Chapter 96 Destined Relationships

Chapter 96 – Destined Relationships

Ye Zichen was truly shocked.

How did their lover relationship get confirmed so randomly?

He didn’t do anything.

He didn’t know how Huang Shengmei’s marriage string appeared at all, and why the affability level rose so quickly in the hospital.

That’s great now. He just helped her little brother treat his legs a little.

The affability level directly reached 500.

That was too strange.

Ye Zichen decided that he must have a proper chat with Yue Lao and ask him if he was behind all of it. It was whatever for the girls before, but he was truly confused about this Huang Shengmei.

“How is little brother’s situation?" Huang Shengmei didn’t say “my little brother”.

She said “little brother”.

This was already hinting at the message that Huang Yi wasn’t only her little brother, Huang Yi was his little brother as well.

Ye Zichen felt the beginnings of a headache, however, he still pretended like he didn’t understand her feelings and explained with a normal expression, “His situation is rather severe. He is naturally paralyzed, and the nerves are completely stuck. I just helped him open them up a little, but he needs subsequent treatments in order to fully heal.”

“Really? That’s great!”

Huang Yi had been her trouble since a long time ago. The relationship between them were really good.

However, both her and her young brother had grown up, so it became rather trouble some to take care of him.

Most importantly, she didn’t want to see her little brother sit in a wheelchair his entire life.

She wanted to see him be able to get married and have kids as well.

Ye Zichen saw the tears in her eyes and found himself really understanding of her feelings. He raised his hand and rubbed her hair, causing Huang Shengmei to immediately blush.


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 5. Current affability level: 505.

It increased again.

“Is it okay if I want to treat you to a meal?”

Huang Shengmei sorted out her emotions and asked in a testing manner as she pursed her lips. This caused Ye Zichen to be rather worried.

Their affability level increased by 5 just by him touching her head. Who knows how much it would increase by eating a meal.

What’s even more probably…

Was that they directly skip the first three steps of being lovers and directly enter the final step.

Ye Zichen said as he looked at Huang Yi, who nobody cared for as he laid on the bed, “Let’s leave eating a meal to next time. Huang Yi’s condition just improved, I think that it would be better for you to stay here and take care of him.”

“Oh, oh, that’s true. You thought it through properly. Then next time.”


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 10. Current affability level: 515.


Ye Zichen truly wanted to cough up blood. A single sentence increased the affability level again.

Ye Zichen reminded Huang Shengmei to not let Huang Yi touch cold water recently, and to soak his legs with hot water for massages, before quickly leaving the room.

Ye Zichen found a nearby cold drinks store, then maniacally sent a bunch of messages to Yue Lao.

“Yue Lao, come out.”

“Hurry up.”

“This sovereign has urgent business with you.”

“Don’t pretend that you’re not here. I’ll get angry later.”

“If I’m angry, then don’t think about getting cigarettes with me from now on.”

“You are coming…

Ye Zichen managed to fill up Yue Lao’s chat log very quickly.

He was truly annoyed in his heart.

Ye Zichen was definitely not in a situation where he was pretending after getting lucky. The situation with Huang Shengmei truly made him speechless.

Even if she looks pretty good, he can’t possibly love one whenever he sees one.

Ye Zichen ordered a glass of ice cold watermelon juice, then quickly gulped it down. He had to calm himself down quickly.

When he finished it, Yue Lao finally replied.

“In the conference.”


The Heavenly Court is in a conference.

“I think that you don’t want any more cigarettes, right?”

“Daoist friend, what is this for? Don’t do this, we’re both someone of the Heavenly Court.”

It seemed like Yue Lao was cared quite a bit for his cigarettes.

“Answer me a few questions if you want cigarettes.”

“Say it, Daoist friend.”

“Did you tie this marriage string for me?” Ye Zichen had thought it through. If this geezer dared to say yes, then he definitely need to make some rules with this geezer.

He was in Huaxia, a law-based society.

It was a monogamist society.

He can’t stand having women thrown to him like this.

“I only tied one string for Daoist friend.”

Yue Lao’s reply stunned Ye Zichen.

He just tied one.

Then doesn’t that mean he only tied Su Yan’s? Then where did the other ones come from?

Xia Keke, Xiao Yumei, Huang Shengmei!

He had marriage strings with all of them in the Treasure Chest.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ll say something that Daoist friend might not like. There are too many relationships I have to watch over as the one watching over the relationships within the Three Realms. I can’t always find time for Daoist Friend. If Daoist Friend got into relationships recently, it means that they were destined, or perhaps relationships that were incomplete from your previous life.”

Ye Zichen fell into deep thought as he looked at the message that Yue Lao sent over.

What the geezer said was the truth. He can’t possibly just watch over Ye Zichen and tie strings for him as he was in charge of the relationships in the Three Realms.

Even if he wanted to, the Jade Emperor would not allow him.

But it being “destined” shocked Ye Zichen.


It seemed like he was a flirtatious man in his past life.

Yue Lao clearly said he was not to blame.


Ye Zichen sent Yue Lao a red packet, then casually sent a message over.

“Sure, continue with the conference. There’s nothing more from me!”

Yue Lao received your red packet.

“Thank you, Daoist friend! Oh yeah, Daoist friend, where are you seated at? Let’s meet up after the conference. Geezer Taishang wants to see you as well.”

Yue Lao suddenly asked just when Ye Zichen was about to close the chat.

Ye Zichen blanked out for a moment, then replied, “I’m not in the Heavenly Court recently.”

“Not here? It can’t be, Daoist friend? The Jade Emperor personally called this conference. All deities came, including the Buddhas of the Buddhist Realm in the west. How can you not come?”

What’s the Heavenly Court doing? Why did they have to put so much importance on this? Was it an annual conference!?


Ye Zichen suddenly noticed an important thing. All the deities were there!

“You said that all deities of the Heavenly Court are participating in this conference?”


Ye Zichen instantly laughed after seeing Yue Lao’s reply.


Ye Zichen clapped his hands. All the deities were there, this was definitely a great opportunity for him.

He was already certain of opening a supermarket for the Heavenly Court.

Right now, he only had one sales path in his hands. It was the Heavenly Court group.

There were indeed plenty of deities in the Heavenly Court group, but it didn’t include all of them. What’s more, if he wanted to increase sales in the Heavenly Court, just sending red packets in the group wasn’t enough.

It didn’t cover enough areas.

Coincidentally, all of the deities had returned to the Heavenly Court for the conference.

This was definitely him being given a chance at the right time, or giving him a pillow when he was sleepy.

Who cares what meeting they were in. Ye Zichen only knew that it was enough for all the deities to be there.

Ye Zichen created a chat group on WeChat, then added all of the deities he ha-s on his friend list. He hesitated a bit when it came to Nezha, then finally decided to add him as well.

As for Taibai Jinxing…

Never mind.


Chat group successfully created.

You invited Monkey King, Erlang Shen, Third Prince Nezha, Old Lord Taishang, Yue Lao and Canopy Marshal into the group.

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