Chapter 968 - Little Lorie’s Man-eating Flowers



In but the blink of an eye, the area outside Dragon City was awash with blood. 


The air stank of blood. Even the moonlit clouds were dyed red.


“Take my staff!”


A young man with an ahoge stood with the Beast Region army.


Gou Yuzhan stood amongst the blood zombies horde, swinging his staff. He wasn’t munching on anything at the moment, which was unusual for him. His straight brows were tightly knit, a rare, serious look on his gaze. 


“Get the hell out of here!” 


His staff extended, piercing right through a line of blood zombies. 


“You’re scared, aren’t you? You scumbags!” 


Gou Yuzhan was just about to stretch and psych himself up when he saw that his surroundings, which he’d cleaned up after no small effort on his part, were once more filled with drooling blood zombies.  


Wave after wave of disgusting smells emanated out of their mouths. Gou Yuzhan pinched his nose and frowned. “Damn, don’t these bastards know how to brush their teeth? It frickin’ stinks!” 


Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. 


He somersaulted away, escaping the surrounding zombies. Before long, he reached a girl in a white dress. Even after all this time, there wasn’t even a single drop of blood on it. 


She carried a pile of medicine in her hand. From time to time, she’d take a pill and stuff it in her mouth.


Little Lorie.


Only she could keep eating even at a time like this. 


“You've really got quite the appetite. All this and you can still eat?” Gou Yuzhan stared at the girl wide-eyed. 


She blinked back at him in confusion. “Why shouldn’t I be able to eat?” 


“You…. awesome!”


He couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up. They were surrounded by mountains of corpses and the ground was drenched in blood. For an ordinary person, nevermind eating, simply not throwing up was already pretty good. 


Gou Yuzhan knew he was a glutton. He’d never lost to anyone in terms of appetite. Now, though, he couldn’t help but look up to Little Lorie. 


“I used up a lot of energy just now. Give me some of your medicine,” said Gou Yuzhan. Then, without so much as giving her time to protest, he reached out and took a handful, spilling a few pills onto the ground in the process. 


“You…. Hey, what makes you think you can steal my candy!?” 


When Lorie saw her pile of candy shrink before her very eyes, she stamped her feet frantically. These were her treasures! It had been a long time since Ye Zichen last replenished her stash. 


“Don’t be so petty. I used up a lot of energy, didn’t I? I need medicine to recover! Fine then, when this is over, I’ll have the boss return twice what I took. How about it?”


As he spoke, Gou Yuzhan tossed a pill into his mouth and started recovering his energy.


Little Lorie mulled it over for a while. FInally, she decided that this seemed like a pretty good deal, so she nodded. 


“Fine,” she said, “but when this is over you definitely have to repay me twice over!” 


“No problem!” 


Gou Yuzhuan signaled “okay.” Meanwhile, Little Lorie pouted and thought about all the pieces of candy that he’d knocked to the ground. She went looking for them, planning to wipe them off and eat them, but just as she reached out to pick them up…..




A drop of sticky liquid dripped onto their surface.


 At the same time, Gou Yuzhuan shouted, “Little girl, they’ve surrounded us.” 


They were surrounded by a dense, impenetrable wall of blood zombies, at least a couple hundred of them. A few stood less than half a step away from Little Lorie, their bloodshot eyes locked-on to her. They opened their mouths wide, splashing her with sticky droplets of drool as they exhaled. 


“Hey…. Wa, how stinky!” Gou Yuzhuan pinched his nose, swore, then shouted, “little girl!” 


However, no matter how much he yelled, Little Lorie had no response whatsoever. She simply stared fixedly at the candy scattered on the ground. 


“No way? She’s scared out of her wits!?” Gou Yuzhan grumbled inwardly. He’d only just barely managed to recover some of his spiritual energy. He forced himself up, but before he could make his move, Lorie took action. 


“You…. you ruined my candy!” Little Lorie gnashed her teeth and roared in fury. She stood and pointed at the zombies, practically hitting their noses. 


“You did it! And you! And you!” 




The earth surged beneath her feet. When Gou Yuzhan saw this he thought….. 


There were even zombies underground!?


“Be careful!” he shouted a warning. He was just about to come in swinging his staff but before he could even begin, four man-eating flowers, their massive jaws wide-open,  burst from the ground. 




They instantly swallowed the four nearest zombies. They left nothing behind, not even bones or a single drop of blood. 


“Eat them all up!”  


The man-eating flowers seemed to understand what she was saying. In the blink of an eye, they’d swallowed up all the surrounding zombies.  


Gou Yuzhuan stared wide-eyed as the flowers devoured them.


Then he noticed that, after swallowing up all the zombies, the flowers turned back and were headed right toward him. 


His scalp instantly numbed with terror. 


“Little girl, take your time and eat up…. Ten times…… I’ll make the boss repay you tenfold! Also, here are the pills I didn’t eat, I’ll give them back to you. That’s it, I’ll be on my way then! Haha!”


Gou Yuzhan stuffed the pills into her hands and ran off. 


Good God!


This little girl was just too fierce!


Little Lorie watched in confusion as Gou Yuzhuan fled. When she recalled his promise to repay her tenfold, she broke into an elated grin.


She popped a pill into her mouth and smiled sweetly.




“Sword Slash Maelstrom!”


While Lorie and Gou Yuzhuan fought with all their might, Ye Zichen and the others fought just as intensely. Hundreds of illusory swords cut through the air.


Clang! Clang! Clang!


Suddenly, Black Dragon’s half-ton greatsword came to life in his hands. He nimbly sent the illusory swords flying, then with a flash of sword light, cut right through a snake-like bolt of electricity. 


However, before he finished his attack, he heard the sonorant cry of phoenix overhead. A true fire phoenix, bathed in flames, plummeted right towards him.  




After repelling the sword energy, Black Dragon hefted his greatsword into the air, blocking the phoenix. Intense flames rained down around him, yet the collision didn’t leave even a single mark on his blade.


He sneered at Ye Zichen and Zhuge Hong, then used his finger to beckon them over. 


“If this is all you’ve got,” he said, “you’d best surrender.”


They suddenly heard a chortle from above. They looked and saw Gu Li standing not far off, hands on his waist as he laughed contemptuously. Lei Hu stood before him, his breathing ragged. 


His reaction was only to be expected. He and Black Dragon were facing Ye Zichen and the Four Sacred Beast clan heads, two against five.

Despite exchanging hundreds of blows, not only were they not at a disadvantage, they’d even come out somewhat ahead. 




A hill crashed down onto his head. Gu Li arched his brows in surprise, then calmly dodged. 


Then he swung his fists in retaliation, shattering it into pieces. 


Tu Biyu clutched his chest and grunted, “ungh.”


Lei Hu hurried to his side and poured spiritual energy into his body.


“Old Beetle!” 


“Scram! You and your family are the old beetles!” Tu Biyu rolled his eyes at Lei Hu and struggled to his feet. “Tiger Lei, this guy is a bit hard to handle.”

“Do I need you to tell me that?” Lei Hu snorted at him, only to hear Gu Li sneer derisively.


“Hey, are you alright? How about I only fight with one hand?” 


Hot-tempered Lei Hu roared, “screw you!” 


Then they watched as he knelt to the ground and transformed into an awe-inspiringly massive, winged white tiger before their very eyes.  


“Just sit tight and wait to die, you little bastard!”

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