Chapter 975 - Come Back with me

Up in the skies, the youth strolled leisurely down from above.


With just one word, “freeze”, all of heaven and earth froze in place. Falling leaves stopped their descent and the windblown river ceased to ripple. 


So long as it was within this stretch of land, nothing could escape that single word: “freeze.” 


These were the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Nothing could defy them. 


However, besides the youth, there was still one person left who was capable of movement: Lin Ru.


“Why are you the one who came? Tch tch, why are you always so sloppy?”


As a Master of the Laws, she could clearly sense the change in the Laws. She discovered the youth the instant he arrived.


However, when she looked at him, there was no dread in her face whatsoever. She even scorned his fashion choices as if they were familiar to her. 


“Mm. Someone else was going to come at first, but I stopped them,” the youth nodded calmly. It was clear from his demeanor that he was the reserved, taciturn sort.


The youth brushed past Lin Ru and approached the middle-aged man.


Claws still jutted from the middle-aged man’s fingers. He was stuck, trapped in the movement he’d used to attack Lin Ru. 




Right now, he really wanted to gulp, but the Laws didn’t allow him to do even that. 


The white-haired youth cocked his head to the side and pointed directly at the middle-aged man.  “He tried to kill you?”


“No, I didn’t…..” 


Over and over again, the man cried out inwardly, but he couldn’t make a single sound. 


“That’s right. This guy really doesn’t want to live anymore! He wanted to kill me! Erbai, hurry up and get revenge for me,” Lin Ru put her hands on her hips and said angrily. Really, she’d just come this close to being scratched to death. Fortunately, this little brother of hers had arrived just in time. 


“The Laws cannot be provoked. Didn’t you tell him that?” asked the youth. 


“How could I not? I was utterly frantic just now; anything I could say, I said. But this guy spouted some nonsense about how ‘rules are made to be broken’ and ‘killing you will help me breakthrough.’ Ugh, don’t you think he’s infuriating? He even said our Laws were nothing but dog farts and that he’s the true Law here. Damn, I’m so pissed off!” Lin Ru was embellishing the truth, adding nonsense to her story without blinking or beating around the bush. 


When the man heard this, he inwardly called out, “I’ve been wronged.” However, he was still frozen; he couldn’t even fart.


The white-haired youth clearly understood Lin Ru well; he only half-believed her words. However, anyone who provoked the rules had to be punished. 


“I ought to kill the one who defied the rules,” said the youth. Even as he said this, his voice was flat and emotionless. He laid his hand on the middle-aged man’s arm and gently tapped it.


They watched as a line formed on the man’s arm, right where the youth touched it.


“A peak-level diviner dared come here and act wantonly? Hmph, you're outside my jurisdiction so I’ll just teach you a bit of a lesson. Go back where you came from!” 


With a wave of his hand, the middle-aged disappeared completely. However, he left his arm behind. 


“Little bro, you’re too indecisive. Just kill him and be done with it!” Lin Ru rolled her eyes at him irritably. Although he’d already ruined one of the man’s arms, she was still unsatisfied. 


“There’s no other way. He’s outside of my jurisdiction. Even if he tried to kill you, you’re still standing here now. Even if he really had killed you, that wouldn’t justify encroaching on our coworkers’ territory. As Masters of the Laws, we have to control ourselves.” The youth’s reply was calm and even-keeled. Lin Ru simply pouted her lips in response, still not taking him seriously.


“Enough. Come back with me.” 


“Going back with you is, of course, no problem. However, there’s still some business I’ve yet to take care of.” Lin Ru already knew why the youth was here, and had from the moment he’d first arrived. However, he was better than the others; they knew each other relatively well so they could at least talk things over. 


“It doesn’t matter whether your affairs are in order or not. You still have to come back with me,” said the white-haired youth. 


“Come on, give me a little face!” Lin Ru sulked and pleaded. “Help me out!” 


The youth’s brows knit into a rare frown, followed by a nod. 


“Fine then.” 


“Hey, you’re great!” She gave the youth a thumbs up, then dashed towards Black Dragon and Gu Li. 


The Laws currently repressed them too. They couldn’t move a single muscle. 


“Can you help me dispose of the two of them?” 


Black Dragon and Gu Li’s hearts instantly clenched. 


I can’t.” The youth shook his head at Lin Ru. “Don’t make a fuss. This is why I came here looking for you, yet now you want to drag me under too? We Masters of the Law can’t intervene in trivial mortal affairs. You broke the rules. I can’t break them with you.”


“Hey, you….” 


“Come back with me,” said the white-haired youth.


“Fine. You won’t help me? Then I’ll just do it myself. I won’t drag you under, either. I’ll do it myself,” Lin Ru snorted in displeasure but before she could attack, she realized she could no longer move.


“What are you doing? Erbai, how dare you seal me?” 


“I can’t let you make any more mistakes,” said the youth coolly. “You’ve already broken far too many rules, you can’t break more of them. Besides, I’m right here in front of you. If I just watched as you attacked them, I’d have to take responsibility for it too.” 




“Come back with me.” The youth dragged her away, leaving no room for argument. 


At that moment, Lin Ru frowned and called out,“That guy’s strength surpasses the peak of the immortal king level!” 


The youth dragging her away suddenly stopped, then walked up to Black Dragon. As he watched the youth approach, Black Dragon’s heart felt as if it were about to explode.


Then he watched as the youth reached out, tapped his forehead, and looked away, “I can’t believe I let you trick me again,” said the youth expressionlessly. “To prevent you from spouting any more nonsense, I’d best seal your mouth too.” 


“Mmm…..ungh….!” Lin Ru wanted to object but found that no matter how much she struggled, she couldn't open her mouth.


She had no choice. She could only glower at him, her gaze warning the youth that Black Dragon’s strength really did surpass the peak immortal king level.


“There’s no use glaring at me. Just obediently follow me back.” 


With that, the pair of them disappeared through the spatial rift and out of sight. As soon as the youth disappeared, the Laws of Heaven and Earth returned to normal. 


The middle-aged man’s arm, which had been hovering in the air, fell to the ground. Black Dragon clutched his chest and breathed raggedly. 


Just a little more...


And he would have died!


After a brief pause to catch his breath, Black Dragon started to laugh uproariously. 


The Sacred Beast clan heads watched solemnly as Black Dragon removed his armor.




He unleashed his full spiritual power!


Boundless purple light billowed out of him. His awe-inspiring might bore down on everyone present, Gu Li included. They felt as if their throats were blocked. 


Now that the Three Realms had lost its Laws, no one could stop Black Dragon!


He was now a sky supreme!

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