Chapter 104 The Battle

Chapter 104 The Battle

All the guild admins in the room were present during that PvP battle. Once the name was mentioned, they immediately understood what was going on. Ye Ci eyed the admins that were still intending to continue the meeting and laughed. “There’s nothing to discuss anymore. Since it’s them, it only means that they held a grudge against us. Let’s go out there and fight them.”

“We’re severely outnumbered. Mi Lu is now directing members to take turns in joining the battle. Their engagement endurance is not that good, and they’re in constant need of replenishment.” Overflowing Ink raised a rather important issue, “Although we have managed to gather a lot of new recruits after the Dragon Dance event, the number of those who would truly fight for the guild is questionable. Most of them don’t have a sense of belonging to the guild. Even they helped out, they did not even try their best, and that…”

“That affected the original members of our guild as well.” Ye Ci completed Overflowing Ink’s sentence.

Everyone remained silent. It was the truth.

Although there were quite a few members in Upwards Ho!, most of them joined the guild because of the lvl 5 guild encampment. They had their own little agendas, and unity was the last thing in their minds. In this Guild Battle where they were needed dearly, only the original guild members and a very miniscule number of the new members were willing to join the fight.

Full Moon’s Night must have had prepared thoroughly for this battle. They’d planned their strategy well. Their attack on the guild encampment was fast and unexpected. To have war declared upon them at such an early hour, the guild encampment of Upwards Ho! would’ve been sacked if not for the tough defences of a lvl 5 guild encampment.

Although a lot of Upwards Ho!’s players had come online and were fighting back, morale was low. Despite not having any advantages, the enemy’s sudden attack had greatly affected the members of Upwards Ho!. Although Upwards Ho! was protected by the strong fortifications of a lvl 5 guild, victory was within their grasp.

The enemy, however, had a weakness.

There were NPCs who sold supplies stationed in the guild encampment. Even if the guild’s own Potion Masters were unable to keep their production of potions equal to the pace of the battle, the guild members could always purchase potions from the NPCs. Those on the attacking side did not have such a convenience. They had to carry their own supplies, and they’d brought only a limited number of Potion Masters. They could not afford to drag out the fight.

If Upwards Ho! was able to prolong the fight, Full Moon’s Night would’ve lost. However, there was a time limit for Guild Battles.

The time limit for attacking a lvl 5 guild encampment was 5 hours. In other words, when Full Moon’s Night began their attack on Upwards Ho! at 6am in the morning, the battle would end at 11am. If the outcome of the battle was not decided by then, the system would then decide the victors by calculating the casualties on both sides and the damage sustained by both side’s fortifications.

“What’s the time now?” Ye Ci asked all of a sudden.

“10.27am.” Timely Rain answered.

Ye Ci nodded and left the conference room. “I’ll take a look at the encampment wall.”

Things were definitely not going well.

The ranged players of Full Moon’s Night were positioned 20 yards away from the encampment wall. There were roughly 100 of them, which included mages and those who dealt physical damage. It was actually not something that needed to be worried about, as the attack range for ranged classes was generally the same. The factor that had placed Upwards Ho! in a pinch was the fact that the skill range in Fate was calculated by distance traveled in a straight line. The players of Upwards Ho! were all stationed on the encampment’s wall. This meant that there would be an angle when they fired downwards downwards, and the angle meant that there would be an extra distance of 2 yards between their range and enemy’s range. Because of that, only abilities that dealt AOE damage could reach their enemies.

AOE attacks were mana consuming, and had a long cast time. Because of that, the ranged classes of Upwards Ho! could deal very limited amount of damage to their enemies, and they could barely defend their encampment wall.

The melee players that had charged out to meet the enemy were bogged down by the enemy’s melee players. Both sides were evenly matched, which was a bad news for Upwards Ho!. They could not break the siege, while the enemy was unable to successfully break through their lines. This quickly became a battle of attrition. There were numerous Rogues and Rangers lurking beyond the boundaries of the encampment’s wall, trying to look for a way in while simultaneously preventing flanking attacks by Upwards Ho!’s players.

Ye Ci pursed her lips. Crimson Twilight had put in quite a real effort to defeat Upwards Ho!. She took a look at the wall’s status, and noticed that the enemy had dealt 80% damage to the wall. If the situation continued, even if they could not break through Upwards Ho!’s defences, the guild would steal lose due to the damage they’d sustained.

Time was of the essence.

Ye Ci immediately climbed down from the city wall and walked up to the guild member guarding the main gate, “Open the gate.”

“But…” The guild member was hesitant.

