Chapter 111 Not Thirsting For Fame and Glory (Part 1)

Chapter 111 Not Thirsting For Fame and Glory (Part 1)

The night was as dark as ink, concealing everything in the land with darkness. Ye Ci activated her Brooch of Deceit, disguising herself as a dark-clothed Gnomish Rogue. The tiny body size and clothing were impossible to spot on such a dark night.

Her pace was quick, darting through the streets like a shadow, leaving behind no traces of her presence. Before leaving Red Lake City, Ye Ci went to her personal storage and stored everything she had. She also took out four 24-slots bags from her storage that she had acquired while clearing dungeons. She was planning to sell them. Although they only cost a thousand gold coins each, it was still money, right? But Ye Ci now found a better use for them. She summoned Ol’ Four and tied them all onto his body.

Because of a Hunter’s need to have a quiver, it meant that the Hunter class would have one less slot for their bag. In the game, only a Hunter’s pet could carry bags, and each pet could only carry 4 at most. Not only that, the bags carried by pets were different from those carried by a player: they had a weight limit. If the weight limit was exceeded, the pet could not run or be dismissed. Other than that, a pet could not pick up items by themselves. Everything had to be stored into their bags by their owners.

In reality, a pet’s bags were just there to appear cool. There was nothing extraordinary about them. Everything had to be done manually anyways.

Ye Ci originally wanted to use Ol’ Three as her mule, as his Loyalty was already maxed out. It would not go on a strike even if it received no food. However, Ol’ Three’s carrying capacity was lower than that of Ol’ Four’s. Ye Ci chose Ol’ Four in the end, as she did not know exactly what Steel Blooded Battle Spear had in store in their warehouse. If there were a lot of heavy stuff in there, it would be a shame if she chose to use Ol’ Three instead.

After all the preparations were made, Ye Ci dismissed Ol’ Four and headed to the ships docked at the gate of Red Lake City. After paying the necessary fees, she arrived at Bluestone City, where the Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild encampment was stationed. She was unable to enter Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild encampment directly through guild management NPCs as she was no longer a member of the guild. The only way she could enter was to travel to the city that the guild was stationed at and enter the encampment through an NPC in the city by searching for the guild encampment using its serial number.

Ye Ci had always had good memory. She remembered that the serial number for Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s guild encampment was No.491.

“What is the serial number of the guild encampment that you wish to enter?”


“Are you sure?”


After paying a fee of 50 gold coins, Ye Ci appeared outside of a guild encampment. From afar, the wall of the encampment was not high, and the crude archer tower told her that the guild encampment’s level was not even 3.

Ye Ci saw a guild flag hanging on top of the not-so-tall encampment gate. It was a flag that she was extremely familiar with. What else could it be if not the flag of Steel Blooded Battle Spear?

Although it was a lvl 2 guild encampment, there were a lot of NPCs patrolling the perimeter. After Upwards Ho!’s defeat to Full Moon’s Night, the other guilds noted that Upwards Ho! did not have many sentries patrolling in their guild. All of them began to purchase a lot of sentries for their guild as a measure of security. Ye Ci hid herself in the furthermost edge of the map, observing the western wall. There seemed to be less sentries in the area.

After confirming a point of entry, Ye Ci entered Stealth and began to approach the western wall.

The sentries in the guild encampment had an alert range of 5 yards. They would automatically attack any players that were not part of the guild that were within 5 yards of them. Although they were actively moving around as they patrolled the area, avoiding them was an easy task for Ye Ci. She easily avoided the dozen sentries patrolling outside the wall and was soon at the bottom of the wall.

She equipped the night suit and mask, took out the grappling hook and disappeared into the night. The suit and mask could only be used once, which was what made them expensive. Ye Ci threw the grappling hook out with all her might, and with a “ding” sound, it was firmly hooked to the wall.

The sound was not loud, but it attracted the attention of the sentries patrolling on the wall. They looked around, and resumed their patrol after noticing nothing suspicious. Ye Ci climbed onto the wall, and began calmly putting away the grappling hook. Her movements were slow, not wanting to attract any attention from the sentries.

The grappling hook could only be used twice. Once to get in, and once to get out. It was indeed a very expensive item. Ye Ci then fished out 2 Sleeping Potions and threw them at the 2 sentries closest to her. They immediately passed out.

