Chapter 992 - I Don’t Care

A few minutes earlier. 


Ye Zichen, sat atop the disc, his body bathed in blood. The overflowing spiritual pressure of the heavenly lightning bore down on Dragon City as well. The Sacred Beast clansmen in the process of setting up the Four Beasts Formation were affected as well. 


Xia Keke looked up from within the formation. When she saw Ye Zichen’s situation, her expression immediately grew unsightly. 


“Big Brother Zichen.” 


Xia Keke cried out frantically. The other clansmen glanced at the disc as well. However, the focus of their attention wasn’t Ye Zichen or his tribulation. 


“Die for me!” 


Not far from where Ye Zichen sat, the experts of the Beast Region faced Black Dragon, who had grown incomprehensibly massive. Even the profound and inestimable White Emperor had no choice but to flee before his might. 


From the look of things, their situation wasn’t at all optimistic. 


“We have to hurry up and accelerate the process,” frowned Xia Yingda. The White Emperor’s defeat was likely only a matter of time. Once that happened, Black Dragon would lead the elite demons right to them. At that point, nothing awaited them but complete annihilation.


 “Big Brother Zichen.” 


Xia Keke’s gaze went right past the blood-soaked Beast Region experts struggling to fight Black Dragon. She had always been completely fixated on just one person……..


That was just Ye Zichen. 


“Keke, don’t get distracted.” 


Placing the Four Beasts Formation required complete focus. This was especially true for Xia Keke, the member of the Dragon Clan chosen as one of the four at the center of the formation.


Just now, all the energy they’d poured into the formation had been rejected. 


“I’m sorry.”


They never would have predicted her reaction. Xia Keke, still standing in the center of the formation, bowed deeply to them. Then she severed her link with the Four Beats formation and rushed towards Ye Zichen.


”Big Brother Zichen, just wait. I’m coming to rescue you!” Xia Keke bit her lip as she ran towards him as fast as she possibly could.


When Xia Hua, who was currently tangling with Black Dragon, saw her, he glanced over at the Four Beasts Formation…….




“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” 


Xia Keke covered her ears to avoid Xia Hua’s rebuke. She knew her actions might cause an irreversible situation, but even so: she couldn’t let Ye ZIchen die right in front of her.


“My cute little mount, do you really have time to get distracted while fighting me?”




Black Dragon ruthlessly slammed his fists into Xia Hua’s draconic body. In less than a second, Xia Hua, who’d been inwardly concerned with the Four Beasts formation, was knocked far away. 


Scales fell from his body and fresh blood gushed from his wounds.




Xia Hua fell to the ground, his gaze fixed on Xia Keke. He never would have guessed. 


He never would have guessed it would end up like this!


“Keke, your impulsiveness has harmed us all!” 


Xia Keke’s shoulders trembled. Although she heard a massive boom behind her, she dared not turn and look. 


She simply covered her ears and apologized over and over again as she hurried towards Ye Zichen.




At that moment, yet another bolt of lightning came crashing down from the skies.


When she saw this, Xia Keke bit her lip, pulled out her string of bells and clutched them in hand. 


Instantly, turbulent spiritual power surged into her body. She was just a sky immortal, but in just a few breaths of time, she reached a sufficient level of strength to undergo tribulation. 


 “Come here!” Xia Keke clutched her bracelet, bit her lip, and shouted into the skies. To her pleasant surprise, the falling heavenly lightning really did land on her. 




She had forcibly increased her strength without refining at all. In addition, she had no idea just how strong the lightning tribulation was, hadn’t done anything to defend herself, and was completely focused on drawing the tribulation to herself. 


She coughed up a mouthful of heart’s blood, then forcefully swallowed it back down.


She suppressed the blood and energy surging through her chest, transformed into a golden dragon, and flew above Ye Zichen. 




Ye Zichen watched her draw away the lighting and was inwardly somewhat panicked. Now, to his great surprise, she’d simply flown above him to block the lightning’s path. 


“Don’t mess around! I’m currently undergoing tribulation. Divine tribulation isn’t something you can handle. Hurry up and retreat!”


“Big Brother Zichen, aren’t I undergoing tribulation too?” Xia Keke said truthfully. She hovered above his head, still in golden dragon form. At that moment, Ye Zichen realized for the first time that her strength was actually on par with his.


Undergoing tribulation. 


How was she undergoing tribulation? 


Besides, she ought to be in the Four Beasts Formation right now. If she was here now, what was going on with the formation? 


However, his current situation left him no time to consider the matter further. He cried out in concern for Xia Keke’s safety, 


“Even if you’re undergoing tribulation too, you can’t be here. If we undergo tribulation together, the lightning’s strength will increase many times over; it won’t be as simple as adding one plus one.” 


Undergoing tribulation was fundamentally in defiance of the heavens. Two people undergoing tribulation provoked even greater displeasure from the heavens. 


Also, Ye Zichen’s divine tribulation had someone with ill intentions controlling it. If it were just Ye ZIchen undergoing tribulation, they might run out of excuses after nine sets of nine bolts and stop. 


But with Xia Keke here, they had an excuse. 


They might use this excuse to drop a hundred bolts, or two hundred…..


When that happened, it wouldn’t just be him. Xia Keke would die here with him.


“Calm down, that doesn’t matter. I’m a golden dragon! My defense is pretty strong. Don’t worry, kid! Just watch, I’ll lead you through this tribulation,” Xia Keke responded extremely flippantly. Before she’d even finished talking, another bolt of heavenly lightning landed on her body. 


Just like Ye Zichen said, with both of them undergoing tribulation together, the lightning wasn’t as simply twice as strong as before. 


This sudden bolt of lighting was many times thicker than before. Tt crashed onto Xia Keke’s back quickly and ruthlessly. 




Lightning poured off Xia Keke’s body. After a while, he heard her say, “did you see it? I said I’d block it, so she did. You just sit tight down below and wait.” She still sounded just as relaxed as before.


However, although she made it sound simple, Ye Zichen, who was sitting beneath her, could clearly see the golden scales cascading off her body. Blood dripped from her wounds and pooled beneath her. 


“Keke, quit messing around! Our combined lightning tribulation isn’t something you can handle. Besides, why are you suddenly undergoing tribulation now? What about the Four Beasts Formation!?”


Xia Keke was silent for a while. Finally, she replied, voice trembling, “I don’t care. I know my decision to do this was impulsive, or, to put it a little less kindly, brainless, but I don’t care. Even if the world is destroyed, even if the Three Realms perishes and its people are enslaved because of me, even if I have to bear the weight of the entire world’s hatred, even if I can’t endure the heavenly lightning and die beneath it……. There is absolutely no way I’m going to watch you die right in front of me. I can’t do it! I am your Fated Star and you are my Emperor Star. Even if we both die in the end, I’ll die before you.”  

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