Chapter 114 We’re A Family

Chapter 114 We’re A Family

Zero Arsenic hung up the call, pale faced. He leaned onto the chair as if he had been sapped of energy. He closed his eyes, remaining silent. Thousand Sunsets immediately moved closer to him and asked with a worried tone, “Zero, what did customer service say?”

Zero Arsenic could not muster the strength to speak. He waved his hand, signaling to Thousand Sunsets to allow him a moment of silence. Despite being extremely anxious, Thousand Sunsets waited quietly after noticing Zero Arsenic’s condition. After a while, Zero Arsenic let out a long breath and looked at Thousand Sunsets with a pair of dead eyes, “The customer service said that it was not a BUG. It’s something normal.”

Perhaps the answer was too unexpected, Thousand Sunsets was momentarily stunned, “What do you mean? It’s normal?”

“The customer service said that even the United State’s Citibank could be robbed, and Fate is a 100% realistic game, so it’s normal for someone to rob the guild warehouse.”

Thousand Sunsets became deathly quiet. Zero Arsenic stole a glance at him and saw a gloomy face instead of rage. Thousand Sunsets was so calm as it nothing had happened. Zero Arsenic knew it very well. If Thousand Sunsets had exploded into rage and anger, the matter would be over very quickly, and there was no need to dwell upon it. But if he was silent, it meant that he had been truly angered, and he would not stop until he had his payback.


“So it means that it was caused by a player?” Thousand Sunsets ignored Zero Arsenic.


“Who do you think it is?”

“I don’t know…”

“Gongzi You.” Thousand Sunsets let out a cold laugh, “Who else could it be? She did not even speak up after we posted the thread about her. Do you think it’s possible? Do you think Gongzi You is a person like that? She showed me quite the attitude over a small matter back when we were exploring the Frosty Wasteland. And what do you think yesterday’s incident is compared to the one in Frosty Wasteland? Do you think she’ll just take it quietly?” Thousand Sunsets was sure that Ye Ci was the culprit.

In fact, Thousand Sunsets was right about Ye Ci. Your enemy is the person who understands you the most in this world. Although Ye Ci had never seen Thousand Sunsets as an enemy, she had became a thorn in his side the day she left Steel Blooded Battle Spear.

Zero Arsenic thought about Thousand Sunset’s theory and said, “If we based it on the culprit’s motive, Gongzi You is definitely the most likely suspect. But, we have no proof that it was her.”

“Proof? Do you even need proof? This is a game, we don’t need that shit.” Thousand Sunsets stood up and narrowed his eyes, “If I don’t kill that beach, then my surname is not He.”

“Thousand…” Zero Arsenic creased his eyebrows after listening to Thousand Sunsets’ words. He was straightforward with his response, “Aren’t you a little too rash?”

“I’m rash?” Thousand Sunsets laughed out loud, “Do you expect me to discuss something over afternoon tea before taking action? Only a god has such patience! Not a human!”

“That’s not what I meant. What I mean was wasn’t it too rash for you to go against Gongzi You just like that?” Zero Arsenic stood up calmly, “Gongzi You is a member of Upwards Ho!. Although they’re a small guild, they have gained quite the reputation. If I’m not mistaken, a number of financial groups wish to invest in them. If you make trouble with Gongzi You just like that, do you think you can justify your actions to the Old Master?”

Thousand Sunsets mind went completely blank, and he kept quiet.

Zero Arsenic narrowed his eyes, “Our guild warehouse has just been robbed, and we don’t even know how the Old Master will react yet. If you’re going to create more trouble at a time like this… Do you think that you’ll be able to hold firm to your current position?”

Perspiration formed on the ridge of Thousand Sunsets’ nose.

“Don’t forget that the Old Master funded us so that we could have a share in Fate’s market. It was for business purposes, not your personal vendetta.” Zero Arsenic stared at Thousand Sunsets. He walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder with a hint of warning, “Don’t forget that there are others in the He family that can replace you. You’re here simply because of good luck.”

Thousand Sunsets’ face immediately paled. He looked at Zero Arsenic, “T-then you mean that I should let it slide?”

