Chapter 978 - Agree to our Request

Despite themselves, the faces of the other clansmen outside Dragon City revealed their inner grief. Most of them were already at least middle-aged. 


Walking down this path was perhaps unfair to upright, middle-aged adults like them as well. Even so, this was still the right thing to do under the circumstances. 


For the sake of their clans, they could be fearless. 


But Xia Keke was different. At her age, she was like a flower in bloom. There was still far too much she’d never experienced, far too much of the world she’d never seen. 


Xia Hua embraced her, tears flowing from his aged eyes, but Xia Keke simply smiled calmly at him. 


“Grandpa, please don’t cry anymore.”


She used her calming smile to comfort the old man as best she could before struggling out of his embrace. 


“We don’t have much time,” she said, her smile tranquil. “Let’s get started.” 


“Wait a moment. We white tigers have something we need to say.” 


The speaker was a middle-aged man, his arm emblazoned with a white tiger tattoo. He took a step forward and looked at Xia Hua of the Dragon Clan solemnly. 


“Head of the Dragon Clan, you needn’t feel sorry for us. When we decided to form the foundation of the Sacred Beasts Formation, we’d already made up our minds to die. All of us will face our ends calmly.” 


The others nodded as well. They hadn’t been forced to come here; they’d all done so of their own free will.


The Sacred Beast clan heads told them their final outcome before the battle. That all of them were still determined to be here despite knowing the consequences meant that they already planned to sacrifice themselves for their clans. 


“However, before we place the formation, the few of us from the White Tiger clan, or rather, our entire White Tiger Race, would like you to agree to our request.”


The white tiger clansman’s face was firm and unyielding. Xia Hua nodded in response.


“Please speak.” 


“Avenge our clan head on our behalf.” 


They neither gnashed their teeth nor gave into hesperia. As he said this, the White Tiger clansman was utterly composed. However, one look at his bloodshot eyes and everyone present could feel the depths of his obsession. 


It wasn’t just him. The other White Tiger clansmen were the same way.


As they watched their clan head die, overpowering fury blazed in their hearts. 


They could be considered their clan’s final chess piece, reserved in case they lost the battle. They wanted to trade their burning souls for a hundred years of peace in the Beast Region. 


After a hundred years, they’d have a thread of hope of avenging their clan head and helping his soul find peace. 


“I'll do all I can,” Xia Hua replied without confidence. After witnessing Black Dragon’s overwhelming strength, he really couldn’t muster any domineering pride. 


“Clan Head Xia, we want a definitive answer. Otherwise, even when we’re dead, we won’t be able to rest in peace.” 


“That’s right, Clan Head Xia. please give us a definitive answer.” 


“Clan Head Xia…..”


“Clan Head Xia…..”


Practically everyone present simultaneously called out his name. He sensed their buried unwillingness and their deep obsession…..


“Alright. A hundred years later, the Beast Region will definitely flatten the demons and blood zombies and reclaim the Three…..” 




Suddenly, a massive boom reverberated in their ears. They couldn’t help but turn and look. 


“Even if you’re at the peak of the earth supreme level, you’re still only an earth supreme. Even if I’m only at the early sky supreme level, I’m still a sky supreme. The difference between us is comparable to that of heaven and earth. How do you plan to make up for it?” 


Black Dragon, his entire body covered in bony spikes, let out a wantonly arrogant grin. Then they watched as Yin Shang, his entire body emitting light, hurtled towards the ground like a comet.




He slammed into the dirt with a bang. 


Yin Shang clutched his hand to his chest. Wisps of purple smoke billowed from his chest, corroding his skin. 


He bit down hard, his lips stained with blood, his gaze unwilling as he glowered intently up at Black Dragon. 


The demon king floated down from above.


His entire body emanated purple smoke. Black Dragon’s gaze was close to disdain as he examined the Yin Shang. 


When he saw the ominous glint in Yin Shang’s eyes, he said, “that’s a pretty good expression. Unfortunately, I detest it.” 




Black Dragon lifted his right foot and pressed down hard on Yin Shang’s chest. A spur of bone sprouted from his heel and stabbed its way into Yin Shang’s chest.



Beneath Black Dragon’s feet, Yin Shang grunted breathlessly. His pallid place dripped uncontrollably with sweat. 


Beads of sweat flowed down his cheeks and dripped onto the ground. His temples were completely soaked. 


“You ought to be one of the gods. Otherwise, you couldn’t possibly possess the earth supreme level of power. 


Black Dragon looked at Yin Shang inquisitively, but all he got in response was a contemptuous eye-roll.     




The foot pressed onto Yin Shang’s chest twisted. As it moved, that sharp spur of bone sliced his chest open. Fresh blood gushed out of the wound as his eyes rolled back into his head and his entire body twitched uncontrollably.


“You were the only opponent I was interested in fighting, yet this is all you amounted to.” 


Black Dragon retracted the spur protruding from his heel, then narrowed his eyes at the twitching, unconscious Yin Shang.


“Since you let me fight to my heart’s content, I’ll grant you a quick death. “ 


Another spur grew from his palm, its sharp edges glinting with terrifying cold light. He swung his hand at Yin Shang’s head. 




Ye Zichen shielded Yin Shang with his body. Black Dragon’s bone spur bounced off the blood sword strapped to his back. 


“Ye Zichen.” 


When he saw who’d arrived, Black Dragon started. Shouldn’t Ye Zichen be fighting Gu Li right now? Had he really disposed of Gu Li in such a short amount of time?


However, the moment soon passed and didn’t think about it any longer. Who cared if he’d defeated Gu Li or not. Since he'd come here, he was throwing his life away…...


His expression shifted. 




In an instant, a bony spur pierced through the Blood Sword, shattering it before punching a hole in Ye Zichen’s chest. 




Ye Zichen coughed uncontrollably, spraying a mouthful of blood. Then he turned around, gaze ferocious, and grabbed the spur.



He snapped it in two.




At the same time, the sonorant cry of a vermillion bird resonated through the skies.


Black Dragon saw the glow of flames out of the corner of his left eye and took a few steps back. Ye Zichen seized the opportunity to carry Yin Shang several hundred meters away. 


Yin Shang twitched uncontrollably in his arms and blood leaked from his mouth in a non-stop stream. The red blood was mixed with chunks of his shattered organs. 


“Yin Shang, Yin Shang….!”


Ye Zichen still had a bony spur embedded in his chest. However, he ignored it, choosing to repeatedly call out Yin Shang’s name instead. 


 “Emperor Ye, take this chance to hurry to Dragon City!”


 Zhuge Hong, in her true form of a vermillion bird, landed in front of Ye Zichen. She was fully a hundred meters long. Her feathers, formed from flames, emitted intense energy.  


“How dare a tiny, insignificant little vermillion bird like you act against me?” 


Black Dragon, his entire body sporting bony spurs, laughed contemptuously. However, less than a second passed before he felt a wave of heat rush towards him, so intense it seemed capable of burning down the whole word. 


Before his very eyes, the flames enveloping the vermillion bird turned from red to gold.


This was a Vermillion Bird’s Nirvana!

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