Chapter 972 - I am the Laws

“Lin Ru, what are you…..”


As Black Dragon spoke, Ye Zichen knit his brows in surprise. The girl who’d appeared before him was none other than the Three Realm’s Master of the Laws, Lin Ru. 


You ought to know that Masters of the Laws transcended ordinary concerns. They were the Laws.


They were the shackles binding the Three Realms. Their mission was simply to ensure that none dared provoke the Laws.


As for everything else, they lacked the authority to intervene.


If they did intervene, that meant they’d overstepped their authority. 


Ye Zichen didn’t know all that earlier. Otherwise, he never would have tried to convince Lin Ru to help out in the battle against the demons. Once Lin Ru explained the situation, he didn’t bring it up anymore. 




Why had she appeared here now? 


Ye Zichen, concerned for Lin Ru’s safety, shoved her hands from his chest and shouted over and over again, “hurry up and leave. Did you forget what you told me earlier?” 


“Run! Hurry up and run before you’re found out! Hurry!”


He pushed Lin Ru away but she said nothing. She simply walked back and frowned at him, then returned her hand to his chest. Ye Zichen soon discovered that he couldn’t move at all.  


Pure spiritual power coursed through his veins and toward his organs. The power nurtured his damaged blood vessels, gradually repairing them. 


“Lin Ru!” 


“Pipe down. Don’t you know how annoyed I am?” Lin Ru looked up and shouted at him, then lifted her hand. “Try circulating your spiritual energy. Your wounds ought to be just about healed by now.” 


“Lin Ru.” 


Ye Zichen was in no rush to treat his own wounds. Instead, he continued to call her name.


He knew that Lin Ru understood what he wanted to say.


“I’ll do whatever the hell I want. It’s just a stupid job as a stupid ‘Master of the Laws is all! At worst I just won’t f*cking do it anymore. I was used to freedom back in the Modern Realm.  No one could tell me what to do! Now they want to try that bullshit here?” 


Lin Ru snorted. Practically every sentence contained swearwords. 


Sensing her unusual demeanor, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but frown, “but this isn’t the Modern Realm. You told me yourself just how serious it is when a Master of the Laws intervenes in our affairs. You even told me….” 


“Enough,” Lin Ru interrupted him impatiently. She pursed her lips and turned away from him. “I know all that.” 


“But you still…..”

“I said, ‘I know all that!’” Lin Ru shouted, still facing away from Ye Zichen. The sudden change in her emotions left Ye Zichen unable to speak for a while.


 Finally, he heard her say, “I can’t take it back anymore. They already know.” This time, her voice was low, barely a whisper.




Ye Zichen froze, dumbfounded. He stared at Lin Ru’s back, his lips quivering, and roared, “then run away!” 


Lin Ru told him that if a Master of the Laws recklessly intervened, they’d be captured, brought back to their organization, and forced to undergo Divine Punishment.


Her “Divine Punishment” would be nowhere near as simple as the Divine Bestowal Ye Zichen and others like him had to undergo. 


She would die!


Lin Ru didn’t even look back. She simply laughed, “how could I run? Everything exists within the Laws. As the Master of the Laws, I too am subject to them. There is no place free of the Laws. Even if I ran, could I escape the laws?”


“But I broke my stupid transmitter, so they’re unlikely to be particularly fast.” 


“What!” Ye Zichen was astonished.


“Enough, no need to make a fuss. Since I’ve already come this far, I might as well go all out. Even if they’ve already sensed that I broke the rules, they'll need some time to capture me. At least…. Before that happens, I should try and help fix the trouble you’re in now.” 


With that, Lin Ru took a step forward. 


“Don’t think I’m doing this to help you. I just don’t want Susu upset and crying, nor do I want to see her worry about you. Treat Susu a little better, got it?” 




Her foot lightly pressed off the ground as she stepped into the clouds.


“Lin Ru!” 




Ye Zichen tried to get up and stop her, only to slam into the restrictive barrier she’d left behind.


All he could do was pound his fists against the barrier, crying out repeatedly, “come back! Don’t be foolish!” 


“Come back!” 


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


At the same time, the Sacred Beast Clan heads reached Ye ZIchen’s side. To tell the truth, after learning that the Master of the Laws had intervened on their behalf, flames of hope lit in their hearts. 


Especially since Ye Zichen wasn’t injured. That was even greater news for them. 


“Emperor Ye, thank you for what you did earlier.” Xia Hua, who’d reverted to his human form, nodded gratefully at Ye Zichen. Without his help, Xia Hua might still be trapped and unable to escape. 


“I never would have guessed Emperor Ye knew the Master of the Laws,” Tu Biyu arched his brows, then said darkly,  “if she’d come just a little earlier, maybe Tiger Lei wouldn’t have…..”


When he said this, the other’s expressions darkened as well but Ye Zichen, still trapped in Lin Ru’s barrier, remained completely focused on Lin Ru. 


Finally, he gnashed his teeth and said, “don’t mind me. Hurry and go help Lin Ru! You…. absolutely can’t let anything happen to her.” 


The clan heads fully understood her importance so when they heard Ye Zichen, they reverted to their true forms and took to the skies. 


Ye Zichen watched intently and clenched his fists.


An arrow, once shot, wouldn’t return. In that case, he might as well let Lin Ru go all out!


Lin Ru stood silently amongst the clouds. Black Dragon felt an increasing amount of pressure. This was the Master of the Laws, a transcendent existence! She was responsible for the laws that governed all life. 


“Esteemed Master of the Laws, you’re not quite following the rules.” 


Although Black Dragon thought himself superior to all others, he still addressed Lin Ru respectfully. Soon, Gu Li landed by his side, gaze serious as he looked at Lin Ru. 


“You’re trying to discuss the Laws with me?” Lin Ru snorted in contempt. “I am the Master of the Laws in the Three Realms. All living things must obey my laws! No one else has ever dared discuss the Laws with me. Now you want to try it? Are you worthy?”


“I naturally am aware that my status is inferior to years. However, since ancient times, Masters of the Laws have not been permitted to intervene in mortal conflicts. You ought to know that.” 


“That’s true. So what?” said Lin Ru, her contemptuous expression unchanged. “Since I am the Master of the Laws, it is up to me to decide the rules. In the past, things were as you said. Now, though, I think there’s a problem with that Law, so I’m going to change it. Do you have a problem with that?” 


“Your Excellency, are you truly determined to assist the Three Realms?” 


“It’s not that I want to help them. I just can’t stand the sight of you. Just looking at you, this fist of mine can’t help but want to punch you.” As she spoke, her tender hands clenched into fists. 


Then she narrowed her eyes and said, “of course, if you want to insist that I’m trying to help the Three Realms…. That’s fine too!"

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