Chapter 996 - The Veiled Woman

Although Xuan Ji’s followers were far fewer than the Xiao Family’s, all of them were fierce warriors. 


Especially her subordinates, the Sixteen Divine Generals. The Xiao Family was nothing in their eyes; no one could block their path. 


“Xuan Ji, are you declaring war on our Xiao Family?!” 


Xiao Yan stood about five meters away from Xuan Ji. As he heard booms echoing out of the courtyard, his shoulders trembled uncontrollably and his expression contorted with veiled fury. 


A cold smile surfaced on Xuan Ji’s face. She arched her brows and shrugged, “how is this ‘declaring’ war? I’ve already attacked the Xiao Family.” 


“Then don’t blame me for forgetting our former friendship.” 




The cloudless skies suddenly filled with dense thunderclouds. Purple lightning surged through the clouds. 




Instantly, Xiao Yan’s half-step ruler level strength flooded out of his body. He hadn’t simply become clan head because he was Xiao Ting’s only heir. The fact that he’d held onto his position for so long without anyone daring to rebel meant he possessed absolute power as well.


If you overlooked his irresolute nature, his strength was actually something of a legend in the God Realm. 


His mother carried him for three years. He was born proficient in astronomy, geography, and divination. He achieved immortality at nine years old and godhood at fifteen. In truth, all throughout history, he was the first to have grown so strong so quickly. 


If not for the monster the Four Directions Palace had discovered recently, his record would have remained unbroken to this day. 


Of the current younger generation, he was the closest to the ruler lever. You could say he’d been the center of countless people’s attention his whole life. 


“A half-step ruler. You can be considered the most dazzling figure of the younger generation, but at the end of the day, a half-stop is only half-step……..” 




Xuan Xi unleashed a spiritual pressure many times stronger than Xiao Yan’s. Her might spread out, enveloping and bearing down on everything within ten thousand square miles. 


Off in the distance, the spectators’ eyelids twitched uncontrollably as the two conflicting spiritual pressures weighed down on them. Was this the kind of strength peak-level powers ought to have? 


When Xuan Ji unleashed her spiritual pressure, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but take a step backward. 


He was indeed a half-step ruler, but just like Xuan Ji said, a half-step ruler was still only half-step. 


“You’re currently completely unqualified to be my opponent and I’m not interested in bullying the weak. Call Xiao Ting over. Who knows? He might be able to last more than a few rounds with me,” she arched her brows disdainfully at Xiao Yan. 


This was extremely insulting to him. “I am now master of the Xiao Family. There’s no need for Father to make an appearance. A ruler? I’ll actually be interested to see just how far this half-step ruler is from a true ruler!”


With that, heavenly lightning came crashing down from the skies. A few lightning serpents appeared around Xiao Yan and an ancient, illusory thunder god wielding a hammer manifested behind him. 


“Then go ahead and try it.” 


Xuan Ji didn’t defend herself at all, not even the most basic way. Facing Xiao Yan’s full power, she stretched lazily, patted her mouth, and yawned. 


“Everyone, stop!” 


A veiled woman in a white dress floated down from above, stopping directly between Xuan Ji and Xiao Yan.


One of the more sharp-eyed onlookers noticed the woman. He pointed at her, then asked the person next to him,  “hey, who is that?”


The others looked over as well, but shook their heads to indicate they’d never seen her before. 


If she dares get between the Xiao Family and the Profound Pavillion’s fight, her status is absolutely not low,” said one of them.


“Could it be Her Highness Liu Qing from the Four Directions Palace?” asked another onlooker. 


However, the others flat-out rejected the idea. 


“Don’t be ridiculous. Her Highness Liu Qing is from the Four Directions Palace. How could she possibly come to the Royal Capital to dissuade those two factions from fighting? Besides, I’ve never once heard of her interacting with either of those two factions. If you’d said it was the Lord of Seven Stars who’s been fairly popular lately, I might buy it, though. Rumor has it that she’s quite close to the Lady Providence.” 


The crowd fervently discussed the matter. 


Although they had varying opinions about the newly-arrived woman’s identity, it didn’t matter. Regardless of their guesses, her appearance really had convinced btoh Xuan Ji and Xiao Yan to stay their hand. 


Lady Providence crossed her arms and laughed, “you got here faster than I expected.” 


The veiled woman looked at her and nodded slightly.


 “Nevermind,” said Xuan Ji, “I’ll give you face.”


Xuan Ji hesitated briefly, then sent a transmission to the people of the Profound Pavilion. Before long, all of them retreated and returned to their original spot behind her. 


As they withdrew, the Xiao Family furiously chased after them. 


However, any sharp-eyed eyed person could tell the Xiao Family had suffered a major loss. 


 “Stay your hand.” 


At that moment, Xiao Yan waved his hand and calmed his clansmen. Then he frowned at the woman.


“Big Sister, why are you here?” He couldn’t reveal the woman’s identity so Xiao Yan could only secretly send her a transmission, “That b*tch Xuan Ji recognized you? Have you met?” 


“Xiao Yan, watch your mouth.” 


Her rebuke echoed through Xiao Yan’s sea of consciousness, “this time, you were too reckless! Don’t you know the Profound Pavillion’s position? Don’t you understand our Xiao Family’s status? To think you’d dare fight like some ordinary commoner. Did you ever even consider how this would influence our family? Or peace between our factions in the future?”


“She started it,” snorted Xiao Yan.


“She didn’t even slap you. Don’t try and weasel your way out of this,” she shook her head at him. “It’s lucky I arrived in time. If I’d come just a little later and the Profound Pavillion really fought their way into the lightning pool, then the reputation our Xiao Family built up over tens of millions of years would have been ruined in your hands.” 


“How could she possibly break her way in?” asked Xiao Yan, displeased. 


“Still acting tough?” the veiled woman sighed, “haven’t you experienced the power of the Sixteen Divine Generals? Nevermind, I’m not in the mood to talk to you. You’re the head of the Xiao Family. You always have to think before you act. I know you’re desperate to prove yourself, but the Profound Pavillion is a colossus. I’m afraid you’ve chosen the wrong opponent.” 


With that, the veiled woman bowed to Xuan Ji and said, “Senior, please forgive us if we’ve offended you in any way. The Xiao Family and the Profound Pavilion are both major powers of the Royal Capital and we both serve the God Emperor. If we fight, we’ll infuriate His Excellency. Let’s end this here.”


“Do you see that? That’s the attitude you ought to have when resolving problems.” Xuan Ji rolled her eyes at Xiao Yan. At the same time, she said to the veiled woman, “for your sake, I’ll give up on forcing my way to the lightning pool. If I carelessly broke in for real, your Xiao Family would have no face left.” 


 “Senior, you must be joking. Even if you gathered everyone from the Profound Pavillon, you couldn't possibly break your way in. You’re quite clear on that, aren’t you?” the veiled woman pressed her lips into a smile then changed the subject, “but let’s not talk about that. Senior, why exactly did you come here?” 


“I need your Xiao Family to help me cancel someone’s divine tribulation. That said, since you’re here, I’ll tell you directly: actually, Ye Zichen is undergoing divine tribulation alongside the person I want to save.”


The veiled woman’s hands trembled for an instant, then she frowned, looked away, and roared, “to the lightning pool!” 


“You want to go to our Xiao Family’s lightning pool? Who do you think you are?” the Xiao clansmen frowned angrily, but at that moment, Xiao Yan’s face darkened.


“Do as she says!” 

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