Chapter 977 - Xia Hua’s Feeling of Helplessness

 A sky supreme.  


He’d be an exceptional figure even within the upper three realms. 


Of course, up amongst the gods, experts were as common as clouds. Even a sky supreme needed to live with the utmost caution. 


However, this was not the God Realm. This was only the Three Realms, just one of the countless planes under the gods’ jurisdiction. 


Who could…. Rather, who possessed both strength and courage sufficient to stop Black Dragon, a sky supreme?” 


Although Black Dragon’s attention made Yin Shang somewhat nervous, he didn’t back down in the slightest. Instead, he stared right back at him.


As their auras intercrossed, Yin Shang focused on Ye Zichen and transmitted, “Emperor Ye, as your subordinate, I recommend against continuing this battle.” 


“If I’m not mistaken, Black Dragon is currently at least at the sky supreme level. We’ll struggle to take the advantage even if the two of us work together. Also, once again assuming I’m not mistaken, Gu Li’s true strength should be around the earth supreme level. He should have no trouble single-handedly restraining the three Sacred Beast clan heads. Besides, their camp still has the Zombie Progenitors and a formations expert like Su Yiyun. In terms of experts, we’re already at an absolute disadvantage.” 


If the three sacred lands could dispatch troops, they might have enough strength to fight it out. However, the enemy had contacted someone from a higher realm, who’d stopped the sacred realms’ reinforcements in their tracks and even plunged the sacred lands themselves into conflict. 


From that moment on, Three Realms sunk into an unfavorable position. 


You could say that, from the moment this battle began, this hadn’t been a fair fight. 


Ye Zichen’s expression shifted erratically. However, while he hesitated, Yin Shang repeated everything he’d said to the Sacred Beast clan heads. 


After hearing this information, the clan heads grew silent. 


They ought to be hot-blooded.


However, under these circumstances, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to fearlessly sacrifice themselves. 


They might want to wipe out the demons and blood zombies and avenge Lei Hu. However, they couldn’t afford to risk the lives of tens of thousands of their clansmen on such a long shot.


No, this couldn’t even be considered a “long shot.” 


It would be just like attacking a rock with an egg. 


“I agree.”


After a brief silence, Xia Hua, the former head of the Dragon Clan, chose to retreat. 


“What do you two think?” Yi Shang transmitted to Zhuge Hong and Tu Biyu, then saw them nod slightly.


While Ye Zichen was still mulling it over, Yin Shang and the Sacred Beast clan heads had already reached their decision. When he heard their choice, Ye Zichen didn’t have much to say…..


In truth, he might have been thinking the same thing!


“Then it’s settled. I’ll buy enough time for everyone to retreat. You protect Emperor Ye and your retreating clansmen and activate…. The Four Beasts Formation,” said Yin Shang coldly, his sleeves fluttering about despite the lack of wind. 


“Sky supreme, I’ve been stuck at the earth supreme level for a long time now. I’m actually looking forward to learning just how vast the gulf between sky supremes and we earth supremes really is!” 


“It might make you despair,” chortled Black Dragon contemptuously. 


“Oh really? I won’t know unless I try."


As his right foot pushed off against the air with all its might, the space beneath his feet exploded, sending ripples through the sky. Under the blast’s recoil, he transformed into a beam of light and charged at Black Dragon. 




Black Dragon gaze was scornful as countless bony spikes suddenly shot forth from his chest. It seemed he was trying to punch Yin Shang full of holes, like a net…..




Yin Shang’s fist slammed into Black Dragon’s bone spurs with a deafening bang. 




Zhuge Hong, Xia Hua, and the others looked at each other, nodded, then led their troops towards Dragon City. The soldiers currently locked in combat with the demons or zombies continued fighting even as they fled. 


“You want to run?”


Gu Li watched the retreating Sacred Beast clans and sneered. However, just as he was about to intervene, a leg swung right at him, colliding with his arm. The force of the blow stirred up fierce gusts of wind. 




Now over a hundred meters away, Gu Li swung his aching arm and smiled at the person who’d come to intercept him. 


“You’re staying behind to handle me? You really are a wonderful opponent! Ye Zichen, are you ready to return your emperor’s fortune to me?” 


“If you want it, come and take it!” Ye ZIchen simply smiled calmly, then transmitted a message to the Sacred Beast clan heads, who were on their way to reinforce him. 


“Don’t worry about me. Hurry up and go!”




Senior Dragon God told them that, if they wanted to turn things around, Ye Zichen would be key to their success


They truly couldn’t let Ye Zichen…...


However, while they hesitated, Ye Zichen roared at them, eyes bloodshot, “Run!” 


Then, without any further delays, he and Gu Li started their vicious, close-quarters combat. 


The clan heads fiercely gnashed their teeth. They could only watch as Ye Zichen and Yin Shang started their fights with Gu Li and Black Dragon…...






In order to help soldiers, both human and beast, retreat successfully, Zhuge Hong returned to her true form as a vermillion bird. Over and over again, she fired her true natal flames from her mouth, completely sealing off the enemy soldiers’ path and preventing them from giving chase. 


Xia Hua landed outside the gates to Dragon City. The people standing there were all clansmen chosen to place the Sacred Beast Formation.


Xia Yingda, Xia Hua’s eldest son and the current head of the Dragon Clan, frowned and said, “Dad, it’s reached this point?” 


Although they hadn’t participated in the battle, standing outside the gates to Dragon City, they could still see the situation on the battlefield. 


It didn’t look optimistic.


Xia Hua looked at the waiting Sacred Beast clansmen and nodded somewhat dejectedly, “I’m sorry. We lost.” 


As he said this, Xia Hua’s fists clenched tightly. He lowered his head, not daring to look them in the eye. 


Saying those meant that all of them would have to sacrifice their lives for their clans. 


“The demons are just too strong. Especially since, without the Law’s restrictions, Black Dragon’s sky supreme level strength is enough to completely suppress us. This old dragon doesn’t fear death but I can’t force hundreds of thousands or even millions of our clansmen to die with me. There’s no other choice. We can only withdraw and wait until the next Master of the Laws appears. Once that happens, we might have some hope of turning things around. Until then, it’s up to you to buy us time.” 


With that, they watched as Xia Hua roughly pulled Xia Keke into an embrace. His turbid eyes glistened with tears. 


“Keke, your grandfather is useless. I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry…..” 


This was his most beloved granddaughter but now, he was about to use her as the eye of a formation. 


Tears flowed uncontrollably from his eyes. Noticing the way he trembled, Xia Keke’s exquisitely beautiful face smiled up at him.

“Grandpa, don’t blame yourself. I don’t blame you at all,” she laughed. “Hee hee, Grandpa, don’t cry. You’re already so old but you’re sobbing like a little kid. Look at me, I’m not crying at all!” 


Her tender little hands reached up and wiped the tears from the corners of Xia Hua’s eyes.


To the side, Xia Yingda couldn’t help it; he silently dried his eyes. 


When Keke was born with the pure, true bloodline of the dragon race, he’d been proud of himself. Now, though, he would prefer she was only an ordinary dragon. 


That way, she wouldn’t have to…..


She was only twenty! She was only twenty years old!

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