Chapter 957 - Accompaniment

Gu Li’s playful smile instantly froze solid, then disappeared. His gaze was serious as he looked intently into Su Yiyun’s eyes.   


Su Yiyun was leaning into his chair, a smile tugging on his lips as he looked right back at Gu Li.


Neither of them spoke. They simply looked at each other coolly.


“Ha……” After a lengthy staring contest, Gu Li recovered his trademark smile. “Brother Su, you really know how to tell jokes. Let’s leave this particular present for Black Dragon. I’d just as soon not accept it. Furthermore, you’ve been preparing all this time. Wasting it on me would be quite a shame.” 


“Hmph.” Su Yiyun snorted lightly but the terrifying look in his eyes remained unchanged. He fixed his gaze on Gu Li and said, “how is it a shame? We’ve already come this far. I’m in no mood to keep playing games with you. You’ve opposed Ye Zichen so many times that you and Black Dragon aren’t much different; it makes no difference which of you I choose. Either is a perfect result.” 


Gu Li’s expression instantly darkened. “Brother Su, are you serious?” 


“What do you think?”


Su Yiyun’s gaze remained chillingly calm. After looking into his eyes, Gu Li shrunk back. 


Although he hadn’t said anything, the way he avoided Su Yiyun’s gaze proved it: he was truly afraid. 


“You know to be afraid. That’s good. Don’t provoke me again in the future, got it? Being too smart isn’t always good for you. Overly smart people tend to lead short lives, right? I know you’ve got someone behind you. ‘The barefoot needn’t fear those who wear shoes.’ I’m already a candle flickering in the wind. If I eliminate you, then your backer comes out and kills me, so what? I’m completely alone; I have nothing to lose. If you don’t believe me, feel free to try it.” 


As he spoke, Li Min’e approached from behind. “Yiyun, how do you feel? You’re not in pain, are you?” 


He gave Gu Li one last warning look, then his gaze softened as he greeted Li Min’e with a mellow smile. Then he shook his head. “Everything is fine.” 


“That’s good.” Li Min’e sighed in relief. For the past few days, she worried every time she left him alone even for a few hours. She couldn’t relax until she examined his condition in person.


Then her gaze hardened as she looked at Gu Li and snorted, “Yiyun, just now, the two of you were talking about something. You seem to be in a bad mood. Did he do something to you?” 


Li Min’e couldn’t help but recall Hua Kui’s tragic death every time she saw Gu Li. Her hatred for him had only increased over time.


If not for Black Dragon commanding that no one started any conflicts with Gu Li, she would have attacked him already. 


“Do something to Brother Su? I wouldn’t dare,” said Gu Li with a bitter grin. “So long as he doesn’t hurt me, I’ll be fine. Don’t you think, Brother Su?”


“Min'e, no need to overthink things. Gu Li wouldn't dare harm me," said Su Yiyun comfortingly. He patted her hand gently. Li Min'e glowered hatefully at Gu Li once more but said nothing. 


"How is it? Did we suffer heavy casualties?" Su Yin changed the subject.


Li Min'e answered dutifully, "they're quite serious. We've lost at least sixty percent of our fighting force. Luckily, everyone remaining is a true elite. We can still fight."


Black Dragon rejoined them as well. "Brother Su." 


"Is everything settled?" asked Su Yiyun.


"Mmhm. I've already arranged for people to clear up the entryways and send the wounded back for treatment. As for those who remain, I'm preparing to lead them to attack the Beast Region. We're pressed for time; I've got to lead the troops now. Brother Su, you're sick. How about you let Li Min'e take you home to get some rest?


Black Dragon knit his ink-dark brows. They'd already come so far! He couldn’t retreat now. 


Their side’s strength had sharply decreased. If they gave the Beast Region time to prepare, the gulf would only get wider. That would be absolutely terrible for the demons.


Right now, the Immortal Region, Underworld, and Heavenly Court were in chaos. If he seized this opportunity to capture the Beast Region, they’d have time to rest and recalibrate before attacking a certain sacred place. 


Besides, they had to avenge themselves. 


By now, he didn’t want Ye Zichen to live even a second longer than necessary.


“No need. Sending back the injured is enough. Since I’m already here, I might as well go with you. The Beast Region is full of experts. If I’m here, I can help you clear up formations. You don’t need to arrange for anyone to care for me. Life and death are fated. If I really die, all I can say is that it was my destiny.” 


Su Yiyun’s voice was extremely feeble. Black Dragon hesitated for a while before nodding.


“Alright,” he said, “then I’ll trouble you, Brother Su.” s


“It’s fine.” Su Yiyun waved Black Dragon’s concerns away. Then, suddenly, he looked intently at Gu Li. “Remember what I said to you earlier. I’ll be watching you from behind.” 


Gu Li’s smile instantly froze. Black Dragon looked at the two of them in confusion.




“It’s nothing. To battle!” Su Yiyun brushed it off, but his gaze was still fixed on Gu Li. He didn’t look away, not even for an instant.


Gu Li sensed his gaze and forced himself to smile. “Your Excellency Black Dragon, lead the troops!”




After leaving the ambush site and returning to the Dragon Clan, Ye Zichen’s expression was grave. After a simple exchange with the four Sacred Beast clan heads, he bade them farewell and left the room. 


Noting his mood, the clan heads didn’t keep him.


He sat in a desolate courtyard smoking cigarettes, a constant stream of memories replaying through his mind.


Some were from the Modern Realm, others, the Three Realms.


The images crossed and overlapped with each other. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but arch his brows and sigh, not realizing that his cigarette was more than half gone despite the fact that he’d yet to take even a single puff.   




When he heard this soft murmur, Ye Zichen looked up and saw Su Yan standing right in front of him wearing a white dress. 


Her beautiful face was etched with worry. She’d noticed Ye Zichen’s expression back in the main hall and truly couldn’t just let it go, so she told Su Liu’er and the clan heads and followed him here.


There was no use lingering there anyway. The clan heads had all nodded their approval. Rather, it was Su Liu’er who’d hesitated until Su Zhu convinced her otherwise. Then, finally, Su Yan managed to leave in search of Ye Zichen. 


“Why are you here? No, that makes sense. You wouldn’t be able to understand their conversation anyway. Leaving is for the best. 


“What are you saying? Do you look down on me?” Su Yan said with an adorably indignant pout.


“How could I?” Ye Zichen laughed. “Why bother coming to my lousy little room? Why not look for Keke instead?”


“I haven’t seen Keke in a long time.” Su Yan pursed her lips and sighed. “Zichen, do you know how long it’s been since we last sat and talked together?”


As she spoke, her voice instantly grew lonely. Sensing the change in her mood, Ye Zichen could only smile apologetically. “I’m sorry.” 


“It’s nothing. I understand.” Su Yan smiled gently. She knew that Ye Zichen had countless responsibilities. She didn’t want him to worry on her behalf. 

She suddenly recalled the reason she’d come in the first place. “Earlier, back in the main hall, it seemed like you were in a bad mood. Did something happen?”


“I saw your big brother just now.” 


“My brother?” Su Yan’s eyes widened in surprise before she said blanky, “are you saying….”


“Mm, I saw Ol’ Three.” 

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