Chapter 100 Fluttering Red Feather

Chapter 100 Fluttering Red Feather

Black Plum Guild’s situation instantly became dire as they needed to take on the BOSS and 100-something players at the same time. Fortunately, other than the MT, the Warriors of Black Plum Guild reacted fast enough and began protecting their Clerics and ranged players. Although they were still under attack by ranged enemies, they were still relatively safe. This, however, did not give Black Plum Guild any advantage. In the span of 10 seconds, quite a few of the guild’s ranged players were dead.

Ye Ci’s gaze returned to the Golden Treasure Chest, which had been successfully opened.

In the chest there was a lvl 30 blue grade Priest gauntlet that gave additional Divine damage when donneder. It was the perfect equipment for Priests with a damage dealing playstyle. There was also a decent Ranger’s belt in the chest. Ye Ci would’ve equipped the belt if it were not for her Venomous Scorpion set. A skill book lay at the bottom of the chest.

It was a very old skill book that was made out of goat skin, with a totally unremarkable look. But when Ye Ci read what was written in the book, she was thoroughly surprised. It was a skill book for Disguise, a skill shared by Hunters, Rogues and Rangers, that allowed a player to blend in with his or her surroundings once the skill was activated. As long the player who cast Disguise did not move, he or she would not be discovered.

It was strange. This was the skill book that Ye Ci had been looking for. She had never expected to come across it here. She literally found it by sheer luck after searching for it far and wide.

Without much thought, Ye Ci clasped her hands together and used the skill book. She then turned around and prepared to leave.

Most of the monsters in the area had already been cleared away. Even those that had respawned were killed off almost instantly when they were caught in the crossfire between the two guilds. Ye Ci calmly made her way towards the crowd. As long as she did not attack any of them, her status would appear green, and nobody would attack her, there would not be a problem.

As expected, Ye Ci was able to wade through the scene of the battle unscathed, and she then entered Stealth again. Ye Ci spared a glance backwards, noting that the Black Plum Guild was already at a disadvantage. Most of their players were dead, while the ones who were still alive had to fight against the BOSS while fending off attacks from their enemies. They were on the verge of defeat.

By that time, the main force of their enemy had started to shift their attacks onto Dorian. Despite losing quite a few of their players, they were better off than the Black Plum Guild. Dorian, that was firmly under their control, had only 3% of her HP left.

After a brief moment of consideration, Ye Ci sent a message to Fluttering Red Feather, “Add me into your party, I’ll steal the last hit of the BOSS for you.”

Fluttering Red Feather immediately replied, “Who the hell are you?”

“Not an enemy.” Ye Ci answered truthfully.

Not questioning Ye Ci’s answer, Fluttering Red Feather said, “You’ve hidden your name, I can’t add you. You have to apply to join the party.”

Without much delay, Ye Ci immediately sent a party request which was immediately accepted by Fluttering Red Feather. Due to Ye Ci’s name, the only details he could see about Ye Ci was ***. Of course, it was also due to the fact that he was not of the same continent as Ye Ci. If they were from the same continent, he would be able to immediately see Ye Ci’s name.

After joining the party, Ye Ci headed straight for the crowd that was locked in battle. She felt awkward herself. Even she did not know why she was helping Fluttering Red Feather out. She had thought it out before joining the fray, but was unable to come up with an answer. She simply dismissed it as her conscience trying to repay Black Plum Guild after making so much money off of them in her past life.

Ye Ci immediately summoned Ol’ Four after charging into the crowd. Although, Ol’ Four’s Loyalty points were not high, Ye Ci’s exceptional treatment had greatly improved its mood, making it much more willing to obey her commands. Despite being lvl 1, Ol’ Four was still an Epic-tier monster, and its ability to wreak havoc was not something that could be looked down upon.

On Ye Ci’s command, Ol’ Four charged eagerly at Dorian. Stampede, Tearing Bite, Tail Whip and Tremor caused Dorian’s HP to plunge further while dealing varying amounts of damage to the players who did not belong to the Black Plum Guild. Tremor, which came with a Stunning effect, was especially devastating. Although quite a few of the enemy players were immune to the Stun due to the level penalty, a significant number of them were affected by the skill.

Ye Ci was struck speechless. Ol’ Four was simply too ferocious. It was a shame that he was still at lvl 1. If only he was at the same level as her. She wouldn’t have the need to lift a finger. Ol’ Four alone would be enough to take care of all the players.

The members of Black Plum Guild were no newbies. They were experienced veterans… They were quick to adapt to the sudden turn of events and focused their attacks on the enemy players who were Stunned. Within seconds, they’d managed to kill a large number of them.

Ye Ci’s main objective was still Dorian, and of course she needed to constantly heal Ol’ Four at the same time. She was hidden in the midst of Black Plum Guild players so that the enemy could not locate Ol’ Four’s owner. The situation was entirely different for Ol’ Four. The moment the players around it spotted such a terrifying pet, they focused their attacks on Ol’ Four, and its HP dropped rapidly.

