Chapter 99 Trouble

Chapter 99 – Trouble

Liu Zhu looked on proudly from the side. Ye Zichen glanced at her, and knew that she had called these people over.

The owner of the cold drinks store hurried over. He was a very kind looking uncle, who quickly forced a smile when he saw the police, “Mr. Policeman, do you want anything cold to drink!? They’re on me, there are tables over there, please have a seat.”

“Don’t try to get familiar with me,” the policeman Liu Zhu brought over pushed the owner aside and pointed towards Ye Zichen and Li Jiayi. “Bring them away.”

“Mr. Policeman, this is a misunderstanding, right?” The shop owner revealed a worried expression, then said after forcing another smile.

“Don’t mention misunderstandings with me. Your shop employee is related to a smuggling case. If you don’t want anything to happen to your shop, then don’t be a busybody.”

The shop owner was instantly stunned in place after being threatened like that.

Li Jiayi chuckled, signifying the shop owner not to worry. Then she looked at towards that policeman and laughed coldly, “On what basis do you say I’m related to the smuggling case. I think you’re using your position for personal gains.”

“Big Bro, why’s there a need of wasting your breath with her? Just promptly bring them away,” Liu Zhu laughed coldly by the side.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and glanced towards the woman.

A coldness immediately surfaced from the bottom of her feet. She subconsciously stepped back, while Ye Zichen smiled, “Officer Liu?”

The officer was stunned for a moment, then said, “You know me?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled, “If Liu Zhu’s gege doesn’t have the surname Liu, then was he supposed to have the surname Ye? We, the Ye family, don’t have such a grandson like you.”

“You’re insulting me?” Officer Liu laughed sinisterly and snorted. “I hope that you’re still this snarky when you’re in the station. Arrest the two of them.”

“Wait a moment,” Ye Zichen raised his hands to stop the officers that rushed up and laughed coldly. “Are you sure you’re going to arrest me? I’m just worried that you can’t endure the responsibilities of arresting me.”

Ye Zichen’s fearless attitude caused Officer Liu to be shocked. Could this brat have someone behind him?

He looked towards Ye Zichen with a frown and saw a bunch of street goods. Furthermore, he didn’t recall there being someone like Ye Zichen.

All of sudden, a cold sneer bloomed on Officer Liu’s face.

“Hmph, the people from the smuggler associations are all so cocky. Bring them away.”

With that, the two other policemen surrounded them.

Ye Zichen shook his shoulders, shaking off the hands of the other two policemen, then snorted, “I can walk by myself, but I hope you don’t regret it!”

Li Jiayi was also brought to the station unsurprisingly. However, the two of them were not brought to the interrogation room, and was instead locked in another room by Officer Liu.

Both of them had their hands handcuffed to the wall heater.

“Ye Zichen, what should we do?” Li Jiayi frowned worriedly. This was her first time in the station.

“Don’t worry,” Ye Zichen was much calmer. He had already messaged Commissioner Liu before coming here. The city’s main station should be calling over before long.

That will be the time to deal with this grandson.

“Ye Zichen, look, isn’t that Officer Lin’s boyfriend?” Liu Qing pointed outside the window as she floated in midair. Ye Zichen glanced outside the window.

It really was.

“Liu Qiang!” Zhao Ziming stopped Liu Qiang.

“Captain Zhao!”

“I heard you arrested a smuggler called Ye Zichen, right?”

Zhao Ziming squinted his eyes, causing Liu Qiang to worry.

Could that brat know Captain Zhao?

“Captain Zhao, you…”

“Don’t worry,” Zhao Ziming reached out his hand and patted Liu Qiang’s shoulder, before handing him a towel. “If you really arrested Ye Zichen, then let him feel comfortable. You know what to do, right?”

Liu Qiang instantly smiled when he saw the towel in his hands. He didn’t think that the brat would have built a grudge with Captain Zhao too.


“Alright, go, don’t leave any traces behind.”

Zhao Ziming patted Liu Qiang’s shoulder, turned around and met Ye Zichen’s gaze before leaving.

“Ai, why did he leave?”

Liu Qing screamed, while Ye Zichen smiled.

There was something wrong with this grandson.


The door to the room was pushed open, while Liu Qiang walked in with the towel and police baton.

Ye Zichen’s pupils contracted when he saw the towel. That was the towel that Zhao Ziming had handed Liu Qiang.

“Brat, admit it.”

The first thing that Liu Qiang did after entering the room was locking the door and pulling down the blinds.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled, “I have nothing to admit.”

“Is that so? It seems like the organization is pretty good to you. You’re pretty tough.”

Liu Qiang walked towards Ye Zichen with a laugh. He chucked the towel towards Ye Zichen’s stomach, then swung the baton.

“F*ck you!” Ye Zichen grunted, then kicked Liu Qiang over.

Liu Qiang crawled up from the ground, patted away the dirt on his body, while his expression grew dark.

“You actually dared to assault an officer…”

Liu Qiang wet the towel, then turned on the electricity for the baton.


Ye Zichen’s body immediately twitched!

“Ye Zichen!”

“Ye Zichen!”

Liu Qing and Li Jiayi called out at the same time. At the same time, Liu Qiang put down the baton and slapped Ye Zichen’s face.

“Are you admitting it?”

“Admit your mom… Tsk…”

Ye Zichen spat over. Liu Qiang used the towel to wipe his face, then increased the frequency of the baton in his hands before prodding Ye Zichen once again.

“Mmm… Ugh…”

Ye Zichen shivered intensely while Li Jiayi shouted towards the outside, “Help... Someone is lynching an innocent!”


Liu Qiang slapped Li Jiayi. Ye Zichen opened his eyes blurrily and saw that scene.

“F*CK YOU. Come at me if you dare!”

“Hehe, I couldn’t tell. You’re pretty heroic. But, you have pretty bad taste…”


Liu Qiang smacked him with the baton again.

“Are you admitting it?”

“I… Tsk…”

Ye Zichen opened his eyes feebly, then spat on Liu Qiang with again with a smile.

“Ye Zichen!”

Li Jiayi struggled in order to help Ye Zichen, causing her wrists to bleed.

Liu Qing, who floated in midair, also stomped her feet. She wanted to help Ye Zichen, but Ye Zichen had given her a clear order not to do anything.

“Why is dad so slow?”

Liu Qing bit her lips and could only watch Ye Zichen get electrocuted by Liu Qiang over and over again with the baton.

Meanwhile, at the city’s police station.

Commissioner Liu sat on the office and reviewed the recent cases. The door to his office was pushed open as Officer Zhang walked in.

“Commissioner Liu, your phone is fully charged.”

“Oh, just put it there.”

Commissioner Liu replied without raising his head, while Officer Zhang placed the phone down and left.

After a long while, Commissioner Liu finally put down the files in his hands, and turned on his phone as he rubbed his temples.

Not long later, Lil’ Ye’s text popped up. Commissioner Liu quickly opened it, then froze.

He looked at the time that the text was sent.



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