Chapter 985 - Big Brother

He waved the sword, shaking off all the blood. 


The man embracing Su Yan scowled, his pitch-black eyes betraying his unconcealable fury.


“I left my little sister in your care. Is this how you’ve been ‘taking care of her?’”


His furious interrogation got no response whatsoever. Su Liu’er, her entire body radiating bloodlust, simply clutched her bleeding arm and glowered at him. Her red eyes brimmed with undisguised killing intent.


“A tribulation of the heart. I sympathize with you, but that doesn’t mean you can hurt my sister.” 




His longsword cried out and trembled as its blade flashed with silvery light. 


Su Yiyun. 


The man embracing her was Su Yiyun. 


Although he’d lost far too much of his life force, leaving him looking ancient and decrepit, Su Yan still recognized him immediately. This was her older brother, the one who’d doted on her back in the Modern Realm. 


This was her brother! The one who, even during a downpour, would go miles just to buy her her favorite foods. He would even wrap them in his clothes for fear they’d get cold. All she had to do was call and say she was hungry.  


Hadn’t he gone and joined the demons? 


Why had he suddenly appeared here? Why was he still calling her his “little sister?”


Back in the Modern Realm, hadn’t he said he didn’t want her as his little sister anymore? 


“Don’t be afraid. With me here, no one can hurt you,” Su Yiyun said earnestly in an attempt to soothe Su Yan’s emotions. 


Finally, Su Yan spoke, her voice trembling, “you…. how could it be you? Didn’t you go join the demons?” 


Su Yiyun’s body shook inexplicably. He smiled tightly, then looked at her gently. “I’ll explain later. For now, I’d best hurry up and deal with her.” 




When she heard the words “deal with,” Su Yan thought he was going to kill Su Liu’er.


“Big Sister Liu’er is undergoing tribulation. She’s usually good to me, please don’t kill her,” she said hurriedly. 


“I know,” Su Yiyun chuckled at her, then his gaze suddenly sharpened. “It’s because she’s undergoing tribulation that this is so troublesome. But don’t worry. Your bro knows restraint; I won’t really hurt her life.” 




Su Yiyun flung his sword high into the air, then Su Yan watched as hands rapidly formed into seals. 


“Limitless Universe, Changeable Dao, Soul-locking formation, Activate!” 


The sword landed, embedding itself in the ground by Su Liu’er’s feet. Moments later, a glowing, six-sided formation appeared around her. 


Each corner of hexagonal formation emanated a line of blue light. The lines converged at a central point in the sky like a pyramid, sealing Su Liu’er within.


“Die, die……” 


Although she was sealed in place, Su Liu’er still roared and screamed madly. 


When he saw this, Su Yiyun stepped lightly into the air and landed in front of her.


Su Yan called out in concern from outside the formation, “Big Sister.” 


In response, Su Liu’er only reached her hands through the cage and clawed viciously at her. 




When she slapped the walls of the formation, lightning crackled on the bars of light.


In pain, Su Liu’er hurriedly retracted her hands, her blood-red eyes fearful. She curled up in the fetal position, trying her best to avoid the lightning. 


“Big Sister!” 


Although Su Liu’er had just come extremely close to clawing Su Yan, when Su Yan saw her pitiful appearance, she couldn’t help but cry out in shock. 


Then she looked at Su Yiyun and pleaded, “please don’t shock Big Sister Liu’er anymore, she isn’t doing it on purpose.”




Su Yiyun dispersed the lightning coursing through the formation. When Su Yan saw this, she sighed in relief, then said, “do you have any way to restore Big Sister Liu’er to normal? If you do, please, do it for my sake…..”

“Alright, I got it.”


He patted her head, then looked at the bestial Su Liu’er and snorted.

“You forced a tribulation before clearing up your hearts’ demons. If it weren’t for my little sister and because you truly have treated her well all this time, I wouldn’t even bother with you.” 


With that, a line of blue light appeared in his hands…..




“What’s going on with Big Sister Liu’er? When I left, she seemed like she’d calmed down.” 


As they hurried from Dragon City, Ye Zichen asked Su Zhu about Su Liu’er’s situation.


Su Zhu was visibly overcome with worry and as she responded, “I don’t know either. Not long after you left, the red energy around her grew even denser than before. Earlier, she still had some reservations and wouldn’t do anything to me or Lil’ Yan. This time, though, she attacked even us.” 


“It’s that bad? How could that be?” 


As Ye ZIchen spoke, they arrived at the spot where Su Liu’er was undergoing her tribulation. They immediately saw that Su Liu’er was sealed within a formation, then noticed one of her arms lying off to the side. There was even a man in front of her, doing god-knows-what.  


Even more importantly, the man held Su Yan in her arms. Judging from her face, she was clearly nervous. 


“Su Yan, Big Sister Liu’er!” Ye Zichen roared, eyes bloodshot.


When they heard his cry, Su Yiyun and Su Yan turned to look. 




Su Yiyun, hands still emitting blue light, smiled. He’d been undercover amongst the demons for so long. To prevent Black Dragon from suspecting him, he’d even done numerous horrible things to this dear friend of his.  


Now, though, everything was pretty much in place; he could finally be free. He’d take this opportunity to explain everything properly.


However, he’d already built up energy for his spiritual technique. Doing it all over again would waste time, so he wanted to help Su Liu’er first, then have a nice chat with this old friend of his.


It was just…..


In Ye Zichen’s eyes, his smile looked….


Like disdain.


You’re mocking me? 


It was as if his eyes were saying: Ye Zichen, they’re important to you, aren’t they? Well, they’re both in my hands now.




I’m going to kill them right in front of you.    


“Su Yiyun, you’re seeking death!”


In a burst of explosive fury, Ye Zichen shot forward at top speed and concentrated all of his spiritual energy in his right first.   


“Limitless Universe, Changeable Dao, Break…….” 




His fist went straight through Su Yiyun’s back, piercing right through his chest. 


When Su Yan saw that blood-covered hand emerge from his chest, her eyes instantly widened…..    




As his hand punctured Su Yiyun’s chest, Ye Zichen froze, astonished. 


Why hadn’t he resisted at all?


Then he heard Su Yan shrieking and saw the way Su Yiyun embraced her. 




“Limitless Universe, Changeable Dao, Break All Barriers!”


Despite the hole in his chest, Su Yiyun gently placed his glowing blue hand between Su Liu’er’s eyes.


The blue light melted into her forehead, Before long, they saw the red mist enveloping her dissipate completely. 


His hand…. Ye Zichen removed his hand from Su Yiyun’s chest. Su Yiyun turned around. Fresh blood gushed from his wound, but even so, he reached out to Ye Zichen…..


 “Ye-zi, long time no see!” 




Su Yan fell to her knees, unable to restrain her emotions any longer.  


“Big Brother…..” 



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