Chapter 976 - Absolute Power

When Lin Ru and the white-haired youth left, the seal restricting Ye Zichen disappeared as well.


He took to the skies and saw nothing but endless white clouds. He saw no trace of either of them. 


“Lin Ru,” murmured Ye Zichen.  He tightly clenched his fists, but he had no time to worry about what would happen to her…. 


He suddenly seized up. 


In barely an instant, Ye Zichen’s body froze completely. 


Cold sweat dripped uncontrollably from his back, drenching his clothing. Even his soul trembled uncontrollably.


Now, behind his back, he could clearly sense that pressure sweeping through the skies. 




His Adam's apple bobbed nervously in his throat as he slowly turned to look. 


“Ha ha ha ha!” Black Dragon laughed wantonly as dense purple smog filled the air around him, turning the entire area into a sea of purple. 


Then Ye Zichen watched as he unleashed his explosive spiritual power. The clothes on his upper body burst into pieces. 


Something struggled to worm its way out of his scale-covered body. 




With a splash of blood, glittering and translucent bone spurs sprung from his arms.  


Before long, his back and face sprouted bone spurs as well, each gleaming like mirrors and sharp enough that practically shredded the sky itself. 


With this entire body sporting bony spurs, he was incongruously, hideously ugly. 


However, despite his hideous exterior, everyone present felt a cold chill shake their hearts. 



Most likely, Gu Li sensed things clearer than anyone. He’d been standing next to Black Dragon when the bone spurs popped out and only just barely avoided being blinded.


He suddenly felt a deep, calm gaze land right on him.


“Your Excellency Black Dragon,” said Gu Li. As he spoke, he shook subtly, unable to meet Black Dragon’s eyes. 


Before, he already thought Black Dragon was strong but would never have guessed jis strength had already reached this stage. 


The Master of the Laws had already ejected the expert behind him. He took the Three Realms’ Master of the Laws with him too. 


So who was left to hold him back? 


Also, why is he looking at me now? Is he going to start his attack with me?


Gu Li was inwardly frantic. He was like a startled herbivore, his breathing ragged as his heart thudding fearfully in his chest.


“Hmph.” Black Dragon, his body covered in long bony spurs, simply chortled. The spurs completely obscured his expression.


However, that calm snort left Gu Li feeling as if he’d plunged into an endless abyss. 


He gulped repeatedly and forced himself to smile. “Black Dragon, Your Excellency, I never would have guessed you’d hide your strength so deeply! Even without my help, the Three Realms will inevitably be yours!” 


In truth, Gu Li said this to subtly remind him that they were still in an alliance.


So you definitely shouldn’t kill me!


But as soon as the words left his mouth, he realized how ignorant he’d been.


You can level the Three Realms even without my help?


Wasn’t that the same as telling Black Dragon that he was useless to him and that killing him wouldn’t make any difference?


“Your Excellency, just now…..” Gu Li couldn’t help but try and explain himself. However, Black Dragon simply smiled calmly at him, his expression disdainful.


“We’re in an alliance. I won’t do anything to harm you.” 


Although Black Dragon’s expression bordered on disdain, Gu Li wasn’t upset at all. The current Black Dragon possessed strength sufficient to completely suppress everyone else present


Gu Li smiled obsequiously and nodded repeatedly. Black Dragon pushed Gu Li aside.


He narrowed his eyes and looked around, taking Ye ZIchen and the Sacred Beast clan heads in.


His contemptuous gaze carried a pride that looked down on all of creation. To him….. They were nothing but ants. 


“How is this possible?” 


The Three Sacred Beast clan heads’ pupils constricted in wordless shock.  Facing this sort of terrifying pressure, they could barely even think of resisting.


All the soldiers currently fighting the demons and blood zombies found themselves completely out of sorts. As they were distracted…. Nothing greeted them but inescapable death.  


Everything in creation stopped in the face of Black Dragon’s might. They looked into the sky, terrified, at the coldly-smiling king above. 


“Heaven-shaking Strike!”


A hot-headed shout echoed through their ears like thunder. They turned to look and saw Yin Shang, expression grave yet decisive. His fists swung at Black Dragon and slammed into him like massive hammers.


Black Dragon faced away from him. The bone spurs on his back wrapped around him, forming bony armor.


When Yin Shang’s fists collided with the spurs, there was a sudden bang as he was flung backward.


Fresh blood dripped from Yin Shang’s fists and his right arm trembled in pain.


“Isn’t he just a sky supreme? Did he already scare you all out of your wits?” Yin Shang angrily rebuked them.


“What are you just standing there for? Are you just going to give up and wait to die?”


Everyone on the ground shook. It was if his rebuke reached the very depths on their souls, completely waking them from their daze. 


“We can’t just sit and wait for death.” The clan heads frowned in concentration, their boundless will to fight flooding outward. 


Ye Zichen landed by Yin Shang’s side. His three sets of white wings unfurled on his back.


“Fatty, you’re finally here,” said Ye ZIchen, his words carrying a hint of complaint. This guy was indispensable in a fight.


“Don’t blame me! With a Master of the Laws present, the Laws restricted me. There was nothing I could do. That said, I think I’d prefer that the Master of the Laws was still here,” said Fatty Yin gloomily. His strength truly did surpass the limits of the Three Realms. He couldn’t act recklessly with the laws in place.


Even so, he was only an earth supreme! The one before him was the leader of the demon race, Black Dragon. Judging by the aura he exuded, he’d already exceeded the limits of the earth supreme level. 


A sky supreme. 


Even if he was only an early-stage sky supreme, the gulf between them was as vast as the distance between Heaven and Earth. 


When Ye Zichen heard Yin Shang’s response, he was briefly stunned. However, he quickly understood; Black Dragon’s strength would be challenging for Yin Shang to handle too.  


“I never would have guessed you had a supreme too.” Black Dragon had already turned around. His gaze locked onto Yin Shang.


However, his expression was still relaxed. Given his strength, he could tell that Yin Shang was nothing but an earth supreme. 


He was actually no threat at all to Black Dragon. 

Even so, a supreme was a supreme. He still had to treat him with the bare-minimum level of respect.


When Black Dragon fixed his gaze on Yin Shang, he couldn’t help but lick his lips.


Anyone familiar with him knew he did this when he was nervous.


His eyes darted around frantically. There was a sky supreme, Black Dragon, before him, the Zombie Progenitors below, and off in the distance, Su Yiyun, a formations grandmaster, all eying them hungrily. 


They couldn’t let this battle go on any longer!

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