Chapter 993 - Xuan Ji’s Fury



The divine tribulation didn’t stop; lightning flooded from the clouds without pause. Xia Keke, still in golden dragon form, hovered above Ye Zichen’s head and used her body to block bolt after bolt of heavenly lightning.


Her scales sloughed off. Fresh blood coursed down her body. 




Xia Keke had been circling around in the air, but after enduring several bolts of heavenly lightning, she fell from the sky. 


She didn’t know how strong the lightning would have been if she were undergoing the tribulation alone. However, she couldn’t deny it; this really was more than she could bear. Although she was a golden dragon, after the “baptism” of several bolts of heavenly lighting, electricity filled her body, numbing her nerves and dimming her senses. She couldn’t take it anymore. 


Her consciousness gradually faded and her body numbed. She couldn’t quite hear his call. 


Even so, just as she was about to fall on top of Ye Zichen, she called on her indomitable will to make a steady landing. 


She understood full well: she couldn’t just fall. Ye Zichen was underneath her.


She acted as if she were swaddling an infant, using her body to block Ye Zichen’s lightning tribulation.


As she landed, Ye Zichen saw the true state of her wounds in their entirety. She was missing most of her scales. Now that she’d lost their protection, you could see that her body was covered in chilling injuries. 


Blood flowed from her gaping wounds. As the lightning struck, it burnt the edges of her injuries black. 


“Keke, don’t do this anymore.” 


Ye Zichen had no strength left in his body.  Even so, pushed through the pain and tried to get her to stop. He truly didn’t understand. What great deed had he done, what ability did he possess, just what about him was so special as to make all these people…...


Go to such lengths for him no good reason. 


Su Yiyun did it, and now Xia Keke was doing it. 


“I won’t stop!” Xia Keke the golden dragon roared.


At that moment, yet another bolt of lightning suddenly came crashing down. It seemed as if it were deliberately targeting her wounds…...




There was a loud boom, then Xia Keke, who’d been flying over Ye Zichen’s head this whole time, fell towards the disc. Even as she fell, she intentionally twisted her body to avoid landing on Ye Zichen.




The golden dragon collided with the disc with a loud bang. As she lay there, Xia Keke returned to her human form. 


Her back was completely drenched in blood. Her face was pallid without any trace of blood whatsoever. She lay on the disc, unconscious and unmoving. Ye Zichen gnashed his teeth and crawled towards her.


“Keke, Keke……” Ye Zichen frantically called out her time. When he saw the grievous wounds on her back, he repeatedly slammed his fists against the disc.


“Gods! Gods!” 


Eyes bloodshot, he stared ferociously up into the sky. Whatever you do, don’t give me a chance to go to the God Realm. If you do…...


He would definitely destroy the Xiao Family!


“Hah, truly a tragic love story.” 


Distant laughter filled the air. Before long, they saw Black Dragon, now incomprehensibly large, grab the edges of the blue disc and reveal his massive face. 


Ye Zichen’s heart shook. If Black Dragon attacked them at a moment like this….




He thought about it briefly, then reconsidered. No matter what happened, they were doomed. 


However, Black Dragon made no effort to harm them. He simply used those massive eyes of his, each as large as an ordinary house, and watched them. 


“What a passionate girl,” he chuckled. “For her sake, I won’t kill you. Besides, I need to thank her. If not for her….. I really don't know how I’d go about breaking that Four Beasts Formation.” 




At that moment, yet another bolt of lightning fell. Black Dragon glanced at it calmly, then reached out and blocked it. 


“Tch tch. As I expected, it’s strong. I won’t kill you here, but whether you can get through the divine tribulation or not depends on your own abilities. Right, just a friendly reminder…… This is now a three-person divine tribulation.” 


He laughed mockingly, then turned away. Ye Zichen’s gaze filled with despair. 


He wouldn’t kill them. 


It wasn’t that Black Dragon was arrogant. 


Rather, he’d long since calculated that there was absolutely no way they’d live through their divine tribulation.


That was true even when it was just a two-person tribulation. Now that Black Dragon, a sky supreme who’d never experienced tribulation, had stepped in, their fate was even more certain.  


“Will it all end here?” Ye Zichren murmured weakly. The golden sword circling his head trembled.


“I don’t want to give up, but there’s no way out, is there?” 


The golden sword shook violently. Ye Zichen only smiled at it, then looked up at the incoming lightning. 


It would all end here!




Xuan Ji sat in the main hall of the Profound Pavillion’s highest seat, her expression dark. 


At that moment, a middle-aged man with a handlebar mustache walked into the hall. 


 “My Lady.” 


Xuan Ji looked at the man, her gaze brimming with frigid killing intent. “Call everyone together. So long as they’re in God Realm territory, make them come back immediately.” 


The mustached man frowned.  “My Lady, what are we…..”


“We’re going to visit the Xiao Family!”


With that, Xuan Ji disappeared from her seat.


The mustached man remained behind. He carefully considered her words and tone. Instantly, his face grew indescribably serious. 


“My Lady, this means declaring war!” 


After reaching this conclusion, he didn’t dare hesitate. He pulled out a jade slip and forcefully crushed it. The jade slip transformed into countless spirit birds.


As the birds circled around him, the mustached man spoke. “Everyone, come back! Follow the Lady to the Xiao Family!” 


With that, the spirit birds all squeezed through cracks in space and disappeared. The man frowned deeply and tapped the air. Then he too disappeared from the hall. 


“That stupid girl, how dare she…….” Xuan Ji stepped into the sky, her face overcome with worry. Although she’d already returned to the God Realm, her concern for Xia Keke hadn’t diminished in the slightest. 


Just now……...


She saw Xia Keke blocking Ye Zichen’s divine tribulation. 


Was that something she could block? I didn’t give her that bracelet just so she could forcefully raise her strength to the point of tribulation!   


“Who dares fly within the Royal Capital? And at such a fast pace, too…..” 


When the royal guards saw the new arrival, they paused mid-sentence and swallowed their words. 


Then Xuan Ji shouted with terrifying fury, “scram!” 


 The royal guards gulped and hurriedly stepped aside. Once Xuan Ji was far away, they finally patted their chests, their hearts still pounding with fear. 


 “I almost died just now.” 


Another royal guard nodded, “we really did just barely survive. Did you see her killing intent? I have no idea who dared provoke her.” 


“Whoever they are, they’re unlucky,” said yet another guard. 


However, at that very moment, one of the guards got the others’ attention. He pointed in the direction Xuan Ji had flown in. 


Then, eyes wide with shock, he said, “That direction…. Doesn’t it lead the Xiao Family estates? They’re an emperor clan!” 

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