Chapter 984 - Bai Di, the White Emperor


“Let’s end the pleasantries here.” 


As he stepped into the sky, a smile flickered through Black Dragon’s eyes. His grin was like a signal, setting everyone above Dragon City on edge. 




In the blink of an eye, Black Dragon disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.


He gave them no chance to react whatsoever. When Black Dragon came back into view…….




“White Emperor!”


Black Dragon was already just a few meters away from the Four Beasts Formation. However, as he swung his fist, he found himself facing the head of the Tiangou Clan, Bai Di. 


Bai Di smiled calmly and pushed, shoving Black Dragon more than a hundred meters back. 


“It’s been ten thousand years. Have your old wounds healed yet? 


Black Dragon’s left arm shook inexplicably. He couldn’t help but recall the man who’d severed his arm all those years ago. 


Bai Di, the White Emperor.


He was one of the three Great Emperors of the Beast Region. His title was “Di,” or Emperor, and so was his given name. [1] 


He could be considered the first person in the Beast Region to be named an emperor. Even before the Heavenly Court’s former Jade Emperor or the Underworld’s Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens had taken power, the White Emperor had already claimed his title. 


Given his breath-taking talent, he could have broken through and ascended to godhood tens of thousands of years ago. 


However, although tens of thousands of years had passed, he still lingered at the peak immortal king level without taking even a single step forward. 


That combined with the Jade Emperor and Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens’ sudden rise to prominence meant the name “White Emperor” gradually faded from peoples’ memories. 


However, although others might forget, Black Dragon couldn’t!


Ten thousand years ago, when he attacked the Three Realms, he was forced to return in bitter defeat. Why? Because he’d lost at the White Emperor’s hands. 


It had been completely one-sided suppression; he essentially hadn’t even managed to fight back.


The others above Dragon City were also visibly surprised. Even Xia Hua hesitated. The way they looked at Black Dragon and Bai Di shifted noticeably.


They actually knew each other? 


However, judging from Bai Di’s words, it seemed Black Dragon hadn’t fared well against him.


More importantly, Bai Di made a move just now.


When Black Dragon disappeared, not even Xia Hua could react in time. Yet this “White Emperor” ….




Off in the distance, Black Dragon struggled to stop his left arm from trembling. Contempt flashed through his eyes. 


“White Emperor, the memory of you severing my arm all those years ago has long since been burned into my heart. It’s true: I lost back then. However, it’s hard to say what’ll happen this time.” 


“Are you sure?” 


The White Emperor smiled and looked up. Instantly, Black Dragon felt as if he’d fallen into a deep, frozen pool. Over and over again, his most fundamental instincts screamed at him: the person looking at you is dangerous. 


At that very moment, Su Zhu scurried frantically out of Dragon City, her face overcome with anxiety.


She landed directly before Ye Zichen. He hurriedly reached out to help stabilize her, then frowned, “Big Sister Su Zhu, what’s wrong?” 


“Zichen, hurry and come with me. Big Sister, she….”


Su Zhu was so frantic she could barely speak. She was in no mood to worry about the encroaching demon army. Su Liu’er’s current predicament was far more important to her. 


“Didn’t Big Sister Liu’er’ settle down? Or are you saying….?” 


Ye Zichen inwardly felt a sense of foreboding. However, just a moment later, he recalled the demonic horde outside Dragon City. 



“Come with me and see for yourself. Lil’ Yan is still there watching over her, I’m afraid…..” 


Su Zhu’s shoulders started trembling. Ye Zichen immediately found himself caught between a rock and a hard place. 


At that moment, though, Bai Di smiled at him. “Emperor Ye, don’t worry. Go ahead and leave this to me.” 


Even though he faced Black Dragon, a sky supreme, you couldn’t see even the slightest hint of nervousness in his expression. On the contrary, he even seemed somewhat disdainful. 


“The Heart Demon Tribulation isn’t that easy to overcome. When she calmed down earlier, it might just have been because her heart demon made her do it. You’d best go take a look to ensure the Empress’s safety. As for this place, I guarantee that the demons won’t be able to break the Four Beasts Formation.” 


“I’ll leave it to you, then, White Emperor.”


Ye Zichen cupped his hands respectfully, then frowned and looked at Su Zhu. “Lead the way.”


The two of them left the sky above Dragon City and made their way back to the ancient forest where Su Liu'er was undergoing tribulation.  


Bai Di watched them leave, not looking away until they’d left his sight. Finally, he smiled calmly. 


How could Black Dragon, a sky supreme, bear this sort of disregard?   


“White Emperor!” 


“You’re noisy.” Bai Di rubbed his ears, then looked coldly at Black Dragon. “Retreat, or die.” 




With that, Black Dragon’s sky supreme level strength flooded outward, leaving no doubt as to his true strength. His vast spiritual power bore down on them. The others above Dragon City found themselves struggling to even breathe. 


To everyone’s surprise, Bai Di simply stood there and smiled calmly, not reacting at all even as Black Dragon’s power stirred up fierce, cutting winds that howled past his face. 


A cold laugh escaped his lips. 




He stood, hands behind his back. Instantly an even more explosive spiritual power exploded out of him, completely suppressing Black Dragon’s aura. 


The White Emperor!


He was enigmatic and unfathomable!


 “Big Sister, hurry and wake up!”


Su Yan stood outside the range of the tribulation lightning and bit her lip. She fidgeted with the hem of her clothes, uncertain of just what she should be doing. 


She’d called out to Su Liu’er over and over again in an attempt to wake her, but Su Liu’er was still in the middle of her tribulation. How could she possibly hear Su Yan’s call?    


“Big Sister, Big Sister……”


She gnawed her lip and muttered to herself. Then, all of a sudden, Su Liu’er looked right at her. 


She was still in the middle of her tribulation and her red eyes glinted viciously. Facing her terrifying gaze, Su Yan practically lost the ability to even think. 




Su Liu’er suddenly left the lightning’s range and charged directly at Su Yan, then reached out and grabbed her by the neck. 


Su Liu’er lifted her from the ground. Su Liu’er slammed her fists into Su Liu’er’s arms and kicked frantically with both legs. Her face was pained as she cried out, “Big……. Sister……. Please…… wake up.” 


However, this failed to wake Su Liu’er up. On the contrary, Su Liu’er’s face grew even more vicious. 


“Die! Die!.... Just die!” 


She suddenly strengthened her grip. As Su Liu’er’s hands tightened around Su Yan’s neck, she felt suffocated and helpless.


“Big Sister…..” 




A bloody light flashed past Su Yan’s eyes. Then she felt the force squeezing her neck disappear as scalding hot liquid splashed against her face.


She instinctively wiped her face clean….


It was blood!


It was then that she finally noticed Su Liu’er clutching the stump of her arm and howling in agony. Her severed arm had fallen to the floor. Fresh blood gushed from her wounds.


At that moment, Su Yan, who was still floating in the air, fell as well. However, she fell right into someone’s arms.


Her gaze fell on the man embracing her. Instantly, she froze in shock. She couldn’t speak, nor do anything but look at the man in utter astonishment. It was him! That man!


The man said nothing either. Blood dripped from the edge of his sharp sword, falling, drop by drop, to the ground below.


He was using his own body to protect Su Yan!

[1] His surname, 白, means "white." His given name, 帝, means "emperor." That means both his name and his title are the exact same characters, 白帝. With a few notable exceptions, I don't translate names, but I do translate titles. Since it's the same thing in this case, I've decided to switch between the two based on context. 

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