Chapter 997 - The Divine Tribulation Ends

Although her veil obscured the white-skirted woman’s expression, you could see her anxiety in her steps. 


The members of the Xiao Family accompanying them to the lightning pool were astonished. The lightning pool’s location had always been a family secret.


No one outside of the Xiao Family knew its specific location, yet this veiled woman seemed to know the way by heart. She’d clearly been there many times before. 


Although they were utterly astonished, they could only obediently lead the way to the lightning pool.


“Tch tch tch, the Xiao Family lightning pool is awfully well-hidden.” 


It wasn’t just Xiao Yan and his subordinates. Xuan Ji followed them in as well. To tell the truth, although she’d been in the Royal Capital for a long time, this was her first time visiting the Xiao Family estate. 


“I’d like to request that Senior not share this location with anyone else. Bringing you to the Lightning pool is a sign of our Xiao Family’s sincerity,” said the women flatly


Xuan Ji chucked in response, “I naturally won’t tell anyone. That said, since I know where it is, next time I attack, I’ll know the way.”


“Xuan Ji!” Xiao Yan frowned


After silencing Xiao Yan, the veiled woman laughed, “Senior, you truly love to tell jokes. However, if you’re truly considering attacking our lightning pool, this junior humbly suggests you give up on the idea.” 


“I’m just saying.” Xuan Ji wasn’t stupid. The Xiao Family had towered above the gods for hundreds of millions of years. Their background was enough to intimidate anyone and everyone. 


There might even be old monsters of the Xiao Family living near the lightning pool. Fighting her way into the lightning pool….


All she could do was talk about it. 


The veiled woman smiled and nodded. At that moment, a middle-aged man walked out of the hidden lightning pool and cocked his head to the side.


“My lord!” 


Judging from his expression, it was clear that he’d just finished dropping lightning. The youth carrying ancient tomes had been following Xiao Yan this whole time. 


Now he arched his brows and asked the man,  “why did you come out?” 


The youth’s question briefly stunned the middle-aged man. Then he noticed the Profound Pavilion’s Xuan Ji had come as well. 


“The tribulation is over. What’s going on here?” 


“It’s over?” The youth covered the man’s mouth and smiled apologetically at Xuan Ji, then pulled the man aside.


“What is it?” 


The middle-aged man was somewhat confused. He’d just been sending out a lightning tribulation. Why come looking for him? 


“Hey, what’s going on? Why is someone from the Profound Pavilion here? Isn’t this our secret location? Also, who is that veiled woman? What’s happening?”


“Don’t worry about that. I’ll just ask you….. Did you finish dropping lightning?” the tome-carrying youth frowned. 


“That’s right, I sent it all, ninety-nine bolts in total, not one less. But while that kid was still undergoing tribulation, a dragon got mixed up in it, and then a demon got involved as well…..”


 “A demon?” the youth was briefly stunned. Then he came to his senses and asked, “then let me ask you, what’s the dragon’s current situation? Is it dead or……” 


“It’s almost certainly dead!” The middle-aged man arched his brows in confusion, “didn’t you say to keep sending lightning until that kid died? The dragon kept blocking his tribulation, so if I wanted to kill him, I had to take out the dragon first.” 


As soon as he said that, the man’s expression suddenly grew solemn. “Hey, that veiled woman isn’t a dragon is she? She…..” 


After learning that the dragon had already been shocked to death, the youth clenched his fists and sighed repeatedly.


Then he pointed at the middle-aged man and frowned, “you’re in big trouble now!”


“No way, did I get it right? People of the Dragon Race really came?” The man stared, wide-eyed, and said, “that dragon’s bloodline was quite pure. A golden dragon…… At the time, I was uncertain about whether to kill her or not. This….. How could the dragons come to the Royal Capital? No way, I was doing this on behalf of your Xiao Family. You…. you have to guarantee my safety.” 


The man was somewhat frantic. He’d just come to make some extra money. How could he possibly have offended the dragons? 


The tome-carrying youth had actually brought him in from the outside. Since Ye Zichen had the Profound Pavilion’s support, as Xiao Yan’s advisor, he naturally had to consider the matter comprehensively. 


He’d specially hired an outsider to preside over Ye Zichen’s tribulation in order to leave themselves a way out.


That way, even if the Profound Pavilion really did make trouble for the Xiao Family, all they had to do was push the middle-aged man forward. Then, even if the Profound Pavillion was angry, they’d repress their fury out of consideration for the Xiao Family’s status. 


However, from the way the Profound Pavillion just invaded the Xiao Family, the youth could tell…..

They were as bad-tempered as can be. 


Even if he really pushed the middle-aged man forward, it would be of absolutely no use.


“Hey, kid, I’m just here to earn a little money for booze. Don’t cheat me.”


“Fine, fine.” The youth frowned and placed a bag of aureus into man’s hands. “Take this and get out as fast as you can. Also, don’t ever tell anyone that I hired you.” 


The man took the money and thought it over, then smiled broadly, showing all his teeth. “No problem.”


At that moment, Xiao Yan called out to him from behind, “Lil’ Zhi.” 


The youth turned around and responded, “my Lord,” then patted the middle-aged man’s shoulder, smiled, and hurried to Xiao Yan’s side. 


Xiao Yan frowned and scrutinized the youth and the hurriedly fleeing middle-aged man. 


“Why haven’t I seen that person before? Is he from our Xiao Family?” 


“Hahaha……” the youth forced an uncomfortable laugh, his fingers drumming on his books. His eyes flashed. “My Lord, that person isn’t from our Xiao Family. I hired him from somewhere else.”


Some words couldn’t be said in front of others, so the youth transmitted this information to Xiao Yan privately.


When he heard this, Xiao Yan’s brows shot up. “Who gave you the gall?” 


What kind of place was this?


This was the lightning pool, the Xiao Family’s forbidden land!


Lil’ Zhi actually dared bring outsiders here? The man even wore a Xiao Family lightning controller uniform. 


“My Lord, I thoroughly investigated that man’s background. I’ll tell you about him in detail later, but for now, we have a problem…… That is, the person Xuan Ji wants to protect. Her lightning tribulation is already over! She was undergoing tribulation alongside that youth, the one the former family head ordered we prevent from ascending.” 


“Surely you aren’t saying……”


His voice solemn, the youth transmitted, “that’s right. That middle-aged man told me…. That dragon is already dead!”  


Xiao Yan frowned deeply. For a long time, he said nothing. When the youth saw this, he couldn’t help but shake his head inwardly.


Becoming this sort of monarch’s counselor had been a poor choice. 


He sighed to himself and no longer waited for Xiao Yan’s response. He internally considered how best to explain the matter, then said, “all of you are here for a divine tribulation, right? In that case, I’m afraid you’ve come in vain. Their divine tribulation is already over.” 


“Say that one more time!” Xuan Ji’s expression instantly darkened. Her vast aura flooded out of her, bearing down on the tome-carrying youth.


A pained look flashed across his face as Xuan Ji’s spiritual pressure weighed down on him. Even so, he maintained his smile even as sweat poured down his face.


“That’s right, their divine tribulation is already over.” 

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