these words meant nothing to her.

“Did you think that I cannot tell what you’re thinking if you don’t speak? Xiao Ci, we were childhood friends who grew up together, but that’s all in the past now.” Yi Cang stood up, his countenance expressionless as he faced Ye Ci’s tranquil, emotionless face. “I will not leave Steel-Blooded Battle Spear. Although you’ve become renowned as a part of Upwards Ho! and your guild is incredibly powerful, I will still not leave Steel-Blooded Battle Spear. Don’t assume that we’re suffering just because you’re leading the good life. Even if I am suffering, I will never…”

His words were going nowhere. Dong Yin pulled on his arm, hinting at him to stop.

Yi Cang immediately shut his mouth. He glanced at Dong Yin, before looking at Ye Ci. “Xiao Ci, as friends, as childhood friends. If you wish to eat out or sing karaoke, just give me a call and I’ll be there. However, we don’t need to stand together in a game. Since Liu Chang has already left with you, that is enough. You are famous; you are a god player. If she wants to follow you for the rest of her gaming life, that’s her choice. But I’m not willing to. So, no matter what you say, I will never go to Upwards Ho!.”

The words stabbed at Ye Ci’s heart, upsetting her. She let out a sigh. As expected, friendship could not be put into contact with personal interest. Otherwise, any friendship would be twisted beyond recognition. Ye Ci nodded with a faint smile: “I don’t think I’ve even said anything yet.”

Just with a simple sentence, she was able to stopper Yi Cang’s spew of words. Now that he recalled, she had not spoken a single word ever since she had sat down. He was the one rambling on and on without anything to back up his claims. Yi Cang felt stifled, and his temper deflated completely.

When Dong Yin saw that the two had fallen silent, she bitterly smiled at Ye Ci. “Xiao Ci, I know why you came here today. It must be Liu Chang who told you something, right? Actually, it’s not as bad as you think. Both Yi Cang and I are fine. Although you’d always been the quiet one since we were young, I know that among the four of us, you were the most caring one. But Xiao Ci, we’re all grown-ups now. You don’t have to…”

Ye Ci nodded, standing up with a smile. “As long you are all right, then everything is fine. You know my character--I’m not a kind person and I’m disinterested in most things. The reason I came here today is because I felt obligated to. Since you two said that you’re doing well then everything is fine. Since everyone has their own preferences, I will not speculate anything. If there’s anything you need my help with, just give me a call.”

Saying that, she got up and left the room.

Dong Yin also stood up. She gazed. She gazed at Ye Ci’s perfectly straight back and hurried footsteps before she sniffledand hurried footsteps before she sniffled. “I feel like we did something wrong.”

Yi Cang scowled. “Yin Yin, just think of it this way. We’re only playing a game, is there a need to be so serious? The most important thing is to be happy.” When he finished speaking, he turned to leave but was held back by Dong Yin. She had suddenly remembered something that Ye Ci had once asked her. Now, she realised that she too wished to ask Yi Cang about that.

“Yi Cang, how are you and Blue Peacock?”

Yi Cang’s footsteps stopped as he paused for a few seconds.Without turning back, he replied: “We’re good.”

“Is she treating you well?”

Yi Cang hesitated once again: “If you look past her bossy attitude, she is actually- she is actually quite a nice person beneath all that.”

Dong Yin opened her mouth again, but ultimately, the words that Ye Ci once asked her did not come out. She felt that this was the difference between her and Ye Ci. When Ye Ci noticed some things, she would definitely raise it up whereas she would remain silent even if she did notice that something was amiss.

“I’m going to go train my levels.” Yi Cang didn’t want to linger around anymore so he walked away briskly, leaving Dong Yin standing there all alone.

When she exited the inn, Ye Ci noticed Zero Arsenic standing across the street. As she walked over without hesitation, she informed her guild officers about her decision to give Zero Arsenic the dungeon clearance footage. Although the guild officers found it a pity, they understood that her actions must have had something to do with Dong Yin and Yi Cang, and they allowed her to do as she wished.

Standing in front of Zero Arsenic, Ye Ci traded the footage to him. Upon completing the trade, Ye Ci left without a word.

“Gongzi, you’re leaving already?” Zero Arsenic asked.

“Yes, I still have things to do.” Ye Ci turned towards him and grimaced..

“Do you not regret what you did today?”