Ye Ci was forced to heal Ol’ Four non stop and eventually dismiss it. Its Loyalty points were still too low. If it died then and there, it would definitely run away.

The enemy players shifted their attacks back to Dorian once Ol’ Four had disappeared. Ye Ci did the same as well. There was nothing flashy about it; It was a contest of damage output.

Ye Ci boosted her attack with potions and scrolls, and immediately began to attack Dorian. Positioning was no longer an issue. With so many players dead on both sides, the only thing that mattered was to slay Dorian. It had very little HP left anyways.

Fluttering Red Feather had been taking note of Ye Ci’s damage output the moment she joined the party. He was shocked by the amount of damage that she could dish out. It was way higher than what he had expected.

Ye Ci’s assistance in the battle turned the tables around for Black Plum Family. They were able to stabilize the situation in both their PvE and PvP frontiers.

Dorian’s HP was becoming lower and lower. By the time it had only 0.2% of its HP left, Ye Ci immediately re-summoned Ol’ Four. Like hell she would miss this chance to get experience points for Ol’ Four, surely it was easier than her having to kill monsters on her own, yes?

Dorian let out a sorrowful screech shortly after Ol’ Four appeared, “This will not end well for you! The God of Warsong will curse you!” Then she dropped dead, turning into a huge amount of experience points in the experience gauge of the Black Plum Guild players.

The battle, however, raged on.

The enemy guild flew into a rage. They were so close to succeeding, but a sudden setback turned things around, causing them to lose Dorian’s First Blood to Black Plum Guild. Their fallen members had already suffered great losses in experience points. Wasn’t it a total loss for them if they gave up just like that? Black Plum Guild, of course, would not back down when their opponents had obviously chosen not to do so.

That was why the battle raged on.

It raged on despite the system announcement, “Congratulations to Black Plum Guild for achieving First Blood on the lvl 35 Elite Field BOSS Warsong Priestess Dorian. Rewards: Guild prestige points x800, Gale City Prestige points x5000, Gold coins x3000. Let us remember their names!”

“Congratulations Fluttering Red Feather for defeating Warsong Priestess Dorian, Rewards: Gale City prestige points x300, Talent Points x3.”


“Congratulations *** for defeating Warsong Priestess Dorian, Rewards: Gale City prestige points x300, Talent Points x2.”


Ye Ci was very pleased. She had only joined the battle at its end, but she was able to reap the rewards as well. And when a person was pleased, they would have extraordinary performance.

At this point, Ye Ci’s Multi Arrow could fire 5 arrows at a time, and her Random Shot had already reached lvl 2. She had never truly test out the firepower of her abilities. But when such a good opportunity presented itself, she would not hold herself back. She raise her crossbow and attacked. Countless purplish arrows showered down from the sky, and a sea of red damage figures appeared.

Truth to be told, it was a magnificent sight.

It was not a good day for the enemy.

They could’ve easily won. If only Ye Ci had not decided to head out to catch a pet, if only Ye Ci did not run into Half-eyed Garrison, if only Ye Ci was killed by Garrison, if only Ye Ci did not fall down the Burning Crevice, if only Ye Ci did not climb up from the crevice, if only Ye Ci did not overhear the conversation…

The moral of the story was: The wall have ears. This was a conclusion that had been passed down through the ages.

The battle was a hard-fought one, with both sides suffering horrendous losses. There was only a few surviving members of Black Plum Guild by the time it was over. Ye Ci left the party and was about to leave when she was stopped by Fluttering Red Feather, “Wait up.”

Ye Ci glanced at him, “What is it?”

Heh, it was such a familiar face. Ye Ci couldn’t help but be reminded of her cooperation with the person in her last life.

Fluttering Red Feather scratched his head. He had wanted to say something, but was unsure of how to express himself. He the decided against it and said with a smile, “I don’t know your name.”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes without answering. After a short pause, she sent him a friend request.

Fluttering Red Feather was shocked when he saw her name, “You are…”

Ye Ci held up a hand, and Fluttering Red Feather was able to understand what she meant. He chuckled, “I should’ve known. Not many could obtain Random Shot at this stage of the game.”

“See ya.” Ye Ci summoned her little red horse and smiled at him, bidding him farewell.

“Are you going to Gale City? Our guild encampment is in the city.” Fluttering Red Feather summoned a horse as well, after giving orders to his guild members to revive in the city, intending to ride back to the city along with Ye Ci. He could’ve used a city recalling stone like he ordered his surviving guild members to do, but he chose not to.

At this point, Ye Ci knew that there was something that he wanted to discuss with her. Fluttering Red Feather was a person who would never give up before he could get the answers to the questions he needed answers too, and Ye Ci knew that. She did not want to receive mail from this person in the future asking about all sorts of things. Might as well get things sorted out right now.


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