Chapter 112 Not Thirsting For Fame and Glory (Part 2)

Chapter 112 Not Thirsting For Fame and Glory (Part 2)

As expected of the wealthy.

Ye Ci felt at times that some differences couldn’t be discerned without making a direct comparison. She had always felt that the contents of Upwards Ho!’s guild warehouse was quite decent, even if they weren’t exactly rich. But when compared to the Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild warehouse, it was barely enough.

They possessed top tier equipment, high quality gems, high leveled materials, rare blueprints and recipes. Where had they gotten them from? Ye Ci gritted her teeth. Even the Heavens could not tolerate her if she did not steal all of this good stuff. Ye Ci summoned Ol’ Four and loaded him up with the lighter stuff such as jewelry, recipes, skill books, gems and other miscellaneous items, filling up all 4 bags carried by Ol’ Four.

Ol’ Four had a very high weight limit. Even after its bags were filled with the lighter stuff, Ol’ Four still had 96% of its carrying capacity left. Ye Ci then dismissed Ol’ Four after filling it up with goodies. Ol Four was tough, but its looks were just too unique. If Ye Ci walked around with Ol’ Four in tow, people would recognise her even if she was disguised as an NPC.

After dismissing Ol’ Four, Ye Ci did not hold herself back. She began shoving every rare item she could get her hands on into her inventory slots, ignoring any common materials and potions. Despite that, there was still a lot of valuable stuff that Ye Ci was unable to carry.

Ye Ci would feel guilty if she left just like that.

That was why after confirming that she still had time left, Ye Ci moved all the items that she was unable to carry from the storage rack onto the floor. Items placed on the floor, no matter the location, would be removed by the system after half an hour.

Tears streamed down Ye Ci’s cheeks as she did the deed. It was too wasteful. If only she could carry more of those items. Letting them go to waste like this was felt like she was being tortured. Lastly, Ye Ci cracked open the safe of Steel Blooded Battle Spear which held the guild’s funds.

Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s funds were not as impressive compared to the valuable items they possessed. They had only 270,600 gold coins. Ye Ci left 1 gold coin in the safe, as the guild’s funds could not be totally emptied. But before she left the warehouse, Ye Ci had a change of mind. She took out a copper coin, deposited it into the safe, and took out the single gold coin.

Zuo Xiaolan had taught her since she was young. One must be frugal, and should not waste when the situation allows it.

That’s right! That’s the way!

There were 35 seconds left before the sentry on patrol would pass by the guild warehouse once again. Ye Ci opened warehouse’s door and peeked outside. She could already see the silhouette of the sentry. Without hesitation, Ye Ci slipped out the door and closed it behind her. In the blink of an eye, Ye Ci had melted into the shadows, hiding right by the warehouse’s wall. She was just about to seize the opportunity to leave, the voices of players entered her ears, “Dang, they’re exploring the Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum again tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll be able to join in as a substitute. It’s been awhile.”

“Being a substitute doesn’t bring you any benefits at all. I myself am one of the weaker members of the first squadron. They’ve never given me any of the spoils, but they complained that my DPS is not enough, and told me that if I couldn’t keep up my damage output, they’d kick me out of the party. F*ck it, they’ve never given me any good equipment, how do they expect me to deal damage? This is bullsh*t!”

“How bout changing guilds? We could join one that shows more love towards its members. We can start over…”

“Sigh, I’ve earned so much DP, if I don’t even get an equipment out of it, I’ll feel bad.”

“I’m actually jealous of Phoenix Claw and Timely Rain. When they left the guild along with Gongzi Yo, I’ve even laughed at them. When I ran into Phoenix Claw the other day, his equipment was even better than that of the members of our second squadron. Back then, his position in this guild was lower than mine.”

“Why not talk to Phoenix Claw? We can go to Upwards Ho!.”

“It might have worked before today. But after the thread this morning… I ran into Phoenix Claw at around 10pm and he treated me coldly as I greeted him. I guess it’s impossible for us to join Upwards Ho! now.”

“Say, I’ve been thinking, why do they store so much good stuff in the guild warehouse? They ain’t gonna give em to us. What are they for? Just for display?”

The duo approached the guild warehouse as they talked. Ye Ci hid herself deeper into the shadows. Although she was wearing the black suit and was not afraid of being detected, the players would definitely sound the alarm. It would make things hard for her.

