Chapter 991 - Giving In

The Xiao Family was responsible for the God Realms’ lightning tribulations. At their lightning pool….


It was fair to say the lightning pool was the liveliest place in the entire family estate. You could see members of the Xiao Family sending out lightning all day long. 


Thud thud thud. 


Hurried footsteps echoed into the room. Shortly after, they saw Xiao Yan, the head of the family, hurriedly rush inside. 


“How is this possible?” 


On his way here, he’d muttered that exact phrase over and over again. Just now, one of his subordinates had informed him that the youth, the one the former family head told him to keep an eye on, was shockingly undergoing his second divine tribulation. 


What startled him even more was the realization that, back then, the youth’s godhead hadn’t actually shattered.

His father had sent that lightning himself. Xiao Yan watched with his own eyes as the youth’s godhead shattered into pieces. More than that, he’d witnessed the youth, after losing his godhead, die then and there. 


Did Xuan Ji truly possess enough skill to defy the heavens, alter fate, and reform his godhead? 


Throughout the God Realm’s countless epochs, such a thing had never once occurred. That’s why he was so agitated. 


“My Lord, look……” 


A youth carrying an ancient tome stood by Xiao Yan’s side. He reached out and pointed at the lightning pool. 


“My Lord, look……” 


One of the pool’s countless mirrors reflected the giant floating disc where Ye Zichen was preparing to undergo tribulation. 


“Double Eighth-level Formations!” 


When he saw the scene reflected in the mirror, Xiao Yan arched his brows in surprise. When he saw Ye Zichen, he was already certain: this was indeed the same youth from before.


Overwhelming surprise left him unable to maintain a family head’s dignified bearing. Now, though, he was more interested in the formation Ye Zichen was sitting on. 


“Did someone from the Supreme Hall intervene?”


“Double Eighth-Layer Formations” referred to the combination of Eighth-Level Soul-Locking and Spirit-Boosting formations. When they appeared at the same time, the people of the God Realm liked calling them “Double Eight-Layer Formations.” 


Xiao Yan brought up the Supreme Hall because the greatest formation experts of the God Realm all wound up there. 


No matter how he thought about it, only the people of the Supreme Hall were capable of creating such formations. 


This youth didn’t just have Xuan Ji’s support. If even the Supreme Hall was backing him from the shadows, even the Xiao Family, one of the Eight Great Family Clans of the God Realm, would have to think twice…..


This was a tough nut to crack. Should they really go ahead with this?  


The white-haired youth by Xiao Yan’s side flipped through his ancient tome. After roughly a few breaths of time, he set the book back down. 


“No one from the Supreme Hall has descended to the lower realms in the past six months. Those Double Eighth-level Formations are most likely not their doing.”


“To think such an absurd thing would happen,” Xiao Yan frowned deeply, his fingers drumming the fence around the lightning pool. “I never would have guessed that such an expert with such a profound mastery of the art of formations hadn’t joined the Supreme Hall.” 


Xiao Yan had good reason to be so surprised. In truth, the forces of the God Realm were mixed up and complicated. In order to survive here, almost everyone looked for someone to lean on. 


For instance, if you encountered an expert with saint-level talent, there was over a 90% chance he belonged to a saint-level family clan. 


Spiritual Formation Masters were the same way. Almost all of them were from the Supreme Hall.


It wasn’t just that, though. Similar people tended to gather together in order to share information. This allowed all of them to grow faster than they would otherwise. 


It was rare for someone to act independently in the God Realm. 


It’s not like people like that didn’t exist, but it was fair to say they were truly rare. 


The current God Realm was three () already had a clearly defined composition.

The God Realm, or, rather, the three races, already had a clearly defined structure. Moving independently went against the mainstream. Instead, groups fought with other groups. 


“My Lord, how do you propose we handle this youth? The former family head went out of his way to remind us not to let him come up here,” the youth carrying the ancient frowned. When Xiao Yan heard this, he looked at Ye Zichen’s reflection in the mirror.


“Just do as the former family head said.” 


“That is?”


“Drop lightning until he dies!” 


He coldly turned around and left the lightning pool. Shortly after, a white-robed man appeared by the youth’s side. 


“What did the Lord say?” 


“Drop lightning until he dies,” the youth repeated Xiao Yan’s words. Then he, tool, left the lightning pool. 


Crack! Crack! Boom!


Devastatingly powerful divine lightning fell from the skies. To tell the truth, Ye Zichen was really overcome with despair. 


He’d already lost track of just how many lightning bolts he’d endured. He knelt to the ground, drenched in blood, and looked up. He tried several times to activate his spiritual power and resist the lightning, only to discover that he’d long since used it all up.


They didn’t even give him a catch his breath. Bolts of divine lighting fell, one after the other…..


He went all out, giving his all to endure his divine tribulation, but he truly couldn’t do it. 


The golden sword circled continuously around his body. It hadn’t taken even a single hit from the falling lightning. It was as if the lightning was utterly determined to see Ye Zichen dead. Even if his godhead actively tried to repel the lightning, heavenly lightning would avoid it, circling around it to land on Ye Zichen’s head. 




Yet another bolt of lightning fell. This time, Ye Zichen simply used his physical body to block it.


“You’re really so opposed to me coming up there?” 


The heavenly lightning had already torn Ye Zichen into a bloody pulp. He looked up into the sky and laughed mockingly. He tried to point as well, but found he didn’t even have the strength to lift his arms. 


“Are you just that afraid of me?” 


They gave him no leeway; the only answer he got was yet another bolt of heavenly lightning. Electricity flooded into his body in a non-stop stream. 


“Even if you’re afraid of me, there’s no need to treat me like this, is there? I’ve already developed a phobia of tribulation lightning. Undergoing tribulation means betting your life. This is the only life I’ve got; I don’t dare take that bet. Enough, I give in, I don’t want to do this anymore…..” 


As he spoke, he pressed his finger between his eyes


Pure spiritual energy poured out of his forehead as he grinned from ear to ear, “I’ll just disperse my soul, okay…..” 


He was greeted with yet another bolt of lightning. 


“What the hell do you people want?” After blocking that bolt of heavenly lightning, Ye Zichen somehow managed another burst of strength. He stood, pointed up at the sky, and roared, “I already dispersed my soul, I already said I wouldn’t undergo this tribulation……. I just won’t be a god, okay? What the hell are you trying to do!?”


Divine Tribulation. 


This sort of opportunity could only be found by luck; you couldn’t seek it out. However, Ye Zichen had already encountered this type of “lucky chance” twice. 


However, for him, this wasn't a lucky chance at all…..


Rather, it was certain death!


Ye Zichen’s choice to disperse his soul was perhaps cowardly, but right now, he’d yet to deal with their current situation. If he were alone, he’d definitely face the tribulation head-on.


Worst case scenario, he’d die!


However, he couldn’t afford to die now!




However, he was greeted with yet another bolt of heavenly lightning. 


He accepted his fate. 


He’d already gone so far, yet they still wouldn’t let him go. Even if he went on resisting, so what? 


All they wanted was his life!


Nervermind dispersing his soul. Even if he crippled himself, the heavenly lightning wouldn’t stop.


However, as the lightning came crashing towards him, he suddenly discovered that it changed paths and shot off to his side.


His gaze followed it. When he saw where it had landed……


Xia Keke, who ought to be sacrificing herself in the Four Beasts formation, stood about one hundred meters away from him, holding a string of bells aloft. 


She was drawing the lightning away from him!

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