Chapter 974 - The Rewards of Hunting the Laws

Lin Ru’s face froze momentarily but she quickly got her expression back under control. Even so, she was inwardly in complete turmoil. 


Damn, he was way off script!


Kill me? 


He actually wants to kill me?


That little b*tch. He actually wants to eliminate me?


I’m the frickin’ Master of the Laws. He wants to kill me?


Who gave him the courage to say something like that? Did he get drunk before coming here? 


Was he delirious? Or soft in the head? 


Or did I just mishear him?


It was as if countless Lin Ru’s were chattering non-stop in her mind.     


“Your courage is admirable,” she said, looking right at the man. “Are you ready to provoke the Laws, then?”


Although she was internally frantic, Lin Ru forced herself to act cold and aloof


“Provoke the laws?” The middle-aged man laughed and shook his head.” How could I dare?”


When she heard this, Lin Ru inwardly sighed in relief.


So I really did mishear him! He scared the sh*t out of me!


It was just……


“But can the current you truly represent the Laws?”


She froze. 


This time, it wasn’t just her face; Lin Ru’s entire body froze in place. For him to say something like that, had he already seen through her?    


“Your Highness, you’re nothing but a paper tiger without your scepter. Provocation….. Aren’t you tired of pretending? But then, even if you had it, so what? Rules were made to be broken. Immutable laws will only stagnate living things’ progress. I was fortunate enough to kill a Master of the Laws once before. I obtained quite a few benefits from it, too. Your Highness is about to become my second. Who knows? After killing you, I might very well step into the ruler realm.” 


As the middle-aged man spoke, his face glowed with sinister light. You could almost feel his excitement. 


In truth, his talent was unexceptional. He was born in the Upper Three Realms. He was born a supreme. 


However, even after tens of thousands of years, he was still only at the peak of the sky supreme level. He couldn’t take that final step needed to become a diviner. 


His inability to break through twisted him up inside. Then, tens of thousands of years ago, he was fortunate enough to encounter a wounded Master of the Laws, who Identified himself and asked for help. However, to the middle-aged man…...


His inability to break through was all due to those so-called “Laws.” 


He didn’t hesitate. He killed the Master of the Laws to vent his fury


He never would have guessed that, after killing him, he would manage to absorb the Master of the Law’s spiritual power!


It cleansed his body and purified his marrow, allowing him to break through and become a diviner. 


Now, he was already at the peak of the diviner level. He’d been stuck there for a long time, always wondering just when he’d get the chance to kill another Master of the Laws. 


He’d one attempted to provoke the laws. However, there was absolutely no way he could handle an uninjured Master of the Laws. 


Now his wish had finally been fulfilled!


Lin Ru lacked a Master of the Law’s scepter. She had a Master of the Law’s spiritual body but nothing to back it up. She was like a lamb to the slaughter, nothing more!  


“Hah? Try it if you dare,” said Lin Ru, covering everything up with a cold smile. Besides, there was really nothing else she could say. 


F*ck, this old bastard really wants to kill me. 


Am I really going to die here?


Why haven’t the others come for me yet? 


No no no! How could I even think that? I still haven’t disposed of those two!


Dispose of them? Sh*t, do you want to die?


What do you mean, “do you want to die?” It’s not like I’d live even if I went back!


If I go back, don’t I still have my grandfather?


I don’t want to pay any more attention to that damn geezer.


Her mind started going in circles again. It was as if Lin Ru’s mind had been split into pieces; she couldn’t stop talking to herself.


However, the middle-aged man didn’t give her that much time. He simply said, “sorry for any offense,” and swung his fist, the blow shattering the air around him. 


Lin Ru extracted herself from her internal conversation and muttered, “mmph, the Laws will not tolerate this provocation! Disperse!”


She was still Master of the Laws. Her words were commandments; the instant she opened her mouth, she sensed the Laws themselves bending to her will.




The spiritual power in the man’s attack dispersed. However, the man simply smiled.


“Hmph, just as I expected.” 


He smiled calmly. He could all but ignore laws at this level. If it were any other Master of the Laws, he’d have been suppressed the instant they attacked. 


He retrieved his scattered spiritual energy, then transformed into a beam of light and whirled around Lin Ru. 


“Heavenly Demon Steps.”


When he saw the middle-aged man’s movements, Black Dragon’s expression shook apprehensively. 


“Is this person from the Heavenly Demon Clan?” he shouted sternly at Gu Li.


Gu Li simply looked at him coldly and snorted, “he is.” 


Black Dragon had tried to kill him earlier. He remembered it clearly. 


“So His Excellency was from a demonic clan! Why didn’t you say so earlier?” 


Black Dragon ignored Gu Li’s emotions. If someone else had tried to kill him instead, he would have felt the same way.


“But how on earth did you contact a heavenly demon?”


“No need to concern yourself with that, Your Excellency Black Dragon.” As soon as he finished his sentence, Gu Li narrowed his eyes at the Sacred Beast clan heads. Coincidentally, they were looking at him too. 


“I don’t know if His Excellency can defeat the Master of the Laws or not. Before that, we’d best dispose of them and take our fates in our own hands,” said Gu Li with a sinister snort.

Then he arched his brows and said, “Your Excellency, Black Dragon, you won’t try and attack me from behind, will you?”


“Of course I won’t. 


“I hope that's true.” 


With that, Gu Li no longer hesitated in the slightest. His arm trembled and grew, then swung at the Sacred Beast clan heads. 




Up amongst the clouds, Lin Ru was constantly on the defensive. It was clear to see that she was at a disadvantage. 


She put her hands together. A glowing barrier of light appeared around her. Outside, the middle-aged man’s stalwart figure attacked, landing blow after blow onto its surface.


Although he wouldn’t be able to break it open in a short time, in the face of his relentless attacks…..


There were already faint cracks forming on the barrier’s surface.


“Icy Fist!


The man had just barely opened his mouth when they saw his fists glow with a deep blue light. Sheer cold flowed from his hands and into the air, slamming hard into her defensive walls. 




In response, the barrier shattered. Lin Ru clenched her fists. Despite herself, she felt something sweet at the back of her throat….   


“Your Highness, it seems your life is mine to take.” 


Having broken the barrier, the man let out a sinister laugh. Sharp claws sprouted from the tips of his fingers as she lashed at Lin Ru’s neck. 




Lin Ru spat out another command. The air between them rippled, separating them one on each side. 


Even so, he’d left a bloody line on Lin Ru’s neck, in stark contrast to her snowy white skin.


If she hadn’t reacted fast enough, his claws would have pierced a hole in her throat. 


She bit her lip, chest heaving violently.

She’d lost her scepter; she truly had far too little influence over the laws. 




The middle-aged man licked the blood from his hands in obvious pleasure. 


“Your Highness, don’t force yourself. Just obediently become my nourishment!”


He wiped his lips and swung his claws once more. This time, however, he activated the entirety of his spiritual power. He wanted to end this in one blow……


However, at that very moment, a white-haired youth appeared above their heads. No one had any idea when he’d gotten there. His eyes were pick-black and framed with white lashes. He was dressed in blue, but his clothes were buttoned improperly. 


However, when that somewhat slovenly youth opened his mouth and said softly...




Everything stopped. 

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