Chapter 987 - Remembering That Year

“You’re still telling jokes even at a time like this?” As he watched Su Yiyun’s breathing weaken, Ye Zichen visibly grew more and more anxious.   


If Su Yiyun died, he’d blame himself forever!


He took Su Yiyun’s hand and continuously infused spiritual energy into his body. Even if Su Yiyun had already used up almost all his life force, Ye Zichen still couldn’t just let him die!


“I already told you not to worry about me,” said Su Yiyun weakly. Ye Zichen looked up and glowered at him.


“Focus and calm your mind. Circulate the energy throughout your body and recover!” 


“I told you, I don’t have any time left!” Su Yiyun suddenly shouted. “Reach out your hand.”


His shout startled Ye Zichen. When he saw Su Yiyun’s expression, he slowly reached out his hand.


“That’s right.”


Su Yiyun smiled and took his hand. Ye Zichen watched as his old friend’s body suddenly emitted dazzling blue lighting. 


The blue light pierced through the sky and into the clouds. Su Yan, who’d been treating his wounds, was so startled she involuntarily took several steps backward. 


“I’ve finally completed the mission you left me.”


It happened on a rainy night. 


Li Min’e’s birthday party had just ended and Su Yiyun was on his way home when he came to a sudden stop.


“Who’s following me? I discovered you a long time ago. Let me tell you, I’m no ordinary person. If you dare touch me, I’ll make it so you can’t live in Bingcheng any longer.”


The street lights lit up his body, casting long shadows. He suddenly turned around and gazed sharply at a spot in the distance.


“I’m surprised to see you’re still a spoiled rich kid.” 


At that moment, a dark figure flashed by. When Su Yiyun came to his senses, there was someone standing in front of him who hadn’t been there before…..


“Ye…. Ye-zi, what are you doing here?” Su Yiyun looked at the white-robed man, completely at a loss. 


Mere moments later, he frowned and took a few steps back. “You’re not Ye-zi! Who the hell are you?” 


“Me? Actually, you can call me Gu Zichen, but I’m Ye Zichen too, in another world……” 


The white-robed man smiled calmly. Su Yiyun was in a daze. Since the man’s appearance, his frown hadn’t once left his face.


“Who the hell are you? Are you telling tongue twisters? What Gu Zichen, Ye Zichen…. And other worlds too? Way I see it, you must have read too many novels. Do you think you’ve crossed over? I’m in a bad f*cking mood right now. Let me give you some advice: don’t piss me off. I’m the young master of the Su Family Financial Syndicate. If you’ve got any sense at all, you’ll get the hell out of my way.” 


“It seems I have to make you remember a bit before….


 With that, Su Yoyun saw the man who called himself “Gu Zichen” swing his hand at his head. 




Before Su Yiyun could admonish him, countless images flooded into his mind. 

In his memories, he wore golden armor. His gaze was always fixed on that yellow-robbed man’s back. 


The scene shifted several times. 


“Lil’ Yan.”


In his mind, he saw a woman clad in red robes, the kind people wore in ancient times. Her exquisitely beautiful face was calm, yet furious. To her side…...    




The yellow-robed man finally turned around. Su Yiyun recognized Ye Zichen’s face. In this memory, the yellow-robed man seemed steadier than before, as if he’d been through a lot.


“Changxian, come back……” the man shouted angrily. Then he saw the man in golden armor….


Wasn’t that him!? 


He ignored the yellow-robed man’s shouts and madly swung his blade into the vast swarm of beasts.




Despite himself, a single tear leaked from his eyes. Why did these images make his ache so?  




Wasn’t this just the most ordinary of historical dramas?


Yet his tears flowed uncontrollably down his cheeks. 


“Boss, hurry up and run!” 


Su Yiyun, still standing beneath the glow of the streetlights, suddenly shouted. A moment later, he froze. Not even he knew why he’d just shouted those words.


The white-robed man removed his hand. Su Yiyun stood there, dazed as he recalled the images that had just appeared in his consciousness. He was at something of a loss.


“It seems you’ve remembered?” A faint smile tugged at the white-robed man’s lips. From his gaze it was clear: he likely knew just what Su Yiyun had seen.

“Who on earth are you? Why did you plant all that into my memory? Are you someone from that place……”


Su Yiyun knew about the existence of cultivators. For this man to have silently imparted him with all those memories, he had to be one of them.


“I didn’t ‘plant’ anything. Those were all memories from you past life. All I did was help you remember.” 


“Then why didn’t you let me see the rest?” 


“The rest was too bloody. I was afraid the current you couldn’t bear it.”


The white-robed man smirked, then said, “that’s enough. No need to get hung up on things like that. Don’t we have more important things to discuss?”


“Tell me!” Su Yiyun said, staring right at him. 


“That little girlfriend of yours is a demon, isn’t she?” 


Su Yiyun suddenly shook. He was currently stressed out about that very issue.  


“Ye Zichen, your dear friend, is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor…. You… know that, don’t you?” 


“What the hell are you trying to say?” Su Yiyun’s expression was extremely dark. Faint waves of spiritual energy starting circling around his body. “If you have something to say, just say it already! Otherwise, don’t blame me if I attack you!” 




The white-robed man, sensing the fluctuations in Su Yiyun spiritual energy, simply laughed contemptuously. 


Then he flicked his finger against Su Yiyun’s forehead, sending him flying backward until he crashed, hard, right into a streetlight. 




As Su Yiyun knelt on the ground, coughing hard, the white-robed man reappeared beside him.   


“With just your trivial abilities, you’re not even close to my level.” 


“What the hell do you want? Are you a demon Li Min’e sent to deal with me? Let me tell you, there’s no way I’ll betray my bro, not even if I die! Even I can’t remove the mark she left in me. I can’t defeat you, so just kill me!” Su Yiyun roared furiously, his expression ferocious. 


The pain left him completely unable to move. Even so, his gaze shone with determination.


Throw in his lot with the demons!


He couldn’t do it!


“Not bad, not bad. So this is how he reacted back then.” 


Shockingly, when the white-robed man saw Su Yiyun’s ferocious demeanor, he smiled sadly. Then he reached out and helped Su Yiyun from the ground. A halo of pure-white light entered his body. 


“I’m not working for the demons. You don’t need to worry about that.” 


“Then who exactly are you? Why are you bringing up Li Min’e and my bro?” Su Yiyun still had yet to relax his guard.  


“It doesn’t matter who I am. I’m just here to ask you this: Do you want to help him? Do you want to help Ye Zichen?” 

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