Ye Ci had not wanted to waste her Sleeping Potions on the 2 sentries. But she discovered that they were archers, and immediately made the decision to neutralize them. The most dangerous opponent when performing a heist was a ranged sentry. If the player was spotted by ranged NPCs, it would be impossible to escape. The price must be paid.

After taking care of the archers, Ye Ci jumped into the compound from the city wall. The walls of a lvl 2 guild encampment were not high. Ye Ci could easily jump down without taking significant damage. She landed as gracefully as a cat. She did not immediately move, but instead observed the disposition of the sentries patiently, identifying the safest route with the least guards. She had a very limited amount of Sleeping Potions with her, and they must be used sparingly.

Thanks to her experience as a lookout and also serving as distractions, she was an expert in spotting safe routes. She was able to spot a perfect one within 3 minutes and she began creeping towards the guild warehouse.

Ye Ci did not use any Sleeping Potions unless it was really necessary. Before long, she stood in front of Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s warehouse. 2 Golden Armored Guardians stood guard at the door. These guardians were considered the highest leveled and toughest NPC in the entire encampment other than the guardians guarding the guild hall. Without the Sleeping Potions, Ye Ci would not be able to deal with them.

But, with the Sleeping Potions, dealing with those 2 NPCs was like child’s play. Before she made her move, Ye Ci scanned her surroundings with Eagle Eye to make sure that there were no other players around. She then struck with stunning speed, taking out the two Golden Armored Guardians. She then dashed towards the entrance of the guild warehouse, and inserted the master key into the padlock’s keyhole.


The system notification did not come with any sound, but a row of golden words appeared on top of the keyhole, showing the unlocking progress. The success rate of unlocking the door of a lvl 2 guild warehouse was 80%, which meant that there was a 20% chance that Ye Ci would fail. A master key could only be used thrice. If she failed all 3 times, this would be a wasted effort for Ye Ci.

“Unlocking failed.”

The first attempt was a failure. This greatly irritated Ye Ci. Despite her last life’s experiences in robbing guilds, this was the first time she had to do the breaking-in part. But, even if you haven’t tasted pork in your life, you’ll still have seen a pig before[1]. Although Ye Ci had not done it, she knew the concept behind it.

She took in a deep breath, and once again inserted the master key into the keyhole. When the progress was at 40%, a patrolling sentry approached her position. If she gave up at that moment, she process would be a failure, but if she pressed on, she would be discovered…

After quickly weighing her options, Ye Ci gave up on unlocking the door. She dove and hid in the shadows.

Not 3 seconds later, the NPC walked within 5 yards of Ye Ci. If she was still there, she would’ve been discovered. After stopped for 2 seconds, the NPC continued its patrol route, not noticing that the 2 Golden Armored Guardian were already put to sleep.

Based on her past experience, Ye Ci could roughly estimate that the sentry would be back in around 8 minutes. Within that 8 minutes, Ye Ci had 30 seconds to unlock the door, and 7 and a half minutes to loot whatever she want. She had quite a lot of time left.

When the sentry disappeared from sight, Ye Ci emerged from the shadows and took a deep breath. She tried her hardest to calm herself down, and then inserted the master key into the keyhole. She only had 1 last chance left. It must not fail.




The padlock to the door of the guild warehouse fell down just like that. Ye Ci extended her a hand to catch the lock, and hung it lightly on the lock catch. She slowly opened the door to the warehouse, slipped in, and closed the door lightly.

From the outside, other than the 2 Golden Armored Guardian appearing to be dozing off, there was nothing suspicious at all.

At that moment, Ye Ci, who had entered the guild warehouse was as safe as if she were in her own house. There was not a single source of danger. The only thing that she must take note of was the 7.5 minutes time limit when the patrol will once again pass by the area. She must also beware of any guild players coming to the guild warehouse. If any of the situations mentioned earlier happened, all of Ye Ci’s efforts would be wasted. Time was of the essence.

Although Steel Blooded Battle Spear was fairly new, they were still a black horse among the new guilds. With a strong backing by a financial group supporting them, one would expect their guild warehouse to be packed full of riches. Ye Ci had expected this even before she entered the warehouse, but what she saw still did not fail to amaze her…

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