The more panicked you are, the easier it’ll be to mess up. This was an unchanging law since the ancient times.

Ye Ci pressed herself closer to the wall and slowed down her breathing. She stared unblinkingly at the duo while she backed away slowly. She left the way she came, which was littered with sentries who were put to sleep.

The night gale was blowing, rustling the grass in the guild encampment. Ye Ci followed the direction of the wind, advancing cautiously, stepping onto the grass to hide her footprints. The dark night and the chilly winds were the perfect cover for Ye Ci.

She managed to avoid the sentries with her light steps, and was soon under the east side wall. By then, the 2 players should’ve discovered that the guild warehouse had been robbed, so why was the alarm not sounding? Ye Ci knew it was an unnecessary question, but she was just curious. She took a few steps forward and looked back.

Ye Ci could see the two players talking to another player. It was obvious that they were called away by someone else.

A smile formed on Ye Ci’s lips. What is this situation called?

God is on my side.

No longer hesitating, Ye Ci threw the grappling hook up the wall and climbed up. She evaded all the patrolling sentries and disappeared into the night.

With a flash of white light, Ye Ci had left the guild encampment’s server. She retained her Gnomish Rogue outlook as the black suit’s effect had already faded away. Of all the stuff she bought with 10,000 gold coins, only a single Sleep Potion was left.

Ye Ci did not feel any heartache for all the gold spent. She looked at the spoils in her inventory, reliving the sheer joy of ransacking a guild warehouse. It was just awesome! There was a reason why people would only gladly accept such missions when they were offered at least 300,000 gold coins.

Even though it was still in the early stages of the game, the items that Ye Ci had stolen were worth at least 1 million gold coins. When the game progressed to the later stages and people learned of their true worth…

The gold spent for the heist was just worth it.

Ye Ci teleported back to Red Lake City and spent another 10,000 gold for 2 more storage slots and deposited all of her stolen goods. Ye Ci decided to allocate 60,000 gold coins from the money she’d stolen to repair the guild encampment’s fortifications and hire some NPC sentries.

Ye Ci’s trip to Steel Blooded Battle Spear had made her realize that the defences of Upwards Ho! were too lacking. Even a lvl 2 guild was packed full of guards, while Upwards Ho! only had 8 NPCs. It was… An ungainly sight.

Ye Ci fed some roasted quail to Ol’ Four after unloading all the goods from his bags and went offline.

It took Ye Ci about one and a half hours to sort out all the loot. Before she slept, Ye Ci took a look at the time. It was 5:17am in the morning. Ye Ci was overjoyed. There was an indescribable happiness in her heart.

Things like trash talking were meaningless. Silently getting rich is what Ye Ci liked to do the most.

Of course, Ye Ci would not go into details about it with anybody else, including Bai Mo and Tan Polang. They followed Ye Ci around, pestering her with questions. When Ye Ci went to the bathroom, they waited patiently outside. When Ye Ci was done with her meal, they rushed over to wash her dishes for her. When Ye Ci went out for a jog, they followed closely behind her.

They were constantly pestering Ye Ci with the same question, “How did you pull off the heist? Tell us!”

“You’re just playing a trick on us right? It wasn’t even you, you’re just trying to stir us up! Right? Right?”

“Please! Tell us!”

Provocation, sibling love, bribery... The two were like the secret service, employing all sorts of psychological warfare on Ye Ci to make her talk. They wanted answers to the question that literally all the players in the game were asking.

How did it happen?

Ye Ci, however, remained silent. When she was finally thoroughly annoyed, Ye Ci told the duo, “All you need to know that I was the one who did it. As to how I did it, it’s not yet time for you to know.”

The two finally gave up.

It was entirely different in the forums. At 6am, Thousand Sunsets had only gotten online when he received a system notification, “Dear Leader of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, I regret to inform your that your guild warehouse has been robbed.”

Thousand Sunsets was stunned. He could not believe his ears. The guild warehouse was robbed? How could that be possible? Was it some sick joke? Just then, Thousand Sunsets noticed that it was a system notification. While he was still in shock, a guild member said in the guild channel, “Guild leader! The guild warehouse has been robbed!”

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