Chapter 118 Trade

Chapter 118 Trade

Ye Ci had cleared a number of dungeons before, but this was her first time seeing a purple equipment drop . Even Ye Ci herself was excited by the purple drop, not to mention the other players in the party. Although the piece of equipment was not for the Huntress Class, Ye Ci couldn’t help but let out a sigh when she saw it, the goddess of fortune really did favor Icy Cold Little Hands after all.

The most-treasured drops of the Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum were Duo'Ma's Staff, Duo'Ma's Shield, and Duo'Ma’s Ring respectively. Among these purple equipment, Duo’Ma’s Staff was the best equipment for Ice-Type Mages below Lvl50. Not only were the attributes of the equipment overpowered, it also increased the damage dealt by Ice-Type Magic by 30. This caused numerous Ice-Type Mages to repeatedly clear this dungeon in the hopes of obtaining Duo’Ma’s Staff.

Duo’Ma’s Shield was just as broken. It offers a 40% bonus resistance against ice-type damage and was also Fate’s first defensive equipment that was able to improve one’s resistance to ice. However, Duo’Ma’s Ring was the one equipment that drove players crazy .

Duo’Ma’s Ring was mediocre on paper as its stats was only slightly better than a Blue ring of the same level. However, the ring possessed an active ability--Summon Duo’Ma. This ability could be said to be one of the most broken equipment abilities in Fate.

When activated by a player, Duo'ma with the same level as its summoner will appear to fight for the player for 15 minutes. The cooldown of the skill was 3 days.This ring will enable its user to steamroll through enemies in countless dungeons and battlefields. However, the drop rate for this particular piece of equipment was extremely low. To Ye Ci's knowledge, there were only 6 to 7 instances where the ring had dropped during her 10 years of gaming in her last life. Numerous parties had lined up outside the dungeon on a daily basis for a chance to obtain Duo’Ma’s Ring.

Of course, Icy Cold Tiny Hands was not that lucky. Besides, it was impossible for Duo’ma’s Ring and Duo’ma’s Shield to drop in the Normal Difficulty of Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum. The only item that would drop in the Normal Difficulty was Duo’Ma’s Staff, with only a drop rate of 0.01%, one did have to admit that Icy Cold Tiny Hands really had excellent luck to be able to cause it to drop.

Besides Duo’Ma’s Staff, the distribution of the other equipment were done easily. After all, Duo’Ma’s Staff was a purple equipment. Who wouldn’t want a purple equipment? Two Ice-Type Mages were currently present in the dungeon clearing team of Upwards Ho. One was Timely Rain and the other was Eyes Closed In Silence. The main role that an Ice-Type Mage does in the early stages was crowd-control; they did not have a lot of damaging spells unlike Fire-Type and Arcane-Type Mages who were all out damage dealers. That’s why players who seek high DPS would rarely choose to be an Ice-Type Mage which inadvertently caused the player population of Ice-Type Mages in Fate to be slightly smaller.

This was a difficult situation. Timely Rain was an administrator of the guild as well as the main fighting strength of the dungeon clearance team. Thus, no one would object if he claimed it for himself. However, Eyes Closed In Silence was also an expert amongst the mages with excellent crowd control as well as high damage output. Most importantly, the two had identical DPS. Hence, the choice would be unfair regardless of who they gave.

Ye Ci looked at Duo’ma’s Staff and spoke bluntly. “The two of you should roll for it. Whoever rolled the higher value should take it. As for the person who rolled the lower value, please don’t blame society for being unfair now.” Ye Ci’s words caused chuckles to ripple through the party. Everyone then promptly sat down and began to watch the two roll for the equipment.

For a moment, both Timely Rain and Eyes Closed In Silence felt pressured and started to pray for their good fortune. The results came out quick, Timely Rain had 11 points while Eyes Closed In Silence had 16. Naturally the staff went to Eyes Closed In Silence. Ye Ci took the opportunity to snark at the two. “Your point rolls were too low; none of you actually got higher than 20. The two of you wouldn’t stand a chance if there was another person who rolled for it!”

Although Timely Rain found it a pity, he was not a petty person. He cracked a joke to Eyes Closed In Silence,”It’s fortunate that there’s just you and me, if there’s another Ice-Type Mage present, we’d probably be passed immediately.”

Eyes Closed In Silence felt slightly embarrassed., Upon hearing Timely Rain’s words, she felt even more embarrassed and said. “Administrator, I’m really sorry…”

Timely Rain shook his hand repeatedly. “What are you talking about, we’re all part of the same guild, isn’t it the same if we give it to another person?”

Upon noticing that the both of them were able to look past the issue, Ye Ci took her attention off from them. Turning around to address everyone, she gave the command to disband. While everyone was leaving, Liu Chang suddenly grabbed Ye Ci. “Little Ci, I need to discuss something with you.”

Ye Ci looked at her and saw Liu Chang’s hesitant eyes, this was different from her usual self. She was exceptionally listless today, a far cry from her usual, energetic self which caused Ye Ci to be somewhat puzzled. “What’s the matter?”

The corners of Liu Chang’s mouth as she hesitated to speak, letting out a long sigh instead.