Ye Ci did not make things difficult for him. She immediately spoke to the person in command, Mi Lu. “Mi Lu, open the gate, let me out.”

“Guild leader…”

“It’s alright. It’s not like I’m heading out seeking death.” Ye Ci knew that Mi Lu was worried for her, and she consoled him with a laugh.

After a moment of contemplation, Mi Lu ordered the guild members to open the gate and let Ye Ci out.

Ye Ci immediately ran into Remote Depths and Let Go Of That Girl who had joined the battle. They were stunned to see Ye Ci, and Remote Depths spoke up, “This is a melee battlefield, what is a ranged player like you doing here?”

Ye Ci ignored his question and said, “Focus all your attacks on one of them in a while.”

“What?” Before the two could fully understand the situation, Ye Ci summoned Ol’ Four. The appearance of Ol’ Four brought shock to the players in the area with his sheer size and intimidating look. The players of Full Moon’s Night began whispering to each other.

“Crimson, there’s a Huntress among them, could she be Gongzi You?”

“Mallow, go take a look.”

“Got it.”

At the same time as Crimson Twilight gave the order, Ol’ Four cast Tremor. Ol’ Four was now lvl 17, while the players in the area were all below lvl 22. There was no level penalty for Ol’ Four’s skill. The Tremor dealt horrifying damage to all players in a 30 yard radius, and a majority of them were Stunned.

The melee players in Full Night’s Moon had been fighting for at least 3 hours. Most of them were exhausted. They had not expected such a sudden change. The only thing they saw was a Huntress coming out from the encampment’s gate.

The Huntress whistled as she ran towards them and a gigantic black T-rex appeared out of nowhere. Before they could even react, the dinosaur let out a roar and stomped on the ground. Cracks appeared underneath their feet, and their HP dropped rapidly.

It was nothing compared to what happened to them next. Almost all of the melee players of Full Moon’s Night were Stunned.

Chaos immediately erupted in the guild channel of Full Moon’s Night.

“F*ck! What the hell is that pet? Are T-rexes so tough?”

“Where are the healers? Hurry and heal us up!”

“Boss! We’re screwed! That thing is just too fierce! I got taken out in one hit!”


After a few days of leveling up and pampering, Ol’ Four’s loyalty was raised to 69. Although its loyalty was not maxed out, and it would still throw occasional tantrums, it would definitely not back away from a fight. And the thing that brought tears to Ye Ci’s eyes was that… She could finally ride Ol’ Four.

Ye Ci climbed onto Ol’ Four right after it cast Tremor. She could see Crimson Twilight. He was just sticking out too much with his Crimson Mage Robe Set.

When Crimson Twilight noticed that 90% of the melee players of Full Moon’s Night were stunned, he immediately gave an order. “I want all the Clerics to heal the melees up, be careful of your positioning, don’t let the enemy ranged players catch you clumping together. Move it!”

Their distance of around 20-30 yards away from the encampment’s gate was not that far. Ye Ci had already brushed past the melee players of Full Moon’s Night and closed the distance to the ranged players with Ol’ Four’s Stampede. At least 8 players laid dead in front of Ol’ Four. It was the result of them being pushed away by the tremendous force of Ol’ Four’s Stampede as he plowed through their ranks. Their HP was already depleted when they were hit by Stampede.

“It’s Gongzi You! Concentrate all your attacks on her!” Crimson Twilight was quick to spot Ye Ci, who was riding on top of Ol’ Four, his eyes were red with anger and he immediately gave the order.

It was still too late.

Ol’ Four jumped up and used Tail Whip. Ol’ Four’s thick tail sliced through the air like a gigantic blade, drawing a crescent shape in the air. The players who were unable to dodge let out blood-curdling screams and dropped dead at Ol’ Four’s feet.

Crimson Twilight, who had managed to back away, managed to avoid the full damage of Tail Whip, but he was still at the edge of the effective range of the skill and had lost two thirds of his HP. He immediately chugged down a bottle of Health Potion as he ran.

Ye Ci took aim at Crimson Twilight’s back with her crossbow. But before she could fire off a bolt, the system notification chimed in, “You’ve been attacked by Mallow.”

And sure enough, Ye Ci was Stunned. She sat still on Ol’ Four’s back, unable to move.

The situation was bad for Ye Ci. Everything happened too fast. She had charged in too fast. She had not expected that there was a Rogue lurking nearby despite the speed of her advance. Ye Ci furrowed her eyebrows. She could even sense the movements of the mages of Full Moon’s Night who had regrouped and were pointing their staffs at her…

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