Chapter 120 Slavery Contract

Chapter 120 Slavery Contract

Humans tend to be full of contradicts. Carnivore was the perfect example of this. He was grateful that Ye Ci did not make fun of him and hoped that he could talk with her more. On the other hand, because of the contrast between her flashy appearance and his sorry state, he hoped that Ye Ci would just leave.

Then again, the lakeside didn’t belong to anyone. He couldn’t just ask Ye Ci to leave, but he was also unwilling to leave the area, as it had taken him quite a lot of effort to locate a shallow water region that yielded more clamshells. He could only lower his head and continue digging for clams, pretending that Ye Ci did not exist.

Ye Ci, of course, knew nothing of the turmoil within Carnivore’s heart. She was only interested in his talent and wanted to recruit him into her guild. Clear Moon and Cutie Lemon had ‘defiled’ a huge amount of materials in order to forge equipment, so was it time to get someone to ‘abuse’ the finished goods as well? Since they’d already been defiled and abused, it didn’t matter.

Ye Ci continued watching Carnivore digging for clams, and had even summoned Ol’ Four alongside her. Carnivore’s hands shook. Why was this female Elf not leaving yet? Why had she summoned a freaking dinosaur to watch him? That dinosaur had even walked up to him and sniffed at him after detecting no danger...

Carnivore was only lvl 10 and had never visited any maps that were above lvl 10. He had never seen a Tyrannosaurus Rex. When a member of this extinct species interacted with him intimately, he involuntarily took a few steps back.

“Uhh, d-does it eat clams?” Carnivore found the courage to ask Ye Ci. The thing he had the most of right now were those clams anyways.

Ye Ci casted a glance at Ol’ Four, and at Carnivore. She then said with a sly grin, “He doesn’t eat them raw.”

“Ohh...” Carnivore scratched his head awkwardly, accidentally coating himself in mud. He let out a long sigh after noticing that Ye Ci had backed Ol’ Four away slightly, then continued to dig for clams just like before, as if he was never disturbed by Ol’ Four.

“What’s the current level of your skill?” Ye Ci suddenly spoke up.

“Beginner Tier with 11% progress.”

Ye Ci was slightly surprised. To be able to get a skill like that to the Beginner Tier with only his own capabilities was indeed an impressive feat.

“How long did it take you?”

“3 months.” Carnivore felt odd. Why must this female Elf ask him questions in such fine detail?

Ye Ci was even more surprised. To be able to reach Beginner Tier with 11% progress within a period of 3 months, the person must be very passionate about his job. She then realized another problem, “How much money have you spent?”

This question reminded Carnivore of his sorrows. He remained silent for brief moment and then replied lamely, “This seems to have nothing to do with you, right?”

Indeed, they were strangers who met by chance. Even if Ye Ci had given him more than 100 clams, it did not mean that he had the obligation to tell her everything. Especially… when money was involved. He could not bring himself to say that he was at the end of the line. Not only that, he was facing a huge debt. And especially, right at that moment, he…

From his reaction, Ye Ci could guess that Carnivore had spent a lot of money. And… he was very, very broke right now.

Money was a bitch. You could look down on it, but you had to chase after its ass. You could despise it, but when your stomach was hungry, having a lot of money would not be a bad idea.

“Oi.” Ye Ci was not angry at Carnivore’s hostile tone. She narrowed her eyes and grinned, “Do you wanna join my guild?”

Her offer came as a surprise for Carnivore. He had tried applying to countless guilds, but all of the major guilds had their own Jeweller, while the smaller ones could not afford him. Hence, nobody was willing to take him in. Just as he had given up hopes of joining a guild, a huge meat pie fell right on his lap. Was it April Fool’s day?

“Say what?” Carnivore could not believe his ears.

“I said, do you wanna join my guild?” Ye Ci answered patiently. Although she was still agitated at Zero Arsenic’s words, it all flew to cloud nine once she saw the sorry guy in front of her. Her mood was greatly improved.

“Your guild would accept me?” Carnivore was stunned, “What’s your guild?” It was a very important question. A major guild would have no problem hiring him, but a small one would never be able to sustain a money-burning class like him.

“Upwards Ho!.”

Although Carnivore was a Life Player, he still paid attention to the forums. He naturally knew about Upwards Ho!. He was shocked. Although the guild was not very large, its reputation had already surpassed that of many large guilds. He quivered when he once again took note of the amber-eyed Huntress in front of him, and a thought entered his mind. It was a very shocking revelation. Carnivore began stuttering, “Y-y-you are… G-g-gongzi You?”

