Chapter 995 - Barging In

The instant Xuan Ji spoke, the people of the Profound Pavilion started circulating their divine power. Their vast, combined momentum bore down on the Xiao Family. 


“Lady Xuan Ji, have you thought this through? This is the Xiao Family!” Xiao Yan’s expression instantly tensed. The meaning behind his words was clear: this is Xiao Family territory. In terms of numbers, we have nothing to fear from you. 


The other members of the Xiao Family had long since sensed something was amiss and gathered behind Xiao Yan. The honor of the Xiao Family could not be defiled!


They wanted to force their way into the lightning pool? Even if the God Emperor himself were here, they couldn’t do it!


Both sides unsheathed their swords and bent their nows. 


Their vast auras collided violently in the skies. Soon, everyone in the Royal Capital noticed the situation at the Xiao Family. 


“Look, someone’s causing trouble at the Xiao Family estate.” 


 The Xiao Family was a peak-level existence even amongst the gods. Although the Xiao Family usually handled their affairs competently, even their security guards were haughty and arrogant. 


Someone challenging the Xiao Family wasn’t something you could see every day. The citizens of the Royal Capital were all excited to watch the excitement. 


“Just who exactly was stupid enough to start something with the Xiao Family?” 


Several others in the crowd carried out similar conversations. The Xiao Family had been built of over countless eras; its roots were extremely deep. Furthermore, the lightning pool that controlled all lightning tribulations was located in their territory. Even if the God Emperor himself visited, he still had to give them some face…..


Making trouble for the Xiao Family was suicide, plain and simple.  


A sharp-eyed person pointed and said, “hey, look! Isn’t that the Profound Pavillion’s Lady Providence? Then aren’t those guys behind her Xuan Ji’s Sixteen Generals?” 


Another onlooker scrutinized the attackers and said, “it really them.” 


When he said those words, even he himself didn’t quite believe what he was saying. 


 “Look at that guy with the handlebar mustache. Isn’t he that Master Four Pillars [1] who’s always by Lady Providence’s side? And isn’t that red-haired buff guy the God of Strength?” 


“Is this for real?” 


Some of the crowd didn’t believe it. You ought to understand: the Profound Pavilion and the Xiao Family were amongst the strongest factions of the Royal Capital. They’d always stayed out of each other’s business. How could they just start fighting all of a sudden? 


Many of them couldn’t help but scoot forward to get a closer look. They wanted to check and see if the troublemakers really were from the Profound Pavillion. 


When they confirmed that it really was the Profound Pavillion, they all felt as if bombs went off in their heads. 


Was the political landscape going to change? 


The news of the Profound Pavillion taking the initiative to provoke the Xiao Family spread almost instantaneously. Within less than fifteen minutes, a massive crowd of onlookers had gathered around the Xiao Family estate. 


In this lifetime, this might very well be their only chance to watch two peak-level powers bump heads!


“Why haven’t they started fighting yet?” said one of the spectators. 


Before he’d even finished his sentence, he heard the person next to him say disdainfully,


“Do you think they're just roughhousing children who can fight at the drop of a hat? Both factions represent peak-level strength within the Royal Capital. Fight……? Do you think they can fight so easily?” 


It wasn’t just him, though; a lot of people present clenched their fists and inwardly urged them to hurry up and fight. 


“My Lady, have you thought this through?” 


Xiao Yan smiled confidently even as more and more people gathered behind her. 


He was willing to bet that Xuan Ji wouldn’t dare attack the Xiao Family for real. At the end of the day, the Xiao Family was still an emperor clan. Even the God Emperor had to give them some face. 


Furthermore, he currently had far more subordinates than the Profound Pavilion. If they really fought, the Xiao Family would undoubtedly be at an advantage. 


He was just waiting for Xuan Ji to back down. When that happened, he would effortlessly resolve this situation. He’d even go down in history as the first person to make Xuan Ji yield. 


He’d save face and boost his reputation, too. 


However, he was mistaken. If it were anyone else, they really might back down, but the person standing in front of him was the Profound Pavillion’s Lady Providence. 


“Ol’ Five, you can break it, right?”


