Chapter 113 Why Can’t It Be Robbed?

Chapter 113 Why Can’t It Be Robbed?

Thousand Sunsets could not shake the feeling he had in his heart. It was preposterous! Was today April Fool’s day? His heart sank, deep down an endless hole, and coldness gripped his heart tightly.

He immediately entered the guild encampment. There were not many members around as it was 6:30am in the morning. But, the few that were already online had already gathered in the guild encampment. They stood in front of the guild warehouse, chattering at each other, pointing at the lock that was still hanging on the lock catch with panic-stricken faces.

The door to the guild warehouse was closed, but no one had the courage to push it open. They subconsciously stayed at least 6 yards away from the door, forming a semicircle around the doorway. One of them spotted Thousand Sunsets coming from the teleportation point, and shouted out, “The guild leader is here!” In an instant, the crowd opened up a path for Thousand Sunsets and immediately quieted down. As though a ticking timebomb had appeared in their midst, the guild members remained silent.

Thousand Sunsets’ expression was grave. He walked up to the guild warehouse at a quick pace. With a path cleared by the guild members, Thousand Sunsets was able to reach the warehouse door in no time. Zero Arsenic had also come online by that time. He walked up to Thousand Sunsets.

Unlike Thousand Sunsets who was strict, Zero Arsenic had the image of being a yes-man in the eyes of the guild members. A lot of them greeted him after noticing his presence. Zero Arsenic nodded his head at them and sprinted towards Thousand Sunsets.

“Sunsets, how is it?”

Zero Arsenic asked urgently before he had even reached the door to the warehouse, “I received a call from Lil’ Dan. He told me that our guild warehouse was robbed. Is that for real?”

Thousand Sunsets opened the warehouse door, and his expression darkened. It was darkened to the point where it was as dark as ink.

“See for yourself.” He stepped out of the way, and motioned for Zero Arsenic to have a look for himself.

The guild members standing outside of the doorway stood on the balls of their balls of their feet, wanting to see what was going on. They had never been able to open the warehouse door, and could only peep into it through special equipment. This was the first time they saw their guild warehouse door opening.

They shoved against each other, standing on the tips of their toes, extending their necks, trying to get the best view. Some of them even wished that they could squeeze their way into the warehouse. With so much movement, some rustling noises were bound to be unavoidable. This caused Thousand Sunsets who was already in a bad mood to lose his temper. He was like an exploding volcano. He shouted at the guild members, “What are you looking at!? Are you guys so free? Why is everybody gathered around here?”

Zero Arsenic knew that he must stop Thousand Sunsets, who had exploded in a fit of rage. Although his thoughts were whirling about crazily, Zero Arsenic immediately turned around and stopped Thousand Sunsets. He then faced the guild members with a smile on his face, “Alright, alright, there’s nothing to be worried about, go on and carry out your duties. Aren’t we going to explore the Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum? If you’re not going along, join the third and fourth squadron who will be exploring the Frosty Wasteland for equipment. Move it people! We’ll get this sorted out.”

The best thing about Zero Arsenic was that he could manage his expression very well. He could change his expression faster than the Face Change in the Sichuan Opera. No matter the situation, he would be able to defuse it with a smile. You could say that a person like this was pretentious, but you couldn’t deny that such person definitely played an important role at some point. Especially in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, Zero Arsenic’s role was very important.

The guild members heard Zero Arsenic, stared at each other, and dispersed. Those who had occasionally suffered from Thousand Sunsets’ wrath snorted and left.

After the members dispersed, Zero Arsenic let out a sigh and said to Thousand Sunsets, “Even if you’re angry, you can’t vent your frustration onto the guild members.”

“Why not? They’re just a bunch of trash waiting for me to give them salary! Who do they think they are? My ancestor?” When Thousand Sunsets’ anger was at its peak, he would snap at anybody who tried to calm him down.

Zero Arsenic creased his eyebrows. He was about to say something, but decided against it at the last moment. He turned around and entered the guild warehouse. It had indeed been ransacked, and quite decently at that. Other than the 1 copper coin in the safe, there was absolutely nothing left.

Almost 2 million gold coins. The stolen items were Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s sweat and blood ever since the server was launched. They were gone just like that. Zero Arsenic felt a throbbing pain in his heart and a wave of nausea washed over him. He leaned against the wall for support. It took quite a while for the nausea washing over him to subside.

