Chapter 115 Objective

Chapter 115 Objective

Ye Ci was pleased with the reply, nodding her head before speaking, “Actually, you’re playing Fate too, right?”

Ye Ci’s words confused Tan Polang. He was indeed playing Fate but he had never told anyone about it, so how did Ye Ci know about this? Thus, he inclined his head to one side, subconsciously asking, ”How did you know?”

“I guessed it and then you just confirmed it.” Ye Ci shrugged and made a sly smile.

Tan Polang was speechless, this person was simply too… too sly.

Bai Mo expressed his deepest sympathies for Tan Polang, sighing while draping his arm around Tan Polang, “This child, you’re not using your brain enough, exposing yourself the moment you open your mouth, you’re revealing your secrets too easily. I think the date of my death is drawing near, if this kid were to be caught by that person, I think we’re all going to be sold out.”

Tan Polang was at a loss for words. Whilst attempting to protest, he heard Ye Ci call out, ”Let’s go, I’ll buy a gaming cabin for you.”


Tan Polang was instantly struck dumb. Even after the gaming cabin had been delivered by the employees of Fate, he still remained in a dazed state.

“Did you bring your game’s memory card?”


“Then put it in.”

“But… Aunt and Uncle, they…”

Ye Ci waved her hand impatiently, letting Bai Mo take care of this adolescent whilst walking towards her own gaming cabin. It was almost time for the afternoon gathering. She hoped to be able to break through the Frosty Wastelands Inner Sanctum today. She glaced at the electronic clock. If she remembered correctly, in her past life, Tang Dynasty had obtained the First Blood of the Frosty Wastelands’ Inner Sanctum at eight thirty-seven in the evening on this very day. Would history be rewritten this time?

Entering the game, she found that everyone was discussing the incident of Steel Blooded Battle Spear being raided. Ye Ci knew that this incident would cause a large disturbance, but not to this extent. Returning to the guild encampment, she found that the teams for clearing the dungeon has already been assembled. Timely Rain was just in the middle of bringing Remote Depths and a few guild administrators to one side to speak.

Regardless if they were battle-orientated players or life skills-orientated players, they were all basking in the sun and chatting in the square. Additionally, there was only one topic of discussion, and that was the raiding of Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild warehouse. At 11 in the morning, due to the ruckus caused by the incident, the game’s management had posted a notice on the official site. This notice stated that this incident was normal and it belonged to an unexplored element of the game. The management also took the opportunity to remind everyone that it is possible to raid a guild warehouse and that they should take precautionary measures.

As for how the guild warehouse was raided, the game developers maintained a tight lip. They only said that this was something that the players should deduce and investigate themselves. The game’s secrets would definitely not be disclosed so easily.

Although the notice caused many players to cry foul at the management, it also raised a sense of wariness amongst the players, especially the large guilds. As of now, the method for raiding guild warehouses was still being kept under wraps, which meant that no one was able to sniff out the culprit who ransacked Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Just this very fact caused all the large guilds to shudder.

As the saying goes, ‘Don’t be afraid of being robbed, be wary of being remembered by the criminal’. The wealth contained in their guild warehouses were comparable to Steel Blooded Battle Spear. If Steel Blooded Battle Spear was robbed without the guild knowing anything about it, then who would the next target be?

Ye Ci suddenly found herself in a dilemma.

If there were no other players that were able to rob a guild warehouse, wouldn’t that imply that this incident was her doing? Even if she was able to avoid doubt at the moment, she would eventually fall under Steel-Blooded Battle Spear’s suspicion given enough time. If that was to occur…then she would really lose out big time.

It looked like she needed to think about how to wrap up this matter once and for all.

“Gongzi, did you know that somebody robbed Steel-Blooded Battle Spear?” Timely Rain saw that Ye Ci had arrived and immediately grabbed her to share his woes.

“Yeah I do, the entire world is talking about it.” Ye Ci nodded her head and assumed her usual expression. ”What are game developers up to? Even the guild warehouse can be raided, have they gone crazy from game development?”

“Will we be the next guild to be robbed?” Timely Rain creased his eyebrows, looking at the guild fortifications that were in a decrepit state after the guild war with Clear Moon’s Night, as though his words could happen in the near future.

Ye Ci could not very well reassure him by saying that this was a Lvl 5 Guild Encampment and it would be difficult to break into their warehouse. Instead, she faked a worried expression. ”I don’t think the next victim will be us, since our guild is not as wealthy as the other large guilds.”

Remote Depths also quipped, ”Let’s hurry up and clear the Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum and organize some gold-earning teams, the guild doesn’t have a lot of money left, we should repair the fortifications of our guild encampment with the money earned. Let’s purchase more NPCs while we’re at it. Our guild won’t be able to withstand another guild war like the one we had with Clear Moon’s Night. Even if it’s a thief trying to rob our guild warehouse, we would be helpless.

