Chapter 95 Confirmation of the Supermarket location

Chapter 95 – Confirmation of the Supermarket location

Su Yiyun drove. His first thought when he heard about Ye Zichen’s thought of opening a supermarket was that it wasn’t going to work.

He did know about how mysterious Ye Zichen was. Ignoring everything else, he knew about the Great Recovery Pills.

If he needed money, he could take out a few to sell in the upper class circles…

It was enough for him to live his entire life wealthily.

“Ye-zi, why did you suddenly think about opening a supermarket?” Su Yiyun asked with a confused expression.

Ye Zichen licked his lips with a chuckle, “Isn’t it very normal for university students to start their own business? What? Are you not allowing me to open a supermarket?”

“It’s not that I’m not letting you, what isn’t possible with you. What’s more, starting off your business venture with a supermarket?”

“What’s wrong with that? Starting from the bottom…”

“It can’t be, you’re serious?” Su Yiyun thought that Su Yan was just kidding with him, but from the sounds of it, that didn’t seem like the case.

“Yeah,” Ye Zichen nodded in confirmation.

“Then we looked at quite a few shops already. The ones I chose were places on business streets with a rather large flow of people. Quite a few were near the academy area, you aren’t interested in those?”

The places Su Yiyun chose weren’t bad for a normal business, but Ye Zichen’s main purpose wasn’t to earn money with the supermarket.

He wanted to sell items with an aim towards the Heavenly Court.

Ye Zichen shook his head. Su Yiyun could only sigh helplessly and drive him to the next destination.

“Boss, what do you think? The shop is definitely big enough and you can store things underground,” a oily-faced fatty rubbed his hands and smiled towards Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun coyly.

Su Yiyun frowned, then looked outside, “This place is too remote.”

“Yeah, it is, but the price is rather cheap.”

“I think it isn’t bad. Ye-zi, what do you think?” Su Yiyun shook his head. If Ye Zichen opened a supermarket in this crappy place, it would definitely close down within three months.

“I think it’s pretty good. This is it.”

However, the location that Su Yiyun did not like was the one Ye Zichen chose.

This place was remote, but it was just to Ye Zichen’s liking.

“Ye-zi, did I hear it wrong?” Su Yiyun opened his eyes wide.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, “Nope, I like this place. I’ll buy it.”

Ye Zichen wandered around the shop a few more times, then said to the fatty, “Did you bring the contract, let’s sign it now.”

Su Yiyun paid the fatty for Ye Zichen, then the fatty left happily with the contract and money.

While Ye Zichen nodded at the shop with a look of satisfaction and a nod, Su YIyun walked over speechlessly, “Ye-zi, do you really want to open a supermarket here? You will definitely lose money in this crappy place.”

“Mhmm, you don’t understand,” Ye Zichen clapped Su Yiyun’s shoulders and smiled. “I’ll give you the money for the shop later, I’m a bit tight on money right now. Also, no need to get the certification, just help me contact the suppliers, I’ll take… all sorts of snacks and drinks.”

Su Yiyun instantly relaxed his tensed eyebrows and raised it, while holding Ye Zichen’s shoulders, “Ye-zi, tell me, what exactly do you want to do? You don’t want the certification and only want the supplies, I feel like there’s a huge issue with your supermarket.”

“I’m not telling you.”

Ye Zichen’s phone rang as he laughed. He took a look at the caller ID and waved towards Su Yiyun, “I’ll trouble you for the supplies. I have other things to do, so I’ll leave first.”

There definitely wasn’t going to be an issue with Su Yiyun at the supermarket. But honestly, this place was really remote.

He sat on the side of the road dumbly for ten-odd minutes, then finally got a taxi.

Ye Zichen was very familiar with the path when he arrived at Huang Shengmei’s home once again, while Huang Yi rolled over in his wheelchair.

“Idol, you came.”

Huang Shengmei also walked over with a fruit plate and smiled towards Ye Zichen, “Zichen.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t quite take the deep passion that wasn’t hidden in her eyes at all.

“Don’t be so courteous, didn’t you get me to come here to help Huang Yi treat his legs?”

“Idol, you can really treat my legs?”

Excitement appeared in Huang Yi’s eyes. When Ye Zichen had just arrived, he didn’t pay much attention to Ye Zichen’s words since he was too excited from seeing his idol.

He only noticed a few days later that Ye Zichen had caused his numb legs to feel something when Ye Zichen had pressed down on his waist.

“Don’t call me idol, it’s fine if you just call me Ye Zichen, or bro. I feel weird with you calling me idol.”

“Okay, Zichen-ge.”

Huang Yi nodded and let Huang Shengmei push him into the bedroom, while Ye Zichen followed behind them.

“Do you need my help?” Huang Shengmei stood beside the bed and asked.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, “No need, you can go busy yourself.”


Huang Shengmei left the bedroom with a warm smile. Huang Yi, who was lying on the bed, coincidentally saw all of his older sister’s gentleness.

“Zichen-ge, what is your relationship with my older sister?”


Ye Zichen put his hand onto Yang Meeting Acupoint on Huang Yi’s pelvis, while slowly applying qi into Huang Yi’s body.

Huang Yi merely continued to ask Ye Zichen as if he wasn’t paying attention to the situation of his body.

“But I feel like the way my older sister looked at your just now wasn’t normal.”

“Is that so? Endure the pain!”

Ye Zichen pressed outwards with his right hand, while the qi also flowed into the acupoint from his fingertips.

Huang Yi, who was chatting with Ye Zichen, suddenly cringed, then let out a terrible scream.

Huang Yi’s situation was truly too severe. He was naturally limp and hadn’t felt anything in his legs since he was born.

The reason was because his nerves were completely blocked. If he wanted to recover, Ye Zichen could only open up his nerves.

Instead of causing Huang Yi a little bit of pain at a time, Ye Zichen might as well cause him a huge deal of pain at once.

Huang Yi screamed out in pain on the bed, while Ye Zichen patted his back and said.

“Stop screaming, tell me what your right leg feels.”

“It hurts,” Huang Yi was in so much pain that he was about to cry.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

Of course it hurts.

If it didn’t, then his legs wouldn’t be in that condition.

“Anything else…”

“It still hurts,” Huang Yi carefully felt the feeling from his right leg. However, he was stunned the moment he said it.

That’s not right!

His leg shouldn’t feel anything.

“Zichen-ge,” Huang Yi quickly turned his head and looked at Ye Zichen in disbelief.

“Don’t look at me. Endure it!”

Ye Zichen located an acupoint and pressed down again, causing Huang Yi’s bedroom to be filled with terrible screams once again in the next moment.

Huang Shengmei, who was outside, clenched her fist. Her heart would hurt whenever there was a scream that arose from the bedroom.

But more of it was anticipation.

Since Huang Yi could feel pain, it means that Ye Zichen had a way.

After an hour, Huang Yi was covered in sweat, as if he was just fished out of water.

Ye Zichen didn’t have it easy either, as his clothes were soaked in sweat.

“Zichen, my little brother…” Huang Shengmei looked at Huang Yi, who was lying on the bed, worriedly.

Ye Zichen painted as he sat on the floor and replied, “His situation is pretty good.”

“Then will he be able to stand up?”

This was the issue that Huang Shengmei had always been worried about.


Ye Zichen smiled and replied confidently.


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 10. Current affability level: 500.

Your affability with Huang Shengmei levelled up.

Lover status confirmed.

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