“If you have something to say, then say it. I’m not a curious person. I won’t be moved even if you try to keep me in suspense.” Ye Ci was always blunt when speaking to Liu Chang and it was the same for Liu Chang. It’s just that something was bothering her today.

“I got it! I got it!” Liu Chang’s melancholic mood had been dashed by Ye Ci’s words, she spoke. “It’s not me, it’s about Dong Yin.”

“Something to do with Thousand Sunsets?” Even if Liu Chang didn’t say, Ye Ci was able to deduce the matter.

“Yeah.” Liu Chang nodded before looking up at Ye Ci. “But it has something to do with you as well.’

“Oh?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, she could roughly guess what Liu Chang wanted to say. In this period of time, there was only one thing that could have involved herself, Dong Yin and Thousand Sunsets, which was the raiding of Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild warehouse. Putting on a nonchalant expression. “What does it got to do with me?”

“You know about Steel Blooded Battle Spear raving at you yesterday right?” Liu Chang began to beat about the bush. Upon seeing Ye Ci nod her head, she continued. “And that Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild warehouse was raided this morning?”

“It caused such a big ruckus, anyone would have known by now.” Ye Ci did not answer Liu Chang directly.

“Thousand Sunsets was infuriated when Dong Yin defended you on the forum where Steel-Blooded Battle Spear was defaming you. When their warehouse got raided today, Thousand Sunsets blindly accused you of being the one who robbed their warehouse and Dong Yin was the insider that cooperated with you.” With that, Liu Chang began to stutter.

“What is it?”

“Dong Yin is currently being treated extremely badly. Is it possible for you to intervene and invite her into our guild?” Liu Chang knew that her request was going slightly overboard but she was pained as she recalled Dong Yin crying over the phone when she called her in the afternoon. She had no choice but to plead with Ye Ci out of desperation. “A-also, Yi Cang. Let’s take him along as well.”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes slightly, she knew that Liu Chang’s request was purely fueled by emotion and yet, she was unable to immediately agree to that request. If Ye Ci were to agree to it, it would definitely create an misunderstanding. Thousand Sunsets would think that she and Dong Yin were involved in the heist of Steel-Blooded Battle Spear’s guild warehouse. Even though she was indeed the culprit, she did not intend for anyone to find out about the truth. After all, Thousand Sunsets had quite a background in real life and was well aware of her true identity. No matter how famous and formidable she was in the game, she and her family were nothing more than commoners in reality. If revenge were to be wrought onto her because of this incident, she would pay dearly for this.

However, she could not ignore Dong Yin’s present situation either.

“If she wants to leave Steel Blooded Battle Spear and come to Upwards Ho! on her own accord, I will welcome her with open arms. However, if you want me to go to take her away from Thousand Sunsets…” Ye Ci paused. “Liu Chang, you do know of Thousand Sunsets’s background right?”

Liu Chang momentarily froze. Of course she knew about this, even if she wasn’t clear about the details, she learned from Dong Yin that Thousand Sunsets was not an ordinary person. He was not someone that small fries like them could afford to mess with. Yet, this was the very reason she was worried for Dong Yin. If she continues to be around Thousand Sunsets…the very thought caused Liu Chang to shudder.

Ye Ci saw through Liu Chang’s thoughts and shook her head,”It’s not a big issue, so long as Zero Arsenic is still with Steel Blooded Battle Spear, Thousand Sunsets wouldn’t do anything to Dong Yin. It’s just that... she needs to think for herself.” With that, Ye Ci grimaced as though mocking herself. “Girls you see, as long as we fall into the trap known as love, our IQ will be reduced by a frightening degree. We need to let her understand on her own before she can snap out of it. Besides…” Ye Ci pursed her lips, her tone cold. “Has she said anything about wanting to leave Steel Blooded Battle Spear and coming to our side?”

“She hasn’t.” Liu Chang shook her head.

Ye Ci did not ask further. She patted Liu Chang on the shoulders,and let out a long sigh. “It’ll be fine, everything will be fine in the end.”

After leaving the dungeon, Ye Ci rented out a small boat and stopped it in the middle of Red Lake City’s lake. She had just learnt Fishing and this was the perfect place for her to level up her proficiency as a Beginner Fisherman.

Bait and reel, bait and reel. After repeating this series of actions for an unknown amount of time, Ye Ci sent out a message to Zero Arsenic. "The video for clearing Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum for two of your players. Deal?”

Zero Arsenic’s reply was swift. “Gongzi, it would be better if you negotiate with our guild leader about this.”

Ye Ci snorted. “Since I came to see you in person, it means that I know some things.”

Zero Arsenic chuckled after a momentary pause. “I knew that long ago. Not only do you have excellent skill, you are an intelligent person as well. If I am not wrong, you are here for Gleaming Sunshine and Leftie?”


“Don’t you know that if you do such something like this right now, it will cause people to suspect that you are the culprit behind the heist of our guild warehouse?”

This was the one thing that Ye Ci was most worried about. However, when it came to scheming, Ye Ci was confident that she who had experienced one more lifetime was not a pushover either. Zero Arsenic was an extremely cautious person. The more you try to pronounce your misdeeds to such a person, the more they will doubt your words. This was their so-called personality flaw.

“What if I say that I was the one who did it?” She openly admitted to the deed without any hesitation.

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