This explanation immediately received the approval of everyone, inlcuding the guild’s officers. Everyone suddenly felt that today’s pioneering was a huge weight that had settled on their shoulders and they all tensed up as they entered the dungeon.

Since she had already recorded the dungeon’s progress yesterday, the team did not encounter any trouble as they made their way to the third BOSS, Duo’Ma the Sunderer. Eliminating the surrounding mobs, a group sat down and began to eat to regain their BUFFs. At this moment, Ye Ci received a private message from Overflowing Ink, “Leader, I am not confident in this at all.”

If it was any other day, Ye Ci would definitely let Overflowing Ink have a second attempt. Today, however, was a different case. Today was the day that Tang Dynasty would take this dungeon’s First Blood. Ye Ci did not wish to let Tang Dynasty have it in the slightest. Thus, she contemplated for a bit before asking, “Have you devised a battle strategy yet?”

“Mi Lu and I have been coming up with strategies since last night but we’re both unsure if they will work out.”

“Then let’s do it like this, you’ll lead the first round. If we’re wiped out, then Mi Lu will take over. If a party annihilation happens again, then I’ll take charge for the third round. Is that okay?”

Hearing Ye Ci’s words, Overflowing Ink instantly felt as though the pressure weighing him down had been halved. Feeling less tense, he replied, “Alright, I’ll give it a shot, we’ll fight till the end.”

Following that, Ye Ci informed Mi Lu of her decision. Mi Lu and Overflowing Ink had a good relationship, so naturally he understood Overflowing Ink’s situation and promptly agreed. Ye Ci then notified Remote Depths who then relayed the plan to the entire team.

It was only now that the party realized that the guild was here with the First Blood in mind and everyone sobered up. Even though they knew that Ye Ci had led multiple teams in bagging numerous First Bloods, none of them belonged to Upwards Ho! But today…was a First Blood finally going to belong to Upwards Ho!? A First Blood that belonged to everyone?

And that’s why, when Ye Ci asked, “Today’s objective is First Blood, is everyone confident that we can take it?”

She received an overwhelming “YES!”

“FIRST BLOOD!!! FIRST BLOOD!!!” It was unknown who said it first, but everybody soon pumped their fists up and joined in. The crowd’s emotions peaked in an instant.

Duo’Ma the Sunderer’s difficulty lies in its ability to create doppelgangers. Furthermore, the dopplegangers would indiscriminately kill anyone around them. If one’s positioning was off or one’s equipment failed to provide a hint of cold resistance, they would be killed in an instant. In the event that they did not have any equipment that had cold resistance, they would have to tide it over with the help of potions. Potions were synonymous to money and apart from positioning and the rapport between DPS and the Tanks, the most important thing was to wealth when it came to dealing with this BOSS. A single Ice-resistance potion required 50 silvers to craft, but when a group of 50 players continuously drank these potions over the course of thirty minutes…It was simply a massive amount that was almost impossible to wrap one’s head around.

Even Ye Ci knew that accurately grasping when to take the potions would only mean that she would be able to control potion wastage better and not completely remove her reliance on them.

“Begin!” Overflowing Ink explained his battle strategy once more before commanding everyone to spread out. Progress was good due to the high morale of the members, and even their movements were swift when they were commanded to position themselves. It was a pity, however, that when the first clone appeared there were quite a few players who panicked. It was, after all, a BOSS that no one has ever fought before. Thus, when the first clone appeared from the northeast corner, Overflowing Ink had immediately commanded everyone to move to the southwest corner, and yet a priest and two mages perished after being unable to react in time.

When clearing the dungeon for the first time, players dying was the most frightening thing that could happen. If someone were to drop dead, the tense emotions that it brought upt would immediately cause a ripple effect amongst the rest and even the cautious players might slip up.

To put it nicely, they were shaken. Another way to look at it would be that they were still lacking in spirit. This kind of mentality played a certain role when one cleared a dungeon. In comparison to the larger guilds, most of the members of Upwards Ho! were beginners or casual players. Additionally, they had never played into an important role, nor were they subjected to any systematic training, let alone grouping up to grind for a dungeon. Naturally, upon witnessing team members dying, all of them would be affected.

The remainder of the team barely held on for 5 to 6 minutes. When they finally fought till the second stage of the BOSS, the entire team had been decimated.

Ye Ci reacted quickly. Upon seeing that almost everyone had died, she immediately let Ol’ Three out and sent it to hold off the BOSS while she retreated from the battle.

The second attempt was led by Mi Lu. Before starting the fight, Mi Lu had carefully analyzed why they were wiped out and carefully pointed it out to everyone. After making sure that everybody understood what to look out for, they started the battle.

From this turn of events, Ye Ci was able to tell that Mi Lu’s command was very causal. He was the kind of commander that improvised based on the situation, the type that demanded a lot from the reaction time of his companions. Players who had slow reaction times or were not used to this type of command tactic would drop easily. This drew a sharp contrast with Overflowing Ink’s meticulous personality.

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