“Of course we’re going to pursue this matter, but…” Zero Arsenic’s eyes narrowed, “I want solid proof. If we can prove that it indeed was Gongzi You who did it, even I would want her dead. But if it’s not her…” Zero Arsenic cast a sideway glance at Thousand Sunsets, “I hope you won’t repeat something like the immature act you did yesterday. What we need is to raise our guild rankings and push forward our dungeon exploration progress. If I remember correctly, Upwards Ho! began exploring Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum yesterday, and they’ve even defeated the first and second boss. If… They defeat the third BOSS and get First Blood…”

Thousand Sunsets visibly gulped as he looked at Zero Arsenic’s expression.

“I’d like to see how you’ll explain to the Old Master about why Gongzi You left our guild.” Zero Arsenic’s voice was soft as ever, but in this moment, he was like Asura who had crawled out of Hell in the eyes of Thousand Sunsets.

As the saying goes, “Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spread far and wide.”

Just when Thousand Sunsets and Zero Arsenic were still trying to figure out the identity of the culprit behind the heist, a thread appeared in the Eastern Continent’s forums, garnering a lot of attention.

The title of the thread was simple, “I’ve heard a rumor, and I only wish to seek confirmation.” The content of the post was quite simple as well, with only one sentence, “I overheard a conversation between my friends. They say that Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild warehouse was ransacked. Is this real?”

It was a simple gossipping post, but it accumulated over a million views, with people replying with all sorts of theories. Before long, the total replies to that post had exceeded 200,000. Some said that it was fake, as it was impossible to steal from a guild warehouse. Some dismissed it as an attempt by Steel Blooded Battle Spear to attract attention, just like what they did the other day, while some said that it was definitely a BUG. This thread had attracted the attention of quite a number of major guilds. After all, if the person was speaking the truth, it was not good news for them.

There were more and more replies to the thread, most of them mainly trying to gauge the truth. At the 17th page, an anonymous player claiming to be a member of Steel Blooded Battle Spear confirmed the news. He claimed that the guild warehouse had indeed been ransacked. The thread immediately became even hotter than the thread who was talking about Gongzi You the other day. After all, things were just for the show when it came to matters regarding personal grudges. But the incident today was closely related to them.

The forums erupted into chaos. Even the world channel was flooded with messages about the incident.

Bai Mo and Tan Polang were not among the first who found about about the heist, but they were definitely not the last ones. When they found out about it, they immediately realised the gravity of the situation, and immediately talked to Ye Ci, wanting to find out about her opinion. They had not expected her to be the culprit. The boiling mood to gossip hidden deep within their hearts immediately cooled down.

“If you’re not afraid of danger, you can go and spread the news about it.” Ye Ci’s lips formed into a cold smile as she looked at the pair of men in front of her.

Bai Mo and Tan Polang exchanged looks, and felt their limbs going cold. This… Who would have balls to spread it around? Ignoring the negative effects it had on public opinion, Steel Blooded Battle Spear seemed to have a strong backer. If they revealed Ye Ci’s identity as the culprit and it was spread… They… Would be… They would be definitely asking for trouble.

The two shook their heads while looking at Ye Ci with panicked looks. They swore that they would keep the secret to their deaths.

Although it was finally spring, Tan Polang felt cold creeping down his spine as he looked at Ye Ci. Was this girl in front of him… Only 18 years old? He had a sudden thought of crying out loud, a sudden thought to rush to the balcony and shout towards the sky, “Mom! Take me away from Earth, it’s too dangerous here! I wanna go to Mars!”

Ye Ci winked at Tan Polang, and smiled warmly at him, with a sweet smile that she had never used before, “Polang.”

Tan Polang shivered involuntarily. He looked at Ye Ci, trembling with fear, “What is it, sis Ye Ci?”

“My mom told me that the the process of adopting you is complete.” Ye Ci stood up, and rested her hands onto Tan Polang’s shoulders with love, and continued in a gentle and soft tone, “From now on, we’re a family. I’m your sister, and you’re my brother. Do you understand?”

It was just too scary.

It was so scary! It was an obvious threat. Did it mean that if he dared to reveal the truth, he would not be safe from Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s wrath when they went after Ye Ci?

It was just too scary. Tan Polang had finally understood that ignorance is bliss. He blinked rapidly, forcing back the tears that were about to flow out of his his. He nodded and said in a very sincere tone, “Sis Ye Ci, you’re my sister. I don’t know anything. I really do not know anything.”

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