“The deed’s already done. Why should I regret it?” Ye Ci had a calm, stoic expression on her face as she summoned Ol’ Four. She waved at Zero Arsenic without looking back, and quickly left Scarlet Sand City.


She felt so goddamn aggrieved.

What the hell was this? The more Ye Ci thought about the issue, the angrier she felt. She directed Ol’ Four to head in the direction of Blue Light Coast, which the map indicated was closest to Hidden Treasure Gulf.

According to Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This was completely true, just like the situation Ye Ci was facing at the moment. Originally, she planned to have a nice journey with Ol’ Four to her destination while taking a detour to avoid the bunch of Nagas.

Nagas are creatures that can only be found near bodies of water. It was said that the Nagas were once from the same species as the Elves. However in the primordial past, they were corrupted by the dark energies of Dark Lord Naga and had fallen from grace. Although their upper bodies were the same as the Elves with pointed ears and a beautiful appearance, their bottom half devolved into that of a snake’s tail. They can only appear and move around on coastal areas, unlike Elves who can run around freely on land. However, they as nimble as fishes when they’re in the water and are able to breathe underwater.

Although the Naga race had branched from the Elves, they still retained many Elven abilities. For example, Nagas possess very strong spiritual power, allowing them to execute powerful magic attacks. Their ranged attacks were formidable as well.. Furthermore, they were high leveled monsters, with levels higher than lvl 30, that moved in groups, Ye Ci had to be wary when travelling through their domain.

Ol Four’s loyalty had already hit 90%. His temper tantrums had lessened drastically. As Ol’ Four continued to sprint, Ye Ci soon heard the sounds of a battle nearby. From all the commotion, it seemed to be a large-scale battle. In between the clatter of battle, she could also hear the howls of Nagas. Ye Ci’s instincts told her that it was probably a guild who had come here to level up. She did not think further about it and continued to rush towards the battlefield without slowing down.

As Ye Ci had thought, there was indeed a battle going on, but it was slightly different from what she had expected. Instead of merely finding players leveling up, it was a large-scale battle between two groups of players. Although the players had similar levels and the battlefield was extremely chaotic, one was still able to tell that the battle involved two guilds. As for the reason for their battle...

Ye Ci scanned the area and soon realized what caused the fight. The place was a spawning point for Nagas, which will spawn more than 100 Naga, and had a certain chance of spawning a Naga Elite. Due to its fast spawn rates and a rewarding loot drop by the Naga Elites, a lot of guilds would tend to hog this place as their leveling spot. It appeared that these two players were fighting over this leveling spot for this exact reason.

This happens often in games, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Ye Ci calmly rode past the two groups of players, not paying them any heed. Just then, a Holy Burst landed on her, dealing 30 points of damage.

The damage value was not high, indicating the level and equipment difference between Ye Ci and her assailant.

System Notification: “You were attacked by Glistening Snow. You are free to retaliate within 20 minutes.”

This name was rather familiar, but Ye Ci could no longer remember where she had seen it before.

As she was pondering, another Fireball flew over and landed on her back.


System Notification: “You were attacked by MuQing. You are free to retaliate within 20 minutes.”

Ye Ci abruptly stopped in her tracks, realizing the identities of her assailants.

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Sneak Peak:

Shen Jingchen gave her a look that seemed to say, “don’t worry about it”, and replied, “Nothing. How could I tell them that you’re the one I’m preparing to give to our Leader as a present? Apart from our guild leader, the rest of them don’t need to know anything… Right, tell me honestly, what do you think of our guild leader?”

Shen Jingbin wore a look of confusion on her face, “What do you mean what do I think of him?”

“Little thing, stop pretending. I’m asking you what you think of our guild leader. Do you think there’s a chance of anything happening between the two of you? I’ll say this, I really do think our Leader treats you differently. Although it’s allegedly because of how much luck you have, I still feel that it’s a done deal as long as you aren’t against it. Look at how ugly you are in-game, even I can’t stand it! But, our guild leader doesn’t seem to mind at all and even willingly bears the burden of looking at you.”

Shen Jingbin nearly spat her milk at his face, “Are you sick in the head? What kind of development are you talking about? We’ve only just met and you’re already itching to get us hitched? Shen Jingchen, why didn’t I ever realize that you enjoyed playing matchmaker as a hobby?”

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