Chapter 988 - Eighth-level Soul-locking

Rain was still pouring down in buckets. 


Su Yiyun leaped over the fence around the apartment complex, avoided the security guards’ lines of sight, formed a key of spiritual energy, opened the front door, and stepped into a hallway. 


“Open the door.” 


The hall was so still and silent, Su Yiyun could hear his own echo as he spoke. 




Someone opened the door from within the room. Li Min’e, dressed in a nightgown and barefoot, ran out of the room. She disregarded the rain covering Su Yiyun’s body and embraced him tightly.


“I just knew you would choose me.”


Li Min’e wrapped her arms around Su Yiyun’s neck and sobbed emotionally. Since the moment he’d washed his hands of her and left her home, she’d been sitting up all night, her heart in turmoil.


Now that he was back, she could finally relax.


“That’s right. Of course I chose you,” he said. Even so, he still hadn’t made any move to embrace Li Min’e. He simply said, voice heavy, “I’ll do it. I’ll go back to the demons with you.” 


Time passed, bringing great changes in its wake. In the blink of an eye, two years had gone by.


When he looked back on all he’d done over the past few years, he couldn’t face his past with a clear conscience. 


No matter whether it was directly or indirectly, his hands were stained with the blood of far too many incidents. In truth, after living with the demons for a while, he knew in his heart that demons weren’t all irredeemably evil. 


It was similar to how, in the world he’d once lived in, not everyone was a good person. 


All of this was nothing but a dispute between invaders and defenders. The defenders considered themselves righteous and villified the demons and all they represented.


That’s all it was.


But he wouldn’t say that out loud. In any event, he was about to die. In that case, why not let go out bearing the weight of all those sins?  


At the very least, he’d done everything he needed to do. 


Su Yiyun, still clenching, Ye Zichen’s hand, shouted suddenly, “Eighth-Level Soul-Locking Formation!” 


 Instantly, the blue light enveloping him expanded outward as countless mysterious symbols gathered around his body. 




An Eight-Level Soul-Locking Formation.


If he weren’t mistaken, Yin Shang used a sixth-level formation back when they’d faced the Zombie Progenitors. However, despite his supreme-level strength, he’d exhausted his spiritual energy and burned up a large amount of his life force.




It was obviously a step up from Yin Shang’s sixth-level formation. 


“What are you doing!?”


With Su Yiyun grabbing his hand, Ye Zichen couldn’t even move. All he could do was shout and watch helplessly as Su Yiyun’s body gradually dissipated. 


Countless symbols shot out of his body and rose, stopping twenty miles above the ground. 


The symbols crossed and interconnected, forming an enormous disc in the sky.




Bai Di’s expression was grave. As they fought, he’d had no choice but to admit that Black Dragon, with his sky supreme level strength, had changed. He was no longer the same person Bai Di had once wrapped around his little finger. 


At the end of the day, fighting a sky supreme was hard work.


Fresh blood dripped from his hands. When their fists collided just moments ago, his right arm had snapped. 


“White Emperor, you are no longer the invincible figure you once were. Your spiritual pressure is strong, far stronger than mine, yet you can only truly access peak-earth-supreme level strength. I don’t know why that’s the case. Perhaps some treasure is weighing you down and prevent you from using your full strength? However….. I’d win either way!” 


Black Dragon let out a sinister laugh and concentrated his vast spiritual energy in his hands. 


“This time, I want your dog life!” 




However, at that moment, a mysterious wave rippled through the sky. Then they watched as Black Dragon, who’d been in the middle of gathering up his power, stopped in complete terror. 


A halo of blue light had suddenly manifested around his head. The light transformed into chains that bound him in place. 


But it wasn’t just him…..


Similar blue halos surrounded each and every one of the demons under his command. The only exception was Li Min’e, who remained completely unaffected. 

“How is this possible?” 


Black Dragon was sealed so tightly he couldn’t move an inch. He shouted in fury and struggled with all his might. However, he soon discovered that the more he struggled, the tighter his bonds grew. 


Then he sensed the chains absorbing the spiritual energy within his body, drawing it up and into the blue light above his head.  


The other demons were the same way. Their spiritual power turned to threads which flowed into the blue light.


Blue lines extended from their blue halos, growing non-stop until they finally connected with the massive disk in the sky. 


Everyone in Dragon City was dumbfounded. They followed the lines emanating from Black Dragon’s head upward. It was then that they noticed the massive floating disk for the first time.


“This…… how on earth is this possible?” 


As the citizens of the Dragon City whispered amongst themselves, they heard Black Dragon look up to the sky and roar, “Su Yiyun!” 


An Eighth-level Soul-locking formation. 


No wonder Su Yiyun had overdrawn his life force to such an extent. He never would have guessed that Su Yiyun had been researching this formation the whole time. 


Even more shocking, he’d never truly joined forces with the demons!


“Su Yiyun, I”m going to kill you!”


Black Dragon’s eyes burned with heaven-shaking fury. Maddened, he longed to break free from his chains and…….


“Su Yiyun, Su Yiyun…..” Black Dragon shouted himself hoarse.  


Meanwhile, Gu Li’s expression was comparably dark.


At this moment, he’d been locked up the same way


He was chained up as well. He never would have guessed that Su Yiyun had managed to leave a mark on his body as well. He’d always been extremely cautious. Although he’d met with Su Yuyin many times, he’d never once let Su Yiyun touch him directly. 


Except for the past few days….




As the demon's spiritual energy flowed continuously up into the great formation in the sky, the blue light of the formation grew deeper and deeper.


“Yiyun, what on earth are you doing?” 


As Su Yin clenched his hand, Ye Zichen called out frantically. His dear friend was refining his body and soul to create this formation. His soul collapsed and scattered, congealing into countless symbols which flew up and embedded themselves in the grand formation in the sky. 


“I said I had a gift for you. I’ve naturally got to give it to you.” 


By now, practically half of Su Yiyun’s body had vanished. He smiled nonetheless, his gaze faintly apologetic. 


“In truth, this gift isn’t complete. I’d originally planned to act as a medium so I could filter and purify the demons’ mixed spiritual energy before passing it on to you. However, given the circumstances, It’s no longer possible for me to do that for you.” 


As Su Yiyun spoke, Ye Zichen felt himself lifted uncontrollably into the air. He floated upward until finally, he landed directly in the center of the giant disc.     


Suddenly, the symbols embedded in the disc lit up. Ye Zichen heard Su Yiyun transmit, “Min’e is different from the other demons. When the time comes, please give me face and spare her life.” 


At the same time, Li Min’e received a transmission as well. 


“I’m sorry I deceived you. But…..I really did love you.” 


Li Min’e had been dazedly examining her surroundings when she suddenly froze in alarm. Then she looked around once more, a single tear flowing down her cheeks.


“I…… don’t blame you.” 


A faint smile surfaced on Su Yiyun’s lips. Then they watched as his right hand slammed into the Earth.  


“Eighth-level Spirit-boosting Formation! Activate!” 


Now that he’d finished everything, what little remained of Su Yiyun’s body completely disappeared from this world….


“Goodbye forever, bro.”



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