Chapter 983 - Su Yiyun’s Strange Behavior

Within the tribulation lightning, Su Liu’er had returned to Yuan Hong’s death at Maple City.


Yuan Hong lay on the ground, eyes lifeless, a gaping hole in his chest. They were surrounded on all sides by demon soldiers as far as the eye could see. 


“Dammit, all of you deserve to die!” 




Vast spiritual power flooded outward as Su Liu’er’s deep blue eyes instantly turned blood-red.


Blood-red killing intent radiated out of her body, filling the air. She fought with a yao’s most fundamental weapons, her sharp claws and fangs, and stopped the incoming swarm of demons ten meters away. 


She wanted to preserve this last patch of pure earth for Yuan Hong. No one was allowed to enter within ten meters of him.


However, her lightning-speed and ferocity failed to scare off the demons. It was if they knew nothing of fear as they charged endlessly at her and Yuan Hong. 


The entire world contained no one except for her, Yuan Hong, and an endless demonic horde.


“Just die!” 


Over and over again, her sharp claws shredded a demon to bits. She had no idea just how many had fallen at her hands. 


Gazing into the distance, she saw a mountain of demonic corpses. Even so, the demons rushed ever forward, stepping over the corpses of their fallen allies. 


She felt an inexplicable surge of despair. 


Why hadn’t anyone come save them yet? She’d stalled for so long but had yet to see even a single allied soldier lend a helping hand.


All she saw was a mountain of corpses, a sea of blood, and an endless swarm of demons.


Why? Had they abandoned her and Yuan Hong, just like that?


“Kill! His Excellency Black Dragon said that whoever seizes that woman will become a marquis and rule over thousands! Attack, my brothers!” 


The demons let out a battle cry and hefted their bone clubs and sharp blades as they charged towards her. After fighting so long without even a chance to catch her breath, Su Liu’er strength was running low. 


She gasped for air, breathing ragged. When she heard what the demons were saying…...   


“Brothers, kill! That girl can't hold out much longer!”


When they saw her struggling to catch her breath, the demons instantly got all fired up. They charged forth full of enthusiasm.




At that moment, Su Liu’er suddenly smiled coldly. 




The incoming swarm of demons was instantly frozen into ice sculptures. However, that spiritual art used up the very last of her strength.


She tightly embraced Yuan Hong’s corpse. Before long, countless demons surrounded them at swordpoint. 


“Yuan Hong.” 


She gently caressed Yuan Hong’s cheek. A heartbreaking smile surfaced on her unadorned face. 


“Why were you so stupid? Why?” she murmured softly and rested his head on her leg. Then she looked up, gust after gust of cold wind billowing off of her. The surrounding demons couldn’t help but take a few steps backward. 


“I’m totally useless. I couldn’t even bring your body back to your clan. But that doesn’t matter. You won’t be alone on the road to the Underworld. In a moment, I’ll go there to accompany you. However, before that happens, there’s still something important I have to do.” 




Ye Zichen watched Su Liu’er kneel motionlessly on the ground.

He couldn’t resist asking, “Su Liu’er stopped moving. Has she already overcome her heart demons?”


Clan Head Bai of the Tiangou Clan tightly knit his brows and stroked his chin thoughtfully. 


“I can't say for certain. That said, judging from the decreased killing intent around her, it does seem like she’s already passed the trial.” 


At that moment, they suddenly heard someone shouting in the distance, “there’s trouble! The demons are attacking!”


Ye Zichen and Clan Head Bai, who’d been focused on evaluating Su Liu’er’s situation, both visibly started. They glanced at each other, then Clan Head Bai leaped into the air.


Ye Zichen looked deeply at Su Liu’er once more, noting her tightly tensed fists, then leaped into the air as well. 


However, shortly after leaving, he dimly sensed a change in the surrounding air. 


“Strange,” Ye Zichen muttered to himself and frowned, but he had no time to consider the matter further. Instead, he hurried toward the city gates. 


“Protect the Four Beasts Formation with your life!” shouted Xia Hua. He stood before the formation, defending it.


However, his solemn gaze was fixed on the vast and mighty demonic horde a hundred miles away. Instead of flying directly in, they’d stopped before the seal formed by the Xuanwu Tortoise and were now madly trying to break through it.


“What’s the situation?”  


At the same time, Ye Zichen arrived above the city and looked into the distance. “What’s the situation?” 


Then he noticed the woman formed of nirvanic flame. She still blazed with intense heat. However, it seemed the flames were restricted somehow; not a single wave of heat managed to escape. 


“A Vermillion’s Bird’s Nirvana, the Xuanwu Tortoise as a Wall….,” Clan Head Bai of the Tiangou Race gasped in surprise. He never would have guessed that this battle had been so fierce.  


“A vermillion bird’s nirvanic flames are capable of refining both heaven and earth. How could the demons possibly seal them in?” 


“I don’t know either.” 


Xia Hua watched the demons solemnly. All of this had happened far too suddenly, leaving him in no mood to exchange pleasantries with Clan Head Bai. 


“What matters now is just how we’re going to protect the Four Beasts Formation. Clan Head Bai, there’s something you don’t know: the Demons’ Black Dragon possesses the strength of a sky supreme!”


“What?” The head of the Tiangou Clan’s calm demeanor instantly grew serious. “How is that possible? Don’t we have Laws restricting that sort of thing?”


“There are already no more Laws here, otherwise, Black Dragon wouldn’t be so aggressive. I can’t explain the details to you, but these demons….




Before Xia Hua finished his sentence, he saw that a hundred miles away, the demons had successfully broken the restriction Tu Biyu left behind and were rushing towards Dragon City. 


Above the city, allied soldiers of every race held their breath and watched their approach.


The Four Beasts Formation!


They had to protect it, even if it killed them!


However, when the invaders were about one hundred meters away from Dragon City, Black Dragon called them to a halt. He carefully scrutinized Ye Zichen and snorted, “Emperor Ye, you two really worked together to put on quite a show, didn’t you?” 


Ye Zichen frowned, looked down at Black Dragon, and snorted, “what do you mean by that?” 


“Still pretending at a time like this? Don’t you think that’s a little much?” Black Dragon’s face brimmed over with contempt. 


Then he shrugged, “but it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about that at all.” 


All this came totally out of left field. Ye ZIchen was utterly baffled. 


Little did he know, Black Dragon was silently evaluating his expression.


There was no connection. 


They’d already reached this point. There was already no need for Ye Zichen to keep hiding it.


Yet he still looked completely confused. Besides, if Su Yiyun really worked for Ye Zichen, there was no need for him to seal the vermillion bird’s nirvanic flames and allow the demons to invade.


Had he really overthought things? 


But why didn’t Su Yiyun deal with the nirvanic flames right from the start? Why didn’t he say anything at all when he left?   


Black Dragon’s heart was filled with doubt and suspicion, but…..


The most important thing now was breaking that irksome Four Beasts Formation!

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