Lady Providence took a few steps back and stopped next to a bare-armed, red-headed man in shorts. 


The God of Strength. 


He was one of Xuan Ji’s sixteen generals. His strength far surpassed even the yao of the mighty Raging Bull Race. 


“Boss, you really want to attack the Xiao Family?” 


“So, you’d have me yield to him?” Xuan Ji glanced at him coolly. 


“That’s naturally not possible,” the fully two-meter tall God of Strength laughed contemptuously. “The teensy-weensy little Xiao Family isn’t qualified to make you back down.” 


“Then quit talking nonsense. Hurry and break down their doors!” 


Xuan Ji pointed at the Xiao Family gates. The God of Strength nodded and took a step forward. Vast divine strength flooded out of him. His arms, originally as thick and an ordinary person’s thighs, instantly grew as thick as his waist.


“Xuan Ji, you dare?”


Xiao Yan was at a loss; he never would have guessed Xuan Ji truly dared openly attack the Xiao Family right in the middle of the Royal Capital. 


“Do I dare? Is there anything I wouldn't dare do? Ol’ Five, don’t listen to his nonsense. Break down their doors for me!” 


Xuan Ji crossed her arms and snorted like a gang leader. The God of Strength didn’t hesitate at all.


He swung his fists. 




The God of Strength’s fist shattered the majestic gates of the Xiao family into pieces.  [2]As the gates collapsed, the walls framing them crumbled, and even the God Emperor’s hand-carved sign crashed to the ground.


“Xuan Ji!” 


Xiao Yan had just barely managed to dodge God of Strength’s fist. When he saw the shattered gates and the walls, his expression turned gloomy. 


She really did it!


After breaking the gates, Xuan Ji didn’t hesitate. She turned to her people and shouted, “fight your way to the Xiao Family lightning pool!” 


It was as if her words stoked a fire in her subordinates’ hearts. They fought their way towards the lightning pool with all their might. 


“Stop them!” 


The Xiao Family didn’t need Xian Yan’s orders at all; they’d already started fighting the Profound Pavillion. 


“Damn, they’re really fighting.” 


 “How exciting!” 


“They’re just too irrational! How could two peak-level factions fight for real?” 


As the Xiao Family and Profound Pavilion fought, the onlookers finally let out their long-repressed shouts. Some of them were in it for the excitement and egged them on. Others, of course, were more rational and thought their fight was ill-considered. 


But, no matter how they felt about it, the Profound Pavilion and the Xiao family really were fighting. 


“My Lady, aren't we being just a bit too…..” 


Of the people of the Profound Pavilion, only the mustached man had yet to charge in. He wasn’t just not fighting: he’d even rushed to Xuan Ji’s side and was trying to persuade her to stop.


“The God Emperor is in the Royal Capital. What we’re doing is considered deliberate provocation……” 


“I’ll fight whoever I want. What are you just standing there for? Get in there and fight!


“Lady!” Master Four Pillars was the rational type. He was loyal to Xuan Ji, but that didn’t mean he was in favor of all of her commands. 


Besides, their Profound Pavillion truly needed rational people like him. 


Unfortunately, Xuan Ji gave him no opportunity to use his rationality. 


“Hm? It seems you need a beating too!” She glanced at him coolly. 


Instantly, the mustached man swallowed his words, rolled up his sleeves, put his hands on his hips, and started furiously cursing the Xiao Family. “F*ck, you don’t know your place. How dare you make our Lady this angry? Xiao Family whelps, I, Four Pillars, have come to teach you a lesson!” 

[1] His name is kind of a play on words. I can't really translate it, so I'm explaining it in a footnote. His Chinese name is written like this: 八字先生. 八字 has lots of meanings. First, it means "the character eight." In addition to the number eight, 八 can be used to describe certain types of mustache because, come on. It looks like. mustache. 八字 also refers to the Four Pillars, a kind of ancient Chinese astrology. So his name 八字先生 could be interpreted as "a master of ancient Chinese astrology," but it can also just mean "guy with a mustache." 

[2] I know they broke the gate last chapter. I'm not sure if there are multiple gates or if the author just forgot that they already broke it. Either way, it shouldn't affect the story. Sorry for the confusion.

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