Chapter 959 - The Empress has Arrived

Thud thud thud. 


The sound of hurried footsteps echoed through the great hall. The various clan heads, who were in the middle of a meeting, looked at the new arrival gravely. Every single one of them was visibly apprehensive.


Xia Hua frowned at the new arrival. “What is it?” 


“The demons are here,” said the messenger.  


There was a sudden uproar. 


The air was suddenly heavy with tension. The four heads of the Sacred Beast Clan wore grave expressions.


“I didn’t think they’d arrive so quickly.” 


Gaunt Tu Biyu deeply knit his brows. The formation they wanted to place still wasn’t completely set up yet. The clansmen chosen to activate the Four Beasts Formation were still adjusting to the formation and had yet to succeed. 


“Just in time.” 


Su Liu’er suddenly stood up. An icy chill flashed through her deep blue eyes as the temperature within the hall plummeted rapidly. 


The water vapor in the air froze into ice crystals and clattered to the ground. 




She disappeared. 


The four Sacred Beast clan heads had yet to process the sudden chill when they realized that Empress Su Liu’er had disappeared from the hall without a trace.


Their hatred for the demons was nowhere near as deep as Su Liu’er’s. 


The Sacred Beast Clan heads looked at her empty seat, gently shook their heads, and sighed. 


“Has Emperor Ye been notified?” 


“Emperor Ye has already gone to face them,” said the messenger. 


The clan heads looked at each other, each with a helpless smile. Then their gazes frosted over as they said coldly, “let’s go.”


The Dragon Race. 


As the clan at the pinnacle of the Beast Region and the leader of the Four Sacred Beast Clans, their territory was built in the Beast Region’s most auspicious location.


Rosy light illuminated the lands and divine mists enveloped the skies. 


Since members of the dragon clan were born capable of flight, their home was built atop a mountain peak. There was no way to get there on foot; it could be considered all but inaccessible. 


Their subordinate clans lived on the plains surrounding the mountain and enjoyed the dragons’ protection. 


The vast and imposing demon army paused and stood in the sky. Below them, a seemingly endless horde of zombies climbed up the mountain. 


“It seems they really have decided to fight a life and death battle here.” Gu Li couldn’t help but arch his eyebrows in surprise. They now faced an army of countless beasts, both terrestrial and aerial, all waiting in perfect formation.


Although their numbers weren’t great, even the weakest of them was a peak human immortal.    


It was fair to say that all the elites of the Beast Region had come.




Black Dragon hefted his massive greatsword and snorted confidently. In his eyes, these people were nothing but ants. The experts truly capable of entering his eyes had yet to appear. 


Black Dragon frowned inexplicably and arched his brows.


Meanwhile, Su Yiyun sat beside him, his hands rapidly forming seals.




The earth shook. Mountains trembled.


The ground before them suddenly split into a vast crevasse. A stone wall, fully one-thousand meters high, pushed its way from the gap, blocking the demons’ way forward.


The demons and blood zombies froze in astonishment, then noticed a dense black cloud floating over their heads.




Ferocious winds howled in their ears as countless snowflakes drifted down from above. Before long, dense flurries of snow coalesced into an utterly terrifying blizzard. However, the stone wall stopped the icy winds in their tracks. 


Su Liu’er floated above Dragon City clad in her deep blue robes, standing barefoot in the blizzard's center.


Snowflakes whirled around her as she stared fixedly at the massive wall of stone.


  “Hah….” An icy smile tugged at her lips. Soon, then her right hand cut through the air. 


Hundreds of spikes of pure ice gathered around her hand. She pushed the air forward gently. 


Whoosh. Whoosh. Woosh. 


The spikes embedded themselves in the wall. Soon, its surface was covered in cracks.


When Su Yiyun noticed the cracks in the wall, he knit his brows and roared, “Retreat!”




As soon as her red lips parted, the wall collapsed. 


As it crumbled, massive boulders crashed to the ground. 


Although the demons tried to escape the range of the falling rocks, it would be impossible to completely prevent injuries.


Then, suddenly, someone lifted the crumbling stone wall into the air. They looked and saw Black Dragon smiling confidently. His course hands hefted the stone above his head, then tossed it at Su Liu'er. 


When the Beast Region soldiers standing before the Dragon's Gate, they trembled. Su Liu'er, however, simply snorted lightly.


A thin layer of ice instantly coalesced on the boulder's surface. Then there was a loud bang as it shattered into ice crystals and fell to the ground.


"I wondered who it was. It turns out the Empress herself has arrived!" Black Dragon stood in the sky and smiled confidently. They'd lost the protection of the massive stone wall, so he stood before the army in its place, protecting them from harm. 


The blizzard hurtled toward him but the raging winds couldn't get past him, not by a single step. 


Snowflakes accumulated on his skin until Black Dragon vibrated his spiritual energy, scattering them completely.


“Empress, don’t you think is a bit too unfriendly?” 


“Hm?” Su Liu'er arched her brows and chuckled. "Was I supposed to greet you before I attacked?" 


"You mustn't forget your manners," said Black Dragon with an amiable smile. "Who knows? We might be able to reach an agreement." His body acted as a wall, completely blocking the raging blizzard.


"Hah.... you can really block, huh?" Su Liu'er simply smiled in response, then narrowed her eyes. Nine snow-white tails appeared behind her, waving in the wind. 


"I'd like to see just how long you'll last." 


The winds suddenly picked up, growing even fiercer than before. They cut a bloody line into Black Dragon's faze, but the wound froze solid before he could even bleed. 


Black Dragon's expression darkened. He stared at Su Liu'er, allowing the fierce winds to cut mark after mark into his face. 


He brushed his injured cheeks, feeling surges of sharp pain in his face.

"Empress, are you completely ignoring what I'm saying?" 


His aura gradually expanded, pushing back the raging winds. 


The blizzard confronted Black Dragon's spiritual power. 


"Why did the Beast Region send you out alone? Is there no one else here? Hmph. I don't want to fight you. As a man, I can't pluck a beautiful flower. Send out Ye Zichen. I have a lot to say to him." 


Black Dragon's gaze was somber. He would never forget the "pleasant surprise" Ye Zichen just gave him.


As for Su Liu'er......


It was said not even heroes could resist beautiful women. He was no exception. 


He could be cold-blooded but facing someone like Su Liu'er.....


He was still somewhat moved. Of course, that was on the condition that Su Liu'er didn't get in his way. 


"Why are you spouting all that nonsense?"  However, even in the face of Black Dragon's threats, Su Liu'er simply snorted. "If you want to fight, just do it already. I don't have the patience to waste any more time talking to you!" 

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