Chapter 994 - Ask?

The Xiao Family, an emperor clan.


When the royal guard spoke, the others froze in astonishment. 


“Are you saying……” 


Just as another royal guard was about to speak, someone else covered his mouth, expression ferocious.


“Do you want to die!?” he said under his breath.


The first guard gulped violently, then heard the other guards say, 


“Hurry and notify the God Emperor. People like us can’t intervene in Lady Providence and the Xiao Family Emperor’s affairs.” 


The Royal Capital.


The Xiao Family had been there since the moment the God Realm came into existence. They were an emperor clan and controlled lightning punishments for all living things. Their estate was located on the western side of the Royal Capital and occupied one hundred and fifty thousand acres. Its entrance was extravagant. Two lightning lion statues stood majestically by the front gate, one on each side.


The gilded sign above the gate read “Xiao Family.” The God Emperor had carved it himself. You could say this was a symbol of endless glory. 




With a bang, a beautiful figure landed in front of the estate’s entrance. As she landed, the bricks and tiles of the entryway were crushed to bits. 


 “Who dares behave so insolently at our Xiao Family’s gates?” The security guards protecting the gate chastised her, their gazes arrogant. Although they were mere security guards, even some high-ranking officials had to treat them with the utmost respect.


It was just like ancient times when even ordinary soldiers in a prime minister’s estate were considered ninth-grade officials. Similarly, the status of the Xiao Family security guards wasn’t low. 


In the past, encountering this sort of foolish person meant they were about to earn some easy money. 


They’d berate and make a bit of trouble for them. In this way, the guards could easily earn tens of thousands of Aureus [1]


However, this time they'd run into a wall. 




The security guard who’d spoken earlier felt a wisp of potent energy rush towards him. The security guards were the face of the Xiao Family. Although they were arrogant, they all had at least some strength to back it up. 


He shifted to the side. The energy crashed into the gate instead, shattering it to pieces. 


“How brazen! You...


This woman dared come to the Xiao Family and attack people. Now she even dared ruin their front gate? It seemed she was tired of living. 


But at that moment, he felt someone tugging on his sleeves. To his shock, he looked back and saw his bro, the other guard, was kneeling on the ground. 


It was then that he finally saw clearly just who had arrived at their gates. 




The formerly domineering security guard’s legs gave out as he knelt to the ground.


"We kowtow…. We kowtow in salute to the Lady…. We kowtow in salute to the Lady Providence." 


Right now, he really wanted to slap himself and his big mouth. Just who gave him the balls to talk to Lady Providence of the Profound Pavillion like that? 


"Tell Xiao Yan to come out and see me."


Lady Providence had important business to attend to; she couldn’t be bothered with mere guards. Just as the security guards were about to go looking for Xiao Yan, she saw him arrive at the estate’s front gate. He was accompanied by the youth carrying ancient tomes. 


When he saw that the security guards were all kneeling and, worse, that the front gate was shattered, he frowned in deep displeasure. 


Those were his Xiao Family’s security guards. How could they bow to someone from the Profound Pavillion? Nevermind little Xuan Ji, even if the God Emperor himself were here, they still had to stand upright and at attention. 


As for the gate, that was the Xiao Family’s front door. Breaking it just like that was like hitting the Xiao Family’s face, wasn’t it? 


“Lady Providence, you truly have a fiery temper. However, My Lady, if you’re angry, why vent it on our Xiao Family? What, do you think our Xiao Family is an easy target?”


The former head of the Xiao Family, Xiao Ting, was no longer interested in worldly affairs. He, Xiao Yan, was head of the Xiao Family now. He had to be firm. 


"Xiao Yan, you're just in time. I’m here because there’s something you need to do for me.” “need” to do for me!?


Her tone left no room for argument. She’d always done things like this. If she wanted someone to do something, they had to do it. That was true even for an emperor clan like the Xiao Family.


Discussion? She would never do such a thing. 


“My Lady, this is not your Profound pavilion. This is the home of the Xiao Family, an emperor clan. When you talk, you have to consider the bounds of propriety.” 


Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes but didn’t back down at all.


“That said,” he snorted, “it’s rare for the Lady Providence to ask others for help. Out of respect for the God Emperor, our Xiao Family ought to give you a bit of face as well. Well, Lady Providence? What, pray tell, do you wish to ask of my Xiao Family?” 


“Ask?” Lady Providence sneered but she made no effort to explain herself. 


“Your clansmen are sending out divine tribulations as we speak, right? Well, one of the people currently undergoing tribulation is a girl named Xiao Keke. I want you to immediately cancel her tribulation.” 


“My Lady, just when did our Xiao Family’s tribulations become your concern? Aren’t you extending your reach a bit too far?” Xiao Yan smiled calmly in response. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this was an ordinary conversation. In truth, this was a power struggle that affected the face of both factions. 


If he responded weakly, he’d lose face for the entire Xiao Family.


“Will you cancel it or not?” Xuan Ji narrowed her eyes. 




At that very moment, the mustached man from the Profound Pavilion appeared as well. He sensed that something wasn’t quite right with the situation the moment he arrived. His heart thumped violently in his chest….


It really was just as he’d predicted: the Lady truly had gone to make trouble for an emperor clan. 


Xuan Ji’s strength and influence were still somewhat greater than his. Xiao Yan hadn’t been family head for long, whereas Xuan Ji was the long-famous head of her faction. He seemed somewhat young and inexperienced by comparison. 


Even so, how could Xiao Yan just back down in front of so many of his clansmen? 


“Xuan Ji, if you’re asking for something, you ought to act the part. If you ask nicely, I can cancel that person’s tribulation for you. It’s nothing but a divine tribulation after all. It’s up to us to continue sending lightning or not. However, you need to change your attitude first.” 


Xiao Yan thought he sounded rather tough. Little did he know, his response was completely ineffective.


“Ask? I didn’t bother explaining myself earlier; I never would have guessed you’d be so demanding. I’m afraid you’re overthinking things. What on earth gave you the impression that I was ‘asking’ you for anything?” 


A smile emerged on Xuan Ji’s face as she said, her tone brooking no room for doubt, “I’m telling you to cancel it, understand? You’re going to cancel this tribulation whether you want to or not!” 


“Insolent!” Xiao Yan had stayed calm this whole time. Now, however, he finally lost his cool. 


He shouted furiously, “Xuan Ji, don’t take things too far! I gave you an inch and now you want a mile?! I’m going to make this clear: we won’t be canceling that tribulation!” 


“Oh really?” 


Xiao Yan was practically foaming at the mouth. When Xuan Ji saw this, she shook her head contemptuously.  “It’s really a shame that you inherited the seat of family head. Your sister would have been ten thousand times better. I know you want to maintain your dignity in front of your clansmen, but strength is about more than just who can shout the loudest.” 


“Hmph,” snorted Xiao Yan, “I don’t need you to tell me that.” 


“I’m naturally not concerned with your affairs. Even if someone’s got to discipline you, it ought to be the Lightning Emperor,” Xuan Ji laughed playfully, then took a few steps back. At the same time, a group flew over from the Royal Capital and landed behind her.


In an instant, the hundreds of people from the Profound Pavillion who’d heard her call all gathered behind her. 


“I originally wanted to settle this properly, but your ignorance has only made the problem worse. Now I’ve got no choice but to lead my people and fight my way to the Xiao Family’s lightning pool!” 


[1] This is the currency of the God Realm. "Aureus" is the name of a coin used in Ancient Rome. I thought it sounded cooler than "God Money." I might change the name to something else later. For now, all you need to know is it's a kind of money. 

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