Chapter 98 Adventures at the Cold Drinks Store

Chapter 98 – Adventures at the cold drinks store

Ye Zichen, who was holding the phone, laughed idiotically. He truly imagined so many benefits that he would get in the future that he couldn’t quite return to his senses.

Liu Qing sat opposite him with her hands supporting her head as she stared at him speechlessly, “You truly look so idiotic.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance after his daydream was interrupted by a ghost, “The hell do you know? Big bro was just talking about business with the people from the Heavenly Court. The Heavenly Court, do you get it?”

"You’re crazy,” Liu Qing twitched his mouth.

“Ghost!” Just as Ye Zichen imagined the blueprint for his beautiful future, a sharp scream rang out outside the cold drinks store.

Ye Zichen’s heart immediately jumped. Could someone have seen Liu Qing?

Liu Qing also opened her eyes in fright. The two of them looked over towards the source of the sound and saw that the scream came from a woman, whose face was covered in a very thick layer of foundation, wearing a pair of red high heels. At the same time, a cold drinks store waitress stood in front of her.


Ye Zichen and Liu Qing both let out a sigh.

They weren’t calling Liu Qing a ghost.

Ye Zichen stood up to leave the cold drinks store with the mindset of nothing affecting him at all.

However, when he walked to the cold drinks store entrance, he saw that waitress.

“Hu-ge, I was so scared.”

The red high heels woman pretended to be terrified as she reached out to grab the arm of the huge man.

The man looked up and eyed the waitress before disgust instantly surfaced on his face, “F*ck off, were you born so ugly to scare people?”

He picked up the cold drink and threw it towards the waitress. The waitress raised up her drink to block it, causing the cold drink to instantly splash onto the woman.

“Ahhh…” The woman with heavy make-up screamed, then instantly stood up to slap the waitress.

“Don’t be too outrageous.”

Ye Zichen hurried over from the side, grabbed the woman’s hand and pushed her to the side.

At the same time, he turned around, looked at the hurt waitress and said softly, “Li Jiayi, are you alright?”

“Why are you here?”

Li Jiayi’s expression was clearly rather unnatural when she saw Ye Zichen.

That day in the hotel…

Ye Zichen is still not admitting to it!

“Hu-ge…” At this moment, the woman that Ye Zichen pushed aside also screamed. The muscular man opposite her instantly stood up, then reached out his hand to grab Ye Zichen’s shoulder.

“Hands off.” Ye Zichen turned and looked at the man who had grabbed his shoulder with an indifferent gaze.

The man instantly felt an icy chill around him, causing him to subconsciously let go of Ye Zichen’s shoulder.

“I feel like this is a misunderstanding, what do you think?”

A faint coldness spread through Hu-ge’s heart once again. He gulped. There was only one thought in Hu-ge’s mind.

This brat wasn’t someone that should be pissed off easily.

However, the woman beside him did not think that much. She stepped forward and screamed at Ye Zichen and Li Jiayi, “Are you blind? Did you not see this ugly woman wet my clothes? These are new clothes that I bought!”

“Do you believe that I’ll rip your mouth off if you say anything else?” Ye Zichen glared at her and said. “As for your clothes. How much are they? I’ll compensate you.”

“Can you afford it!?”

The woman revealed a look of disdain, while Hu-ge sneakily pulled on the woman and smiled, “Bro, I feel like you are kind of familiar, I wonder which group you run with?”

“Don’t worry about which group I run with, I’ll compensate you for the clothes. Apologize towards her.”

“Apologize? Dream on,” The harsh woman shouted once more.



Ye Zichen directly slapped the harsh woman’s face, then shook his hands with a dark look in his eyes.

“Don’t ignore my words…”

“You actually dared to hit me.”

The harsh woman was stunned, then she immediately reached out to scratch Ye Zichen’s face.

What met her was another loud slap.

“Don’t challenge my patience.”

“Hu-ge,” the woman covered her face, then coquettishly shook the man’s shoulders. However, the man completely ignored her and said tremblingly. “Ye… You’re Young Master Ye, right?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, he didn’t think that the brat would recognize him.

“You know me?”

Hu-ge felt that Ye Zichen was very familiar from first glance, but he just couldn’t recall who he was.

However, he finally remembered when Ye Zichen slapped his woman.

This was definitely a powerful monster.


Hu-ge gulped furiously, then slapped the woman beside him. “Apologize.”

Hu-ge’s slap completely shocked the harsh woman. She stared at him in shock, then exploded, “Zhao Hu, you actually dared to hit me. You dared to hit me.

The harsh woman raised her hand to scratch Zhao Hu’s face. Zhao Hu clenched his teeth, grabbed held of the harsh woman’s arm, then pushed her before raising his hand to slap her once again, “Liu Zhu, apologize to Young Master Ye quickly!”

“F*ck you! Zhao Hu, just you wait. And you two, wait right there,” the harsh woman screamed and left the cold drinks store. Zhao Hu gulped as he cursed the woman for being retarded.

She might be kind of capable, but compared to Young Master Ye.

She’s nothing!

“Young Master Ye…”

“It seems like this woman is more amazing than you?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth with a smile, then hinted towards Li Jiayi. “Apologize.”

“Sis Ye, sorry. It was I who had eyes, but did not recognize Mt. Tai…”

Li Jiayi, who was on the side, instantly blushed, while Ye Zichen got confused as well.

What was with this brat’s brain? He thought too much into it…

“Never mind, nothing really happened to me. Just leave.”

Li Jiayi pursed her lips, while the anger in her heart disappeared as if it was due to Zhao Hu’s usage of “Sis Ye”.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and also said, “Screw off.”

“Ai, ai, yes.”

Zhao Hu immediately scrambled away from the cold drinks store. At this moment, Ye Zichen turned back and asked softly, “Why did you come here to work? Weren’t you working at Golden Spring?”

“Is it any of your business?”

To be honest Li Jiayi felt very vexed, she was annoyed with how Ye Zichen didn’t dare to admit what he did, but then again, he helped her out just now…

“Big Bro, it’s the two of them.”

The harsh woman, who left the cold drinks store earlier, returned with several policemen beside her.

The policemen looked at Ye Zichen and walked over with a frown as they checked him out savagely.

“I suspect you of being related to the recent smuggler groups, please come with us back to the police station to aid with the investigation.”

“You’re talking about me?” Ye Zichen pointed at himself in shock.

Li Jiayi, who was on the side, also couldn’t help but ask, “Officer, you misrecognized the person, right?”

When the police saw the birthmark on Li Jiayi’s face, clear disgust surfaced in his eyes.

“Misrecognized? I won’t do that. Also, I feel like you’re linked with their association as well. Bring them away together.”

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