Chapter 973 - The Man Behind the Curtain

His expression shifted.


If anyone else had said that, Black Dragon’s fists, massive as sand-bags, would have swung at them already. However, this time, the one standing before him was the Master of the Laws. 


“Your Excellency…..” 


“Don’t try and curry favor with me. I don’t know you at all,” Lin Ru coldly interrupted him and gently stroked her hair. Then she cocked her head to the side and said, “In truth, I’m mostly displeased with the guy standing next to you, Gu Li. How about…. You kill him for me? If you do, I might very well give you a chance for a fair fight with Ye Zichen.” 


Gu Li, who stood by Black Dragon’s side, immediately sensed a change in Black Dragon’s demeanor. He laughed bitterly, “Black Dragon, Your Excellency, surely you’re not really going to attack me?”


Black Dragon looked back at him, eyes shining. Gu Li sensed raging killing intent in his gaze. He gulped instinctively and took a step back. Meanwhile, Black Dragon looked at Lin Ru solemnly.


“Your Excellency, do you dare swear on the Will of the Heavens?”


“Are you qualified to discuss conditions with me?” Lin Ru’s playful smile instantly vanished. “The chance is right in front of you. If you dispose of Gu Li, I’ll give you a fighting chance. As for whether I’m telling the truth or not, I lack the authority to tell you. What I can say is this: if you kill Gu Li right now, you’ll still have a bit of a chance. If you don’t, you’ll have no chance whatsoever.” 


Lin Ru was as cold as ice, her authority unquestionable.


On the inside, though, she knew better than anyone: she was just acting tough. She was nothing but a paper tiger. She’d smashed her scepter. Now all she had was an empty title; she lacked the true strength of a Master of the Laws. 


In terms of strength, she might be able to defeat Black Dragon in a one-on-one battle. However, it would be rather troublesome if he joined forces with Gu Li.


Kill him and you have a chance. 


Don’t kill him and you have no chance at all. 




These words slammed into Black Dragon’s mind like a hammer


Black Dragon truly was the master of the Demon Realm. His status was lofty, his authority vast. He alone determined the fates of his countless clansmen. Even so, the idea that the Laws could not be defied had been deeply embedded in his consciousness from a young age.


To date, he’d never had the opportunity to encounter those venerable Laws. Without any past experience, all he had left was trepidation. 


He didn’t have the courage to challenge an existence like a Master of the Laws. He could treat her with contempt….


But now that she’d really made up her mind to stand with the Three Realms, he had no way to stop her.


He locked onto Gu Li but he was still rather hesitant. Should he kill Gu Li? Or not? 


He feared the person behind Gu Li but he feared the Master of the Laws standing before him even more. 


Gu Li retreated further and further back. He knew his own strength full well; he was absolutely no match for Black Dragon.


Although he still had some cards up his sleeve, they were meaningless in the face of absolute power. Besides, he needed to retain a few of his trump cards to defend against whatever Su Yiyun was planning.


Black Dragon’s killing intent was far too heavy. Gu Li feared he really would attack him.


“Hey, Your Excellency Black Dragon, surely you don’t really believe her nonsense? Even if you kill me, do you really think she’d give you a fair shot at Ye Zichen? There’s absolutely no way! Think about her relationship with Ye Zichen. She’s just doing this to weaken our alliance!”


When he heard Gu Li’s analysis, Black Dragon’s heart shook.


Sensing Black Dragon’s hesitation, Lin Ru spoke once more. She didn’t want to let that Gu Li just say whatever he wanted and ruin her perfect plan!    


“Hurry up and make up your mind. I don’t have time to waste here. Either you kill him or I kill you…. decide!”




Black Dragon’s felt as if he’d been whacked in the chest. 


The Master of the Laws wasn’t joking around. 


At least, that’s what he thought to himself.


What Gu Li said was reasonable enough, but he had no other choice. 


“Brother Gu Li, my apologies.”


He steeled himself, no longer hesitating. His scaly arms lunged at Gu Li’s neck.




It was then that an explosive roar resounded through the skies.  Suddenly, a rift split the heavens open.  


A tall, stalwart middle-aged man, a python latched onto his right arm, walked out of the rift. 


As Black Dragon lashed out at Gu Li, he felt his consciousness tremble as he hacked up a mouthful of his heart’s blood. 


“Your Excellency, you’re here at last!” 


Gu Li, scared out of his wits, rushed to the man’s side in delight. Agony wracked Black Dragon’s consciousness. He clutched his hands to his chest, eyes bloodshot as he looked at the man.


“Someone from above?” 


The man stood, hands behind his back, his heaven-shaking fury permeating the air. “Demon brat, I had Gu Li cooperate with you since I thought highly of you, yet you dare attack him? My subordinate?” 


Black Dragon knelt to the ground. He felt his heart clench as he coughed up a mouthful of heart’s blood.


“Your Excellency….. Calm your fury!” Expression pained, hands still clutched to his chest, Black Dragon struggled to speak. “It was the Master of the Laws. She….. she forced… my hand. This humble one had…. No choice. I humbly request you…. understanding!” 


“The Master of the Laws?” The man arched his brows. Gu Li cowered beside him and pointed at Lin Ru. 


“It was her, Your Excellency. She is the Master of the Laws here.” 


He looked over. Lin Ru, sensing his gaze, felt her heart tremble. When the man first appeared, she cursed inwardly.


Now, though, she was actually somewhat angry. Why had she shattered her scepter?   


If she had her scepter, she could have simply expelled him from the Three Realms, but now…. 


She’d have to bluff!


Her gaze still chillingly cold, she looked at the man calmly. 


The man looked back at her for a moment, then bowed. “So you’re Her Highness. Forgive my poor manners. Might I ask your intentions? Why have you intervened in this mortal dispute?” 


“What does that have to do with you? Go back to the God Clan and wait. Why are you in my territory? Are you trying to provoke me?”


“Gu Li is a talent I spent no small effort training. It would be such a shame if he died here,” said the man. He smiled calmly at her. “I had no choice but to come and rescue him.” 


 “And what if I demanded his death?” said Lin Ru grimly.


The atmosphere instantly grew heavy. Everyone, from the Sacred Beast clan heads to the still-kneeling Black Dragon, watched their exchange with rapt attention. 


Judging from her tone, it was easy to tell that Lin Ru was threatening the man.” 


“Your Highness, you’re putting me in a tight spot,” said the middle-aged man. He shook his head helplessly. “You are the Master of the Laws; you stand above all life. I, too, am subject to the laws, so I’ve respectfully addressed you as ‘Your Highness.’ However, Gu Li is a talent I trained myself. You…. Fine then. If you absolutely insist on his death…..” 


The man paused. The onlookers held their breath, waiting for him to continue….


The middle-aged man’s face instantly grew sinister. “Then I’ll just have to eliminate you.” 

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