The loss of the gold coins in the safe was a small matter. But all the rare materials, recipes, skill books and equipment… They were all priceless. To lose them all just like that… Zero Arsenic felt that the future of the guild was grim.

“Wait, how could a guild warehouse be robbed?” Asked Zero Arsenic, as he stared at Thousand Sunsets. The question popped up in Zero Arsenic’s mind after he had recovered.

Realisation had also hit Thousand Sunsets, “That’s right! The guild warehouse is a place safer than personal storage! How could it be robbed? This must be a BUG! It must be!”

“Hurry and contact the customer service!” Said Zero Arsenic to Thousand Sunsets.

Thousand Sunsets immediately contacted Fate’s customer service, which also immediately responded. But Thousand Sunsets just exploded into a fit of rage right after the voice of the customer service employee entered his ears. He began yelling and cursing at the customer service employee without even explaining the situation. Zero Arsenic immediately signaled for him to drop the call, and decided to call customer service himself.

Zero Arsenic was not sure if it was the same employee who picked up his call, but her voice was sweet. He greeted her politely and calmly told her the supposed “BUG” that the guild had encountered. He then concluded, “The guild warehouse had always been the safest place, but somebody managed to rob our guild warehouse. I feel that this is impossible. Can you please give me an answer to this?”

“Okay, your issue had been recorded. We’ll give you an official answer within 30 minutes. Please hang up the call and wait patiently.”

Zero Arsenic let out a long sigh after hanging up the call. He walked out of the guild warehouse and closed the door. He patted Thousand Sunsets on the shoulder, “Alright, let’s head to the conference room, they’ll give us an answer within half an hour.”

Although Thousand Sunsets’ face was dark as ash after his fit of anger, he had slightly calmed down. He nodded and followed Zero Arsenic into the conference room. Before they could take their seats, Zero Arsenic was contacted by the customer service.

The person who was calling them however, was no ordinary customer service employer. It was a member of the development team, Customer Service No.197.

“Hello, are you Zero Arsenic? I am Customer Service No.197.”

Zero Arsenic was a smart person. He knew that No.197 was no ordinary employee, but one of the developers, “Yes, I am.”

“Allow me to answer your question. About the ransacking of your guild warehouse, it is definitely part of the game mechanics. We can confirm that it is not a BUG.” Customer Service No.197 went straight to the point, informing the two that the entire incident was not a BUG.

“What do you mean it’s not a BUG? Somebody cleared out our guild warehouse!”

“In theory, it’s not a BUG.”

Even a Buddha has limits, Zero Arsenic’s anger finally surfaced, “What do you mean? Have you ever heard of a guild warehouse being robbed before? Do you think this is the first day I’m playing an online game? Do you think I would believe such a retarded answer, and then quietly accept my bad luck?”

Customer Service No.197 was apparently used to solving such problems. He chuckled, and answered Zero Arsenic’s question calmly with a question of his own, “Fate is a game claiming to be 100% realistic, so why can’t a guild warehouse be robbed? Just because you can’t rob a guild’s warehouse in other games? Even Citibank in the United States can be robbed, so why not a guild warehouse?”

Zero Arsenic was lost for words after listening to Customer Service No.197’s question. He then exclaimed after a few seconds of being momentarily stunned, “If there’s such a setting, why don’t you warn all the players!? It is highly irresponsible towards the players, and the game!”

“We’ve already made a statement about that on our official website. We’ve announced that the official website would only reveal 5% of the game content, while the rest of the 95% must be discovered by players on their own. As for that incident, I can only give you my deepest condolences, while congratulating you for discovering new game content. I will forward this to the development team, and reward you with a special achievement.”

“You!” Zero Arsenic was so angry that he was lost for words, “I will report you!”

Customer Service No.197 was aggrieved by the accusation and he let out a sigh, “Sir, I’ve given you an official answer regarding the problem you have faced. Is there anything else that you need help with?”

Zero Arsenic’s temper was at its maximum. Even his hands trembled. He said after a long pause, “Nothing.”

“Good, I wish that you have a good gaming experience. If there’s something else you need help with, feel free to contact us again.”

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