Chapter 960 - I'm Sorry

The ferocious blizzard wrought havoc in the sky. 


Su Liu’er gently tapped her foot. Her curved eyebrows knit together as she formed seals with both hands and shouted, “Icy Roar!” 




The blizzard instantly coalesced into a massive white tiger. It looked up to the sky and let out a long, mournful roar before rushing wildly at Black Dragon.  



Black Dragon stood proudly in the sky. He snorted lightly, then hefted his greatsword and focused in on the tiger, inwardly calculating the distance between them as it drew near. 


As the tiger leaped into the air and lunged at him, there was a sudden flash of purple light as Black Dragon swung his sword






The icy tiger shattered into pieces. Black Dragon put his sword aside. A mocking smile tugged at his lips.


“I take back what I said earlier. I can’t help but say that, despite all this time, you haven’t improved in the slightest.”


“Damn it.” Su Liu’er gnashed her pearly-white teeth so hard, they made audible cracking noises. Just then, in that brief stretch of time, the two of them had exchanged no less than a hundred blows.




Her spiritual attacks couldn’t even break through his sword’s attack range.   


Before coming here, she was completely determined to avenge Yuan Hong’s death. 


But if she couldn’t even get past his sword, why even talk about getting revenge?


Up until now, Gu Li had yet to act. He simply stood to the side and smiled curiously. Su Liu’er noticed the man next to him in a wheelchair. He, too, was clearly no ordinary person.


Her enemy was right in front of her, yet she couldn’t get revenge…..


“Empress, this battle is already out of your control. Hurry up and call Ye Zichen over.” 




Facing this level of contempt, Su Liu’er couldn’t help but clench her face. Her astonishingly beautiful face twisted in unconcealable fury. 


“Oh really? Is that so? Well, I’m the only one here now, so I’m your only opponent.” 


As she spoke, Su Liu’er took a step forward. There was a mighty rumble as her aura suddenly changed.




Off in the distance, Black Dragon frowned instinctively. As soon as Su Liu’er finished her sentence, he realized that her presence was somehow different….


It was still chillingly cold, but now contained hints of something terrifying, something that set people’s hearts trembling…”




Just as she opened her mouth, someone grabbed her arm and pressed down on her shoulder. 


“Big Sister Liu’er, don’t be reckless.” 


Ye Zichen appeared before her, clad in long, black robes. He smiled calmly at her, then narrowed his eyes at Black Dragon.


“We meet again, Your Excellency. Were you pleased with the present I sent you earlier?”


Su Liu’er struggled to escape his grip. She shouted furiously, over and over again, “let go of me!”


“Ye Zichen.


Black Dragon’s easy smile instantly darkened. He wanted nothing more than to skin Ye Zichen alive, to pluck his tendons, to drink his blood, to vent his deep hatred. 


However, he’d lead the demons for so long, he was naturally still capable of subtlety.


“Of course I was pleased with it. In fact, it exceeded the bounds of a mere ‘present.’ Rather, it was a wonderful surprise!” 


“Let me go!” Su Liu’er kept on struggling. 


Ye Zichen looked at her and frowned. “Big Sister Liu’er, calm down,” he said. “Your wounds have yet to heal completely. How could the current you possibly be his opponent?”


“What do you know?” Su Liu’er shouted angrily. 


“What don’t I know? Weren’t you just about to unlock the seal within your body?”


Su Liu’er suddenly stopped shouting. She froze, then stared at Ye Zichen in astonishment.    


How could he possibly know that? 


The nine-tailed foxes were a race of primordial divine beasts from the Upper Three Realms. The purer their bloodline, the faster their strength grew.


Pure nine-tailed fox blood coursed through Su Liu’er’s veins. If she wanted to, she could have ascended a long time ago.     


However, she couldn’t let go of her clansmen.  Instead, she’d placed three seals within her body. 


Only she and Su Zu knew about this……


“Did Su Zhu tell you?” 


“Big Sister Su Zhu didn’t tell me anything. I simply overheard your conversation by chance on a certain evening,” said Ye Zichen, looking at her calmly. “I know you want to avenge Yuan Hong but things aren’t yet at the point where you absolutely have to unseal yourself. Furthermore, the seal you placed has a built-in time limit. If you recklessly force it open early, you’ll only hurt yourself. Don’t you know that?” 


“That’s none of your business,” frowned Su Liu’er.


“This is for your own…..”


“I don’t need it,” she said coldly, interrupting him before he could finish his sentence. “Ye Zichen, don’t get conceited. I’ve treated you better lately, but that’s purely for Su Yan’s sake and because Su Zhu speaks highly of you. Got it? It’s not your place to manage my affairs. Now get away from me or I’ll kill you too.” 




All she wanted now was revenge!


Su Liu’er’s desire for revenge was the only thing keeping her going. She wanted to slaughter every last one of the demons and blood zombies. She wanted to cast them into the eighteen hells, to prevent them from ever being reborn again.


Her eyes emanated dense killing intent. When Black Dragon and the others saw this, Gu Li couldn’t help but jeer, “an internal dispute? Tch, this is rather interesting.”


Su Liu’er ignored him completely. Instead, she simply glowered at Ye Zichen. “Let go!” 


Ye Zichen’s hand was still on her shoulder. Cold chills traveled up his harm. After a brief pause, he relaxed his grip and took a step back.


“Hmph.” With a cold snort, she took a step forward. 


However, just as she focused her attention on Black Dragon and the others, Ye Zichen flipped his hand over. As he moved, all of the powder cupped in his hand scattered in front of Su Liu’er nose.    




“I’m sorry, Big Sister Liu’er. Su Yan and Big Sister Su Zhu are worried about you. I can’t let anything happen to you.” 


As she took a step forward in the air, then her body collapsed into Ye Zichen’s arms. The next moment, he saw Su Zhu rushing towards them. 


“Zichen, thank you so much.” 


“It’s nothing. Hurry and take Big Sister Liu’er somewhere she can rest. She just forced open her seal. Many of her blood vessels are already damaged.” 


Ye Zichen placed Su Liu’er into Su Zhu’s embrace, then turned and glowered coldly at the awe-inspiringly vast demon and zombie hordes.


“Emperor Ye, are you sure you want to let such a powerful fighter go?” Gu Li smiled, but Ye Zichen ignored him. His focus was elsewhere, on a certain spot in their ranks. 


“I won’t show you any mercy.”


“Ah? Emperor Ye, are you threatening us?” asked Gu Li.


“It’s true,” said Ye Zichen. I absolutely won’t go easy on you.” He was still staring fixedly at that same location. 


Finally, Gu Li realized that Ye Zichen wasn’t talking to him. He followed his gaze and saw Su Yiyun, who was staring right back at Ye Zichen from his wheelchair


Su Yiyun pressed his lips into a smile and nodded gently.


“Alright. I know.” 

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