Chapter 990 - Undergoing Tribulation Again

He never would have guessed it.


Brother Su, his most trusted confidant, was actually just stringing him along.


Truly hateful!


Just thinking about the times he’d called Su Yiyin his “brother” left him unable to restrain his terrifying fury. 


He’d made Su Yiyun his second-in-command. He answered only to Black Dragon and stood above countless others. Even Black Dragon himself didn’t dare treat Su Yiyun discourteously. Even so, all he’d gotten in return was betrayal. 


Mere moments ago, he’d almost died in the formation Su Yiyu left behind. 


“Truly a good brother.” 


Heart filled with loathing, Black Dragon looked up at the massive floating disk. His "brother" had most likely already died while placing the formation. 


Then he’d just....


Have to vent his fury on his former best  friend!


“Divine Draconic Tail Sweep!" 


Suddenly, the massive tail of an azure dragon whooshed by his left. The white bones of his arms quivered as a dense, durable bone shield formed on his arm, blocking the sweeping tail.


“Little azure dragon, I’m in no mood to play with you. You’d best…..” 


Before even finishing his sentence, Black Dragon came to stop, a smile tugging at his lips as he looked in front of him.   


“So you’re all here.” 


When the chains broke, Ye Zichen got a chance to catch his breath as well. He took deep, ragged breaths even as the spiritual energy pouring into him struggled to break free of his body.


However, the symbols on the surface of his skin suppressed the spiritual power's escape.




He let out a breath of turbid air then knelt on the surface of the disc. He focused all his attention on suppressing the spiritual energy coursing through his body. 


Countless streams of impure spiritual energy, like tens of thousands of conscious spiritual bodies, surged through him. 


They all rejected the spiritual energy around them, but also tried to absorb other, smaller bodies of spiritual energy. 


Their frantic scurrying and in-fighting left Ye Zichen’s meridians on the verge of collapse. 


“You all behave yourselves," he roared inwardly. Over and over again, he activated his own spiritual energy in an attempt to repress all the foreign spiritual energies.   


The strong ate the weak. 


This applied even when you were talking about spiritual power.


The smaller, weaker balls of energy were extremely cautious and clung to Ye Zichen's main body of spiritual power while the stronger entities watched and evaluated the situation, not daring to move rashly.




Ye Zichen snorted coldly, tightly closed his eyes, and focused completely. 




His primary body of spiritual energy was like a tiger hunting rabbits. It struck like lightning, swallowing up all the spiritual bodies surrounding it.




He refined the mixed energies, expelling the impurities and leaving nothing but pure spiritual energy behind which were then absorbed into Ye Zichen's main power reserves. Afterwards, he could clearly sense the increase in his strength. 


After that, he started his attack on the spiritual bodies that had yet to approach him. 






After repeating this process countless times, Ye Zichen's strength skyrocketed, seemingly without end. 


Mid-stage immortal king. 


Peak immortal king. 


His imposing air grew stronger and stronger. Everyone, from the Beast Region experts who’d hurried to Ye Zichen’s aid from Black Dragon who stood in their way, sensed his surging spiritual power. 


“I can’t let him refine any more.” 


Sensing Ye Zichen's skyrocketing strength, a sinister light flashed through Black Dragon's eyes. His bony wigs lifted him higher into their air.


He attacked with all his might. 


The Beast Region experts immediately went to meet the blow…..


There was an instant flash of light, followed by a series of loud booms.


Wave after wave of spiritual energy collided with the disc only to be repelled by it’s all-encompassing defense.


Ye Zichen, sitting on the disc’s surface, closed his eyes, busily absorbing and refining the spiritual energy within him as fast as he could. 




There was a flash of golden light. 


A golden sword emerged from between Ye Zichen’s eyes. It was pure gold; you couldn’t find any impurities whatsoever. 


After emerging from his forehead, it whirled around Ye Zichen like a child at play, the body of the blade trembling. 




Region experts fighting Black Dragon let out ferocious, angry roars. 


Then they could only watch as Black Dragon’s hand pierced right through an iron-back bear’s chest, grabbed his still-beating heart, and crushed it into pieces. 


Fresh blood sprayed from the wound as the hundred-foot tall bear raised its arm up high into the air, only for it to fall loosely to its side. 




Black Dragon kicked the ironback bear away, then lowered his bloody hands as he looked ahead. 


Xia Hua was still in azure dragon form. Drops of fresh blood flowed down his scales. His underbelly was a bloody pulp and many of his scales were shattered. 


Then he looked at Bai Di, the head of the Tiangou Clan. His right arm was completely ruined. His pristine white clothes were stained red with fresh blood.


“You want to stop me? With just the few of you?” 


Although Black Dragon had quite a few injuries as well, he gazed at them arrogantly. 


“Die for me!” 




At that very moment, a cold north reverberated through his ears like thunder. 


He trembled from deep within his soul. He wanted to move his legs, but couldn’t no matter how hard he tried.


He looked to the massive disc. The spiritual pressure, so strong, he almost didn’t dare look at it, emanated from the formation. 


“Emperor Ye.” 


The people of the Beast Region felt the spiritual pressure as well. They smiled in relief, but then…..


Crackle, crackle, Boom!


Thunder rumbled through the air. Dense layers of the thunderclouds formed beneath the downpour. Snakes of pure purple lightning crackled through the clouds, their bodies thick as pythons, their snake tongues flickering.


When the White Emperor saw this, he turned to the others and shouted, ”retreat! He’s about to undergo tribulation!” 


The thunderclouds overhead were by no means ordinary. This type of thundercloud accompanied a divine tribulation.


The more people within range of heavenly lightning, the stronger it grew. If they stayed here…...


They would only harm Ye Zichen. 


Whoosh! Whoosh!


When the Beast Region experts heard the White Emperor’s shout, all of them retreated. As they gazed up at the purple lightning serpents, they couldn’t help but gulp. 


“This is lightning tribulation…..”

“That can’t be right. Didn’t Emperor Ye undergo tribulation not long ago? How could it happen again?"


Even those who hadn’t been present at the time knew about his tribulation in the Beast Region. He’d already undergone tribulation once. Why was he going through it again now? 


If he failed his tribulation back then, why was he even stronger than an ordinary Immortal King?


More importantly, that golden sword above was a godhead, wasn’t it? 


After hearing this question, even the White Emperor remained silent. Even his experience was insufficient to explain what was going on. 


However, he could say with certainty: this was indeed a divine tribulation!


At that moment, Black Dragon laughed uproariously. His sinister face twisted with mockery as he laughed, “tribulation, hahaha….tribulation……”


The Beast Region Experts locked onto Black Dragon. People undergoing tribulation feared nothing more than outside interference. Even if they died, they couldn’t let Black Dragon ruin Ye Zichen’s lightning tribulation. 


It was just…...


Black Dragon never even considered breaking Ye Zichen’s tribulation. 


Black Dragon’s body expanded, growing until he was as large as a primordial god. Now massive, he looked down at the ant-like Beast Region experts.  


What he wanted to do now was crush this group of loathsome worms!

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