Heh. She didn’t know that Carnivore would stutter when he felt anxious.

“What do you think? Do you want to join my guild?” Ye Ci did not answer his question, but instead asked a question of her own.

This was one of the most famous people in the Eastern Continent! Carnivore was excited. His blush was visible even through his mud covered face. But after his moment of excitement, he began considering Ye Ci’s proposal. He then extended his hand, with 3 fingers raised, “You must first give me 30,000 gold coins.”

Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. She was correct after all. This person was indeed at the end of the line. If she was not mistaken, he needed the 30,000 gold coins to pay his debts.

Carnivore became nervous as Ye Ci remained practically expressionless. The 3 raised fingers became 2, “H-h-how about 25,000 gold coins?” After still receiving no reaction from Ye Ci, he gritted his teeth and said, “20,000 gold coins, nothing less than that!”

“I’ll pay you 50,000 gold coins up front. All the materials you need will be provided by the guild, and you’ll be paid 3,000 gold coins as your monthly salary as a Beginner Tier Jeweller. If you manage to advance to Medium Tier, your salary will be raised to 5,000 gold coins per month. And if you hit the Advanced Tier, your salary will be 10,000 gold coins. Being a Master Tier will land you with 20,000 gold coins per month, and if you’re a Grandmaster, you’ll receive a salary of 30,000 gold coins per month.” At that point, Carnivore was openly staring agape at Ye Ci, even his eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of their sockets, but Ye Ci was not done yet, “If businesses come looking, we’ll give you 10% of the revenue as a commission.”

Carnivore was totally speechless for a long period of time. After staring blankly for quite a while, he finally regained his composure, “Gongzi You, you’re not kidding me, right…?”

“If you don’t believe me, we can go sign a contract.” With that, Ye Ci stood up, motioning for him to follow her to the City Hall to sign the contract.

“Are you for real?”

“Of course.” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes once more, “Do you dare to sign the contract?”

Carnivore was momentarily stunned. He then leapt out of the water abruptly and said to Ye Ci, “Of course! If even you dare, why wouldn’t I?”

When the two sat in the City Hall, Carnivore was already getting used to the Mayor’s flattering of Ye Ci. He suddenly realised that it was not strange for a lot of things to happen all around this girl.

After stating the content of her promise with Carnivore to the Mayor, she turned around and talked to Carnivore, “This will be a 10 year contract.”

“10 years?” Carnivore was once again shocked, but he was able to calm himself down soon, and nodded, “Fine.”

“Of course, I have some conditions of my own as well.”

Of course, there’s no free lunch in this world. Carnivore took in a deep breath, “What is it?”

“If you can’t get to the Medium Tier within a year, I reserve the rights to cancel my contract with you, and you’ll have to pay me my losses.” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, and had replied in a tone devoid of emotion.

If he could not reach Medium Tier within a year even when he was funded by someone, Carnivore himself would be ashamed. He nodded without hesitation.

“Also, the 50,000 gold coins I’m going to pay you up front is not for free. It’s an advance. You’ll have to repay it every month.” With that, Ye Ci pursed her lips, “which means that you’ll receive no salary for a year starting from the time our contract is made official. Of course, if you’re able to reach Medium Tier earlier than expected, such days would also be over.”

Carnivore hesitated at that. But he gritted his teeth and nodded in agreement. He was at the end of the line. There were no other choices for him.

“Alright then.”

Ye Ci was satisfied with Carnivore’s straightforward answer. She then nodded to the mayor, and 2 digital contracts recognised by the law appeared in front of the two. Ye Ci signed her name, and Carnivore did the same. The system then announced that the contract was in effect, and a printed version would be mailed to the current address of both Ye Ci and Carnivore.

“Well then, welcome to Upwards Ho!.” Ye Ci invited Carnivore into the guild, and extended her hand towards him.

Carnivore immediately stood up and stuttered at Ye Ci, “Y-Yes boss.”

“Call me guild leader, or Gongzi You.” Ye Ci shook hands with Carnivore, and handed him 50,000 gold coins. She then sent a private message to Let Go Of That Girl, who was in charge of managing the Life Players in Upwards Ho!. After introducing Carnivore to Let Go Of That Girl, she sent him on his way to